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Dive into the oceanic online slot review of Catch of the Day Respin ‘Em In, a digital deep-sea voyage that will snag you with its scaly allure and anchor you to the edge of your seat with its treasure trove of riches. A creation of Astra by Inspired Gaming, this high-octane, halibut-heavy slot creates waves in the world of online casino games with its rich underwater milieu, brimming with vibrant marine life and a coral reef of cash rewards.

With Catch of the Day Respin ‘Em In, it’s always fishing season.

Game Overview

As you chart a course across the reels, your quest is not confined to the conventional catch. The sea here is a bounty of bonus features, promising a school of riches that goes beyond a mere sailor’s tale. Ignite the free spins to set off a tidal wave of wins, or wade into the gamble/risk game for a shot at netting a glittering hoard of undersea treasure.

With a player RTP of 94.52%, this maritime marvel proves that not all treasure is silver and gold; sometimes, it’s a cascade of coins on a 5×3 reel grid. For lovers of casual fishing fun, a version with an RTP of 92% is soon to be cast into the waters of the online gaming world.

Whether you’re playing from a smartphone or tablet, the game’s compatibility with all mobile devices ensures a smooth sailing experience wherever you may roam.

How To Play

Getting your fishing gear ready for Catch of the Day Respin ‘Em In might seem daunting but fear not, this blog post is here to guide you on your piscatorial pursuit. 

Start on the left of the reels, where you’ll find the adjustable bet options. With a click, you can open all available bet options. Uncertain of the appropriate bet amount? Glance at your total balance at the bottom of the screen; it’s your trusty compass to financial feasibility.

Tucked beneath the bet adjustor is a menu button, a treasure chest of six practical items: game info, game history, sound, left-hand play, and the portal back to the lobby. “Game Info” is your map to the rules and paytable, while “Game History” serves as a reality check, displaying your triumphant victories and humble losses.

With your fishing rod set between a minimum stake of $0.20 and a max stake of $50, press the “Spin” button to cast your line into the Catch of the Day free play. Watch as the reels cease their spin, each halt potentially bestowing upon you an aquatic reward. For those who prefer a hands-off approach, the Autoplay feature allows the reels to spin for a set number of times without interruption.

On the right of the main screen, you’ll spot the gamble bonus feature, an optional lure that can reel in a mighty catch at the press of a button. But remember, an experienced angler always practices responsible fishing.


From the first splash, the Catch of the Day Respin ‘Em In online slot immerses you in a vivid underwater spectacle, where the ocean’s scale becomes your playground.

The game symbols themselves are a vibrant blend of traditional slot icons and aquatic life. You’re met with a familiar lineup of online slots staples such as A, K, Q, J, and 10, each rendered in a font that mirrors the organic texture of coral.

The screen, awash in a calming palette of blues, screen bubbles with life as it takes on the blurry charm of a watercolor painting. Strands of seaweed and coral reefs, painted in a riot of colors, sway gently in the undercurrents.

You’ll also spot vital fishing equipment like life rings, lending the game an added touch of realism. And, providing a dash of humor, is a soggy, algae-filled boot that bobs among the symbols a humorous nod to the occasional mishaps of a fisherman’s life.


Catch of the Day Respin ‘Em In isn’t just about stunning visuals it packs a punch in terms of gameplay, too. This slot is teeming with features designed to keep you hooked and maximize your chances of reeling in a big win.

Gamble Feature

The game presents you with the enticing opportunity to play with the Gamble Feature, a unique twist that elevates the stakes, making it one of the more adventurous jackpot slots available.

With this feature, you have three choices. You can choose to completely ignore the gamble, embracing a cautious approach. Alternatively, you can activate it after any victorious spin, injecting a dose of excitement into each win.

However, for the truly daring, the third option allows the Gamble Feature to be activated when your winnings equal or surpass 5x your bet. Should you decide to gamble, the game presents you with two wheels to choose from. The first wheel gives you the chance to increase your prize by a third, double, or even triple it.

Multiplier Wild

Adding to the variety of ways to win is the Multiplier Wild. Not only does this feature amplify your wins by up to 5x, but it can also appear on any reel, keeping you on your toes with each spin.

Bonuses and Jackpots

Diving into the depths of the Catch of the Day Respin ‘Em In uncovers a sea of opportunities to add to your prize pool.

Free Spins Slots Bonus

The primary appeal comes in the form of the game’s Free Spins Bonus. Just like the elusive fisherman waiting for the perfect catch, landing three scatter symbols anywhere on the reel’s lures in this exciting bonus, netting you an initial 10 free spins.

But keep your fishing rod at the ready, because the bonus pool doesn’t stop there. If you manage to reel in four or five scatters, the game generously rewards you with 15 or even 20 free spins, respectively.

During these free spins, the game’s fisherman symbol becomes your best mate, catching all fish in sight and advancing along the game’s progressive trail. Each fish caught reveals a multiple of your base game stake, making every catch a rewarding haul.

Similar Games

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Bet Online With BetMGM

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Register today to cast your line into the virtual waters and start reeling in those lucrative catches. Who knows? You may even snag a jackpot or two along the way.

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Our BetMGM editors and authors are casino experts with a wealth of knowledge of the online casino industry at all levels. Their coverage includes company news, game reviews, how-to instructional articles, strategy guides, and editorials showcasing BetMGM’s superior product and game library.