Franksylvania Casino Game Review

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Franksylvania online slot screen featuring the game logo “Franksylvania” written across a green wooden board, against an eerie forest backdrop with a cartoon cottage that has yellow lights shining from the window.
BetMGM Mar 26, 2024, 2:26 PM
  • Features six random features that can be triggered during any spin.
  • Special symbols are collected during the base game to enhance the Trail Bonus game.
  • Offers a Buy Bonus option so you can create your own luck.

Enter the dark and mysterious world of Franksylvania, a vampire-themed online slot that invites you to the eerie side of gaming. Join Frank, your resident vampire, in his after-dark adventures to see what creatures, chaos, and treasures await.

Franksylvania Casino Game Bonus

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Franksylvania Game Highlights

The graphics and design set the Franksylvania slot apart from the rest, with meticulously crafted animations and eerie yet strangely catchy backtrack music setting the scene for an immersive experience filled with unexpected twists and turns at every spin.

An impressive selection of features, including six that can be randomly triggered during the base game, as well as an exciting bonus round, means that gameplay is never boring.

Plus, if you’re looking to create your own luck, the Buy Bonus feature means that you don’t even need to wait to land the special symbols that activate the bonus round; you can pay a bit extra and enjoy the action at will.

Franksylvania Quick Facts and Features

Software Provider Armadillo Studios
RTP 96.02%
Volatility High
Jackpot Type Fixed
Paylines 25
Reels 5
Max Wager $100
Max Win 2,000x

Does Franksylvania Pay Real Money?

Experience the possibility of real money wins when playing with BetMGM Casino from within the legally sanctioned states of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Michigan, or West Virginia, where BetMGM Casino is officially authorized to operate.

How To Play Franksylvania

Franksylvania is accessible to beginners while still providing enough depth for experienced slot enthusiasts. All adjustment buttons can be found to the right of the grid, including the Bet Limit, Autoplay, Spin, and Buy Bonus buttons. To get started, set your stake ($0.25 to $100 per spin), choose your autoplay options, and hit Spin. Keep an eye on the special symbols for a chance to bag higher payouts.

Franksylvania Game Features

An extensive variety of special features enhances the gameplay in Franksylvania. These include numerous random features and the Bloody Party Spin. 

Franksylvania Random Features

At the beginning of each spin, you stand the chance to land any one of these pre-reel stop features:

  • Random wilds: Positions on the reels randomly get replaced with wild symbols. Each occurrence can award between one to four wilds.
  • Wild reel: Entire reels randomly turn wild, with every position on said reels becoming wild symbols. This can result in 1–3 entire reels going wild.
  • Colossal reels: Selected neighboring reels merge to create a larger reel, displaying oversized symbols. These colossal symbols function as they cover respective 2×2, 3×3, or 4×4 areas on the reels, each part acting as a separate symbol for win calculations after the reels cease spinning.
  • Random multiplier: At the spin’s start, a random multiplier (2x, 3x, 4x, or 5x) is revealed, amplifying all line wins that spin.

Additionally, post-spin features include:

  • Symbol upgrade: A lower-value symbol visible on the reels is randomly chosen to upgrade to a higher-value symbol. The upgrade quantity matches the number of the chosen lower-value symbols present on the reels. For instance, if four spades are visible, four symbols will be upgraded.
  • Instant win: Delivers a surprise win ranging from 1–200x the stake.

Franksylvania Bloody Party Spin

Gather four blood vial symbols to initiate the Bloody Party feature. Upon collecting the fourth blood vial icon, the reels undergo a free respin, during which Frank the vampire rewards four random base game features in one spectacular spin. The payout during this feature is determined by the paylines and bet total in effect before the respin was activated.

Franksylvania Bonuses and Jackpots

Franksylvania’s bonuses and jackpots are equally generous, with Trail Bonus and Buy Bonus offering exciting ways to win.

