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If you’re a fan of classic shark movies like “Jaws,” “Deep Blue Sea,” “The Reef,” and “The Shallows,” then the online slots game 6 Wild Sharks will be right up your alley. 

This fierce high-volatility game is brought to you by the multi-award-winning developer Like their other online casino games, 6 Wild Sharks offers excellent graphics, enjoyable gameplay and the opportunity for some serious wins.

Sink your teeth into this game with the detailed review below. 

Game Overview

This online casino slot might look like a run-of-the-mill game at first glance, but it’s got a whole lot more lurking under the surface. Firstly, players can choose between Classic and Advanced modes, changing the RTP from a respectable 96.5% to an exceptional 97%, respectively. 

There’s also the choice of the aesthetics of the game, and players can choose how they want the game to look. There’s the option of small landscape reels, which are 6×4 and spin from the top downwards, or players can choose the Big Reels option. This essentially flips the reels on their side, turning it into a 4×6 game that will spin from right to left. The Big Reels feature is a great option for those playing casino games on mobile phones or tablets.

Animated shark-themed graphics, sticky wilds, and 4,096 ways to win make 6 Wild Sharks a pleasure to play, putting it among the most popular slot games from

How To play

While the reel mode you choose won’t have any impact on gameplay or payouts, selecting Classic or Advanced modes will make a big difference to both.

If you regularly partake in online gambling, you’ll know what to expect from this game’s Classic mode. Play from between $0.10 and $50 and simply match three or more symbols from left to right (or top to bottom in Big Reels mode) to form a winning combination. 

It’s in the game’s Advanced mode that things get really spicy, however. This mode has a Wild Choice mechanic, which allows players to select up to six wilds that will be locked into their reels. Of course, this comes with a substantial price tag and ups the risk of losing more, but it does give players the opportunity for much bigger wins. This feature will be covered in more detail in the Features section below.


Animated graphics are one of the reasons why online slots became so popular and although the animation in 6 Wild Sharks is incredibly simple, it’s also very effective. The reels sit in the middle of a forbidding-looking ocean with an animated surface. There is land far in the distance, but along with the Jaws-esque music, the setting makes it obvious that you won’t make it to land before a shark finds you.

The game has the usual standard card symbols, but it also has some really cool shark-themed ones, too. The lower-value symbols are a tuna, manta ray and squid, while a diver is of higher value, and the brave surfer girl is the most valuable.

The wild symbol is a huge shark biting down on the word “wild,” and it appears inside a cage for the Locked Wild feature.


The Locked Wild feature is the standout feature of 6 Wild Sharks, but it’s only accessible to those playing in Advanced mode and not in the Classic game. In Advanced mode, reels 1, 2, 5 and 6 are called Wild Zones, and it’s on these reels where you can add up to six Locked Wilds. These symbols remain in place throughout the game for every spin, giving players a much higher chance of forming a winning combination, but they do come at a cost. 

Reels one and two are more expensive to add wilds to, but they pay out more often. It’s cheaper to put the wilds on reels five and six, but they pay out less frequently. Add wilds to reels one and two for smaller wins that happen more often or to five and six for big wins that are few and far between.

Bonuses and Jackpots

There is a slots bonus round in each of the modes in 6 Wild Sharks and they are triggered when the scatter symbol lands on reel three and four simultaneously.

This will trigger 15 free spins in Classic mode, but players can swap these out for Locked Wilds if they wish. If they choose the Locked Wilds, they’ll have one free spin with them in place to try to form a winning combination. Or you could use a combination of some Locked Wilds along with a couple of free spins. So, if you choose to fill the first reels with three Locked Wilds, you’ll have six free spins.

When the bonus game is triggered in Advanced mode, you’ll get 10 free spins and whatever Locked Wilds are already in place on your reels. You can retrigger the bonus round by landing more scatter symbols during your free spins. Any new wild that lands on your reels during the free spins will become a Locked Wild and remain for the duration of the free spins round.

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