Building and Nurturing Friendships in Online Gaming Communities

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Online gaming goes beyond mere entertainment. The interactive and immersive virtual worlds of video games create unique opportunities for social interaction, providing an ideal and convenient platform to meet new people and form lasting bonds.

Whether you’re playing popular live dealer online casino games or the latest multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA,) you can find online gaming friends through a variety of methods, from in-game chat to social media and dedicated forums. There’s an eclectic range of online gaming communities to explore and become a part of, all filled with like-minded gamers who share a passion for interactive entertainment.

The digital and tech-driven world of today has led to connectivity on an unprecedented scale, but it’s also brought increased isolation for many people. Online gaming is one of the only entertainment mediums where you can build and maintain meaningful relationships, creating “social bonding” lifelines that contribute to healthy psychosocial development.

What Is Social Bonding?

Social bonding brings people together through shared interests and mutual respect. It’s the act of getting to know someone, attaching meaning to the relationship and maintaining contact. Without social bonds, human beings are unable to develop their social skills properly, leading to difficulties with communication and commitment.

When you’re learning how to find friends in online gaming, the first step is to commit to social bonding opportunities. Online gaming communities offer ample chances to meet new people and stay in touch with friends, but you must be willing to put yourself out there every now and then, initiating conversations, and sending friend requests to build your bonding network.

Nowadays, it doesn’t matter where you are in the world or who you want to be friends with. The social aspects of online gaming allow gamers to form communities that transcend physical and geographical boundaries. The most popular online games have worldwide followings, and the only thing that matters is that you find games and communities that bring you joy.

Do you enjoy several genres or specific games in a certain style? Accessibility and ways to communicate differ from game to game, so it’s important to know what your options are for making and maintaining contact. Some games feature multiple ways to connect with other players, whereas others might have a basic text chat feature, or nothing at all. Luckily, there’s a range of third-party apps like Discord that can facilitate communication, as well as other options outside the game such as online forums, social media groups, and streamer communities.

How To Make Gaming Friends Online

If you want to know how to find friends in online gaming, the secret is to be yourself, practice honest communication, and avoid toxicity. It’s impossible to please everyone, and some people might reject your offers of friendship. But the connections you do manage to make will be fulfilling and worth the effort.

Everyone wants to feel like they belong somewhere. The mutual desire to find groups and individuals to identify with brings gamers together, especially in the heat of multiplayer battles and cooperative combat. Again, though, the opportunities for making friends depend on the type of game and the design of gameplay systems. 

Learning how to make gaming friends is easy when you know what you’re getting into. If you want to play online poker with friends, for example, all you need to do is join the same table in an online casino. On the other hand, if you don’t have a premade team in a MOBA like League of Legends, you’re paired up with random players at the start of a game. Fun gambling games and games with matchmaking activities are great if you’re a solo player looking to make friends, but it’s worth mentioning that competitive multiplayer games can be harder to enjoy if you don’t have a full team going in.

Finding the Right Fit

In immersive sims and role-playing games (RPGs) with passive gameplay, there tend to be fewer opportunities for interaction. In fact, many players enjoy the absence of stimulation that comes with farming, fishing, and finding treasure. In these cases, it might be better to reach out when you aren’t playing, instead of risking the interruption of someone else’s alone time. Context will always matter, and deciding the best course of action is up to you.

In contrast to sims and RPGs, popular esports games like Apex Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege require teamwork and tactics if you want to win. When you’re in a lobby with random teammates, pay close attention to how they communicate. Do they respond in an easygoing manner without hesitating to discuss strategy? Then you’re talking to the right people. Players who can’t or won’t communicate aren’t going to get very far when the aim of the game is cooperation.

In competitive games where it’s just you against another player, like StarCraft or Street Fighter, for instance, respect and courtesy are crucial for mutual enjoyment. Whether you win or lose, you can make friends simply by being a good sport. After all, both players already share an interest in the game and can thus find common ground for a relationship to develop.

Like any social activity, online gaming is a foundation for building relationships. Use every tool available to make the most of it, from voice chat and text messages to player emotes and dedicated forums. Join groups on social media platforms like Discord and Facebook. Many games have online forums, Reddit groups, and Discord servers where you can discuss gameplay, share tips, and socialize with others. These spaces foster a sense of belonging and allow you to express your passion for gaming.

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Our BetMGM editors and authors are casino experts with a wealth of knowledge of the online casino industry at all levels. Their coverage includes company news, game reviews, how-to instructional articles, strategy guides, and editorials showcasing BetMGM’s superior product and game library.