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Gameplay in Starmania by SG (NextGen)
BetMGM Dec 04, 2023, 3:02 AM

Get ready to navigate through the cosmos in Starmania, an enthralling online casino game from the renowned developers at NextGen Gaming. This interstellar journey will take you on a thrilling ride through a vast and mysterious universe filled with vibrant colors, mesmerizing graphics, and a meteor shower of winning opportunities.

Whether you’re an experienced space traveler or a rookie stargazer, Starmania is sure to captivate your senses and keep you on the edge of your seat.

Game Overview

In the boundless cosmic playground of online slot games, Starmania is a supernova that outshines the rest. This classic star-themed slot game is powered by NextGen software and features 5 reels and 10 paylines that transport players to the farthest reaches of the galaxy. Each spin is a comet’s flight across the cosmic canvas, bestowing players with a dazzling spectacle and the chance for stellar rewards.

Starmania offers a generous max payout of 1,000 times your total stake per spin or free spin, achieved by filling the reels with the highest-value symbol. The game’s true gem, however, is its extraordinary return to player (RTP) rate. The Starmania RTP stands