Casino Game Review: Don Quixote’s Wild Adventures (NetGaming)

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BetMGM Oct 09, 2023, 11:10 PM

Are you in the mood for an adventure-themed online slot that’s easy to play? Then consider Don Quixote’s Wild Adventures by NetGaming, an online casino game based on the famous literary character created by Miguel de Cervantes.Don Quixote,” the Spanish epic novel, was first published in 1605 — long before early slot machines with bars and bells were invented. Although Don Quixote might have originated many centuries ago, he’s brought back to life in this exciting online slot with multiple wilds. If playing this casino game online grabs your fancy, read on to find out about the graphics, special features, bonuses, and more. 

When it comes to online slot machines, who doesn’t love a loose slot (that is, one that pays out more money than others)? Don Quixote’s Wild Adventures, however, has a return to player (RTP) that is significantly lower than average at 94.44%, with high volatility. This means that wins can be infrequent; however, on the upside, when they do land, they are significant. Bearing this in mind, it’s perhaps a good idea to try this online slot in demo mode to get a feel for the game before committing actual money to it.

Game Overview

This online casino offers 20 paylines and 5×3 reels. The minimum bet starts at a low 0.1 credits and climbs enticingly to a maximum of 50. The best win is a thrilling 3,750x. Almost all functions are built around the various wild symbols, which will be discussed in more detail later. 

How To Play

Don Quixote’s Wild Adventures offers nine win symbols, paying from left to right. You only need 3–5 matching symbols to score a win on one of the 20 fixed paylines, with prizes ranging between 2x–10x the coin value. When it comes to special symbols, like the chained man, windmill, or Sancho Panza, you’re in line for a 4x–20x payout if you hit the winning patterns. The highest-paying symbol is the character Dulcinea del Toboso, offering tantalizing rewards ranging from 10x–100x the coin value.

The Walking Wild a symbol that can “walk” from one spot to another on the reel until it eventually falls off from the side or bottom of the reels doesn’t generate cash wins, but it does start the real fun with this online slot. When it lands on the reels, and that could be anywhere on the grid, a respin is triggered, and the wild symbol moves to the left. The respin continues until that wild symbol, as well as any other wild symbols that land and walk, can’t be seen any longer. It’s certainly possible for multiple wilds to walk at the same time. If you activate the free spins mode, the same mechanics will operate.


The slot’s graphics naturally hark back to themes in “Don Quixote.” The brown grid is set against a verdant backdrop to immerse players in Quixote’s journey, with leaves blowing behind the reels to add ambiance. The soundtrack is enjoyable and fast-paced with choral singing. You’re also likely to appreciate the game’s intriguing characters, as well as the windmill icon a reference to the novel’s protagonist Don Quixote, who attacks windmills because he believes them to be giants with long arms. 


The Walking Wild is a key feature of this slot, and it works in tandem with the special symbol cards to add additional wilds to the grid. Here’s how the patterns operate.

Prisoner Wild Pattern

If the wild lands next to the prisoner symbol, the wilds will then cover the row from the overlap to the right of the reels.

Windmill Wild Pattern

If the wild ends up adjacent to the windmill symbol, the wilds will cover diagonally adjacent positions from the overlap.

Sancho Panza Wild Pattern

If the wild ends up next to Sancho Panza, then wilds cover every vertical and horizontal position from the overlap.

Bonuses and Jackpots

Three wild patterns will activate a bonus game, which includes five free spins. For each of these spins, a multiplier is calculated by the number of Walking Wilds on the screen, plus one. There’s also an additional wild pattern that’s not available during the base game, namely the Lady Love wild pattern. If the Walking Wild lands next to the Dulcinea symbol, then wilds will cover every adjacent position up to a maximum of eight new wild symbols.

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