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The Mega Diamond logo and a cropped section of the AGS slot game.
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Gaming giant AGS is constantly adding to its portfolio of casino games through slots, table games, or interactive games. One prime example is the innovative and exciting Mega Diamond, one of AGS’ notable high-denomination video games, alongside Gold Inferno. While online slots appeal to a wide range of players because they contain different themes, which is one of the advantages of playing slots online, they also offer a more engaging experience with the inclusion of music and advanced graphics.

AGS has upped the ante with Mega Diamond, giving players more choice and more control while maintaining the look and feel of traditional and classic slots.

Game Overview

Played across 3 reels, Mega Diamond gives players a choice of denomination from quarters to $5. This is why it’s referred to as a high-denomination game. Additionally, players can also choose their paylines, with the option to pick from one, three, five, or nine paylines.

How To Play

Mega Diamond is a standard high-volatility game, and if you’re familiar with slot machines, this one is no different. To play, you start by placing your wager or denomination and selecting your paylines. As you increase your denominations, the top prizes also change and increase accordingly.

Your denominations appear on the bottom part of the screen, while the prizes appear on the top part of the screen, along with the flame motif.


Visually, Mega Diamond adopts a similar approach and traditional slots. Slot machine enthusiasts are bound to resonate with this offering from AGS, especially because it might be a welcomed type of slot relative to what is on the market these days. The backdrop of this game switches to flames when the progressive jackpot is increasing at a considerable level and gradually going beyond its average. This game is quite simplistic and has minimal frills; it makes use of basic graphics and has white, black, red, and golden hues as the main colors.

There are no elaborate symbols that players should be on the lookout for. The game focuses primarily on numbers and basic symbolism like a bar and the famed number 7 symbol. Overall, it’s not flashy or overbearing — something that more conservative and traditional slot players will enjoy.

That’s not to say it lacks engaging elements, far from it. To indicate a celebratory mood when a win is achieved, Mega Diamond makes use of animated coins that come pouring down on the screen, and some of the symbols are illuminated and glow to indicate wins.


Wilds multiplier: Multipliers are added to some number 7 symbols, offering players either 2x, 3x, 4x, or 5x their stake.

Bar symbol: This is a common feature in most traditional casino slot games, and AGS brings it back in Mega Diamond.

Number 7 symbol: This is a symbol that’s widely associated with classic casino games and reels, highlighting yet again how Mega Diamond is rooted in simplicity.

Bonuses and Jackpots

If you were hoping for a slots bonus at Mega Diamond, unfortunately, that’s not the case. True to its simplistic take on gaming, Mega Diamond doesn’t offer any bonuses or free spins. This means that all the money you hope to make must be achieved in the base game. That being said, this can also make Mega Diamond somewhat more appealing and refreshing to those who love a challenge and are motivated to put their best foot forward from the get-go without necessarily relying on bonus rounds to possibly increase their winning potential.

The good news is that the wilds appear more often on higher bets in Mega Diamond, so your chances of hitting one of the progressive jackpots are increased. The use of flames in the background when the progressives are higher than normal is possibly one of the most engaging aspects here, as it motivates you to keep going in the hopes of achieving a big win. This can be likened to the incentives that many online casino games, especially slots, offer to keep players encouraged to play.

Similar Games

Vegas Gold

Much like Mega Diamond, Vegas Gold is a relatively more traditional slot that contains basic symbolism as well. Categorized as a high volatility slot, it has a classic look and feel, with the traditional number 7 symbols being a prominent feature. The RTP for this Las Vegas-themed slot is -2647.

Gold Inferno

This is another high-denomination game by AGS, which is quite similar to Mega Diamond in terms of look and feel. It uses traditional and basic symbolism. Like Mega Diamond, Gold Inferno is also a 3-reel game.

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