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Step into the realm of radiant gems and astral wonders with Euphoria, iSoftBet’s latest star in its galaxy of online slots. This game takes you on an interstellar journey way beyond the confines of the conventional slot game.

The star-studded slot transports you into a world of tranquil celestial soundscape, but don’t let this serene setting mislead you. Euphoria, part of the Extreme Pays series, is a high-volatility online slot game capable of delivering meteoric payouts that can catapult your winnings into a new galaxy.

Game Overview

Join the ranks of interstellar fortune hunters with Euphoria from iSoftBet. Leaving behind the terrestrial settings of previous online casino games like Wild Ape and Egyptian King, Euphoria takes players on a cosmic voyage through the stars. 

Unfolding on a 5-reel, 3-row grid and offering a staggering 243 ways to win, Euphoria might appear familiar at first, but it’s a journey that takes the traditional slot game formula and launches it into the stratosphere.

The outer space theme not only represents an aesthetic choice but also symbolizes the dizzying heights that player RTP (return to player) rates can reach. Euphoria, with its RTP rate of 95.99%, may not be the highest among the Xtreme Pays Series, but it does offer the tantalizing prospect of astronomical wins on account of a bountiful hit frequency of 36.32%. This means that players find themselves on the winning side of the ethereal divide in well over a third of their spins, a dazzling prospect that leaves many of its earth-based rivals trailing behind.

How To Play

Prepare for blast-off as you embark on the otherworldly adventure that is iSoftbet slots’ Euphoria.

To begin your galactic journey, place bets modest enough to accommodate all space travelers, ranging from 30c up to $30 per spin. Navigate through the extraterrestrial interface by selecting the coin icon below the “Spin” button to adjust your stake. Once the journey begins, wins are formed not just by aligning three or more matching symbols but also by landing just two diamond symbols.

For those who prefer to sit back and watch the cosmos unfold, Euphoria offers an autospin function, allowing you to choose between five and 1,000 auto spins. You can set a loss limit and there’s an option to halt the game if a win reaches a certain amount, providing ample control over your cosmic expedition. These settings are accessible via the icon above the “Spin” button.

Whether you’re exploring the cosmos from your desktop, mobile, or tablet, Euphoria is compatible with all devices, including iOS and Android platforms. Its impressive HD visuals look stunning, even on smaller screens, ensuring that your journey amongst the stars is as visually breathtaking as it is rewarding.


Euphoria is a true visual odyssey, a cosmic escapade that transmits players into a realm of swirling galaxies and effervescent celestial bodies. As the game opens, a breathlessly voiced “Euphoria” whisks you right into the heart of a swirling nebula, an immersive experience that hooks you in from the get-go. 

Euphoria’s reel symbols encompass a captivating array of standard playing cards and precious gemstones. The standard playing cards, from 9 to ace, are expertly designed with a cosmic twist. They glisten as if imbued with starlight, adding to the overall cosmic theme.

With its backdrop of psychedelic purple and pink hues, punctuated by swirling lights and a soothing, futuristic EDM soundtrack, this online casino game is a masterstroke in the art of sublime simplicity.


Euphoria’s cosmological voyage is not only a visual treat but also a cornucopia of features that keep players engrossed.

The Symbols

You’ll encounter symbols from jack to ace royals and a delightful treasure trove of gemstones. These radiant gems, in hues of orange, green, blue, and purple, conjure up memories of Opal Fruits, their luminescence reflecting the swirling nebula backdrop.

But it’s the radiant diamond symbol that reigns supreme in this celestial kingdom, offering substantial payouts and only requiring two for a successful score. This gleaming gemstone can return a stellar 13.3x the stake for five of a kind.

Star Multipliers

As the journey continues, individual star multipliers start at 2x and can ascend to 3x if another star lands on the same reel. If stars manage to populate all five reels, a constellation of five additional free spins extends the feature, potentially leading to stratospheric levels of multiplying action.

Cosmic Wilds

The real magic of Euphoria unfolds with the appearance of the multi-colored star symbol, an omnipresent force that substitutes for all symbols except the bonus scatter. Keep your telescopic sights set on the star symbol, for its appearance activates a win multiplier that can soar as high as 243x, turning your expedition into true euphoria.

Euphoria Bet

For those eager for an immediate intergalactic adventure, this slot offers the Euphoria Bet. This feature guarantees three bonus symbols on your next spin at the cost of 100 times your total bet.

Bonuses and Jackpots

Dive into the astral abyss, and you might stumble upon what every space explorer dreams of — jackpot slots. The Euphoria universe, generous as it is mysterious, harbors two primary bonus features that border on cosmic surrealism.

Euphoria Spin Feature

The first is the Euphoria Spin feature, a serendipitous occurrence that can transform any base game spin into a veritable astronomical phenomenon. Up to three star symbols can land in this mode, each boosting the multiplier and potentially skyrocketing your earnings up to 27x your stake. Keep in mind that these celestial bodies are not only multipliers but also wilds, substituting for all symbols bar the scatter.

Free Spins Feature

Next, you have the Free Spins feature, a space-time warp triggered when the Euphoria logo scatter graces reels 1, 3, and 5 simultaneously. Initiate with eight free spins and observe as each fallen star symbol not only enhances your win multiplier up to a staggering 243x but also progresses the meter tracking star symbols above each reel. Should your expedition be fortunate enough to activate all five star multipliers, you earn five additional free spins, extending your journey to a potential 13 free spins.

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Win Real Money Playing Online Slots with BetMGM

With an extraterrestrial theme that would impress even the most seasoned astronaut, Euphoria is not only one of the top online casino slots but also a space odyssey with the potential for colossal celestial rewards.

Your star-studded expedition through the cosmos of Euphoria awaits at BetMGM, one of the top slot sites in the galaxy. The chance to voyage through a universe of vibrant visuals, stellar bonuses, and astronomical payouts is just a click away. Register today and prepare for an out-of-this-world gaming experience.

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Our BetMGM editors and authors are casino experts with a wealth of knowledge of the online casino industry at all levels. Their coverage includes company news, game reviews, how-to instructional articles, strategy guides, and editorials showcasing BetMGM’s superior product and game library.