Franksylvania Trail Bonus

During the base game, you collect specific symbols to boost the Trail Bonus feature in various ways:

  • Hearts: For every four hearts collected on a particular bet level, an extra heart is added, with up to three hearts collectible per bet level. Should the vampire encounter a RIP tombstone, a heart is consumed to continue the bonus. Without any hearts, the encounter with a RIP tombstone ends the bonus.
  • Gargoyle and candles: Collecting candles increases the payout for landing on a gargoyle during Trail Bonus. Without any collected candles, landing on a gargoyle results in a 10x win, which increases by an additional 5x for each candle collected at that bet level, up to a maximum of a 60x win after collecting 10 or more candles. For example, entering Trail Bonus with five collected candles awards a 35x bet win if the vampire lands on the gargoyle space, which then resets to 10x with zero candles after the payout.
  • Zombie dog and dog bones: Every four dog bones collected increases a multiplier for the zombie dog award, starting at 1x and maxing out at 5x after collecting 16 or more bones. This multiplier is reset to 1x after the zombie dog award is given.
  • Super potion: Landing on a super potion space during Trail Bonus collects all coin awards passed, with a base 1x multiplier, which can be increased by collecting super potions in the base game before the bonus starts, up to a maximum of 4x after collecting three or more potions.

The Trail Bonus feature is activated by landing three bonus symbols, leading to a game board with spaces containing awards, features, or RIP tombstones. Your vampire moves a random number of spaces during each turn, collecting the space’s items until they either run out of hearts upon hitting a RIP tombstone or reach the end of the trail for a 2,000x prize pot. The collection of hearts, candles, dog bones, and potions before the bonus affects the rewards from specific spaces, emphasizing strategy in collecting these items during the base game.

Franksylvania Buy Bonus

To manually initiate the slot bonus round, select the Buy Bonus button, leading you to a screen where you can confirm your bonus purchase. Here, you’re prompted to select your wager for the bonus round and pick from one of three options to confirm your bet, instantly transporting you to the Trail Bonus round.

The confirmation screen displays the total number of hearts, dog bones, candle collections, and super potions. The return to player (RTP) rates are distinct for each option: 94.21% for the first, 93.85% for the second, and 94.31% for the third. Choose one of the three bonus options showcasing specified numbers of hearts, potions, dog bones, and candles, then click Buy to confirm your bonus bet. You can adjust your bet for the bonus buy by using the arrows at the top.

How To Win Franksylvania

Leveraging the game’s unique features effectively is crucial to maximizing your strategy. Focus on collecting special symbols during the base game, as these enhance your potential rewards during the Trail Bonus feature. 

Engaging with the Buy Bonus feature, although optional, can provide instant access to Trail Bonus with pre-loaded collections, which could be a strategic move, especially if aiming for the game’s top prize. Always be mindful of your bet level, as changing it resets your collected items, and remember to stay within your predetermined bankroll.

Franksylvania Graphics and Design

Franksylvania excels in delivering a spooky atmosphere through its exceptional graphics and design. The game’s designers have taken great care in crafting a haunting environment that Halloween enthusiasts are sure to delight in. Lighting effects and animations play a significant role in bringing the spooky slot to life.

Franksylvania Symbols

Low-value symbols are represented by card suit icons, while high-value symbols include the hand, the eyeball, the brain, the wolf, Frank, and the witch. These symbols are crafted with great attention to detail to immerse you in the lore of the game.

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Franksylvania Experience

Playing the Franksylvania slot is a memorable experience notable for its seamless blend of traditional slot elements with a captivating gothic theme. The game’s high volatility ensures a thrilling gaming experience, with substantial wins possible during the bonus rounds. Its compatibility with mobile devices means you can enjoy this eerie excursion on the go, never missing a beat of the heart-pounding action. Enjoy more world-class online casino games with BetMGM Casino.

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Our BetMGM editors and authors are casino experts with a wealth of knowledge of the online casino industry at all levels. Their coverage includes company news, game reviews, how-to instructional articles, strategy guides, and editorials showcasing BetMGM’s superior product and game library.