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BetMGM Sep 25, 2023, 11:14 AM

What do you get if you cross an ancient Egyptian with the latest in gaming technology? You get the iconic high-performing Cleopatra slots game with the Slingo mechanic, which gives you one of the most exciting all-new online slot casino games with great payouts. Online casino games just got a whole lot better.

Game Overview

First launched in 2002, Cleopatra has remained a firm favorite with gamers and offers graphics as beautiful as Queen Cleopatra herself, as well as immersive sounds that take you right back to the days of the Pharaohs. A classic 5×4, 15-payline game with a free spin bonus round where all wins get tripled, Cleopatra has now undergone a makeover, thanks to a partnership between original producers, IGT and Gaming Realms taking this online slots title to the next level with the addition of Slingo version.

How To Play

Cleopatra Slingo has more features and better interaction, offering players a new accumulation mechanic which offers more free spins as they advance through the game.

Cleopatra Slingo has a 5×5 reel format with 20 unfixed paylines. Players can choose to activate from 1 to all 20 of these. Wagers are multiplied by the number of activated paylines, so two coins on each of 10 paylines means a wager of 20 coins per spin. There’s also a hands-free option where Cleopatra Slingo will play up to 50 spins for you.

 Check before you start which symbols you need to look out for that slot bonus.

Each spin reveals five numbers that must connect to 5 randomly generated numbers on the gameboard, marking their position. Players need a line of these to create a “Slingo” to move through the game and up its ever-increasing prize ladder.

To make things more exciting, wild numbers allow players to mark a number on the same reel and super wilds to mark any number on the matrix. Bonus rounds revert to 5×3 reels, where players will see some familiar symbols which may represent huge wins across the 20 paylines.

Scatter symbols earn players additional free spins and, in the right combination, can lead to a maximum of 180 free spins.


The beauty of Cleopatra Slingo, after its great payouts, lies with the magnificent graphics, which depict the Pharaoh Queen herself and a host of other symbols which held great significance for the ancient Egyptians. The scarab is a symbol of rebirth, regeneration, and, above all, good fortune. The Eye of Horus represents well-being and protection. The ultimate symbol of power is the pharaoh, while right at the heart of the game is Cleopatra. The crossed hook and whip (or flail,) a symbol of the authority of the pharaohs, features in this slot. Additionally, representations of fans play their parts in conjuring up a world that is unsurpassed in other online slots.


Cleopatra is a wild card and the key to landing Cleopatra Slingo’s jackpot. Few casino games online create as much excitement as this one, spinning and finding features that include The Eye of Horus for 250x your stake, a fan or scarab each representing 750x your stake, the mysterious Sphinx, which appears as the slot’s scatter symbol and Cleopatra, the slot’s wild symbol.

 Bonuses and Jackpots

With a new accumulation mechanic unparalleled in the world of online casino games, Cleopatra Slingo offers more opportunities to earn free spins — up to 180 — offering guaranteed win spins while activating bonus spins.

Landing three or more scatter symbols with a single spin in any reel position will activate the Cleopatra Bonus Feature, which grants players 15 free spins. Any symbol win within this feature triples your stake.

Just as the Sphinx has remained silent and unmoved in the desert for millennia, the sphinx symbol in this casino slot game does not move from the reels, which means that the free spin rounds can be reactivated for an effective further 15 spins.

 Players who land five Cleopatra symbols across a payline win a massive 10,000x jackpot.

 The overall RTP (return to player) of Cleopatra Slingo sits at 95.7%

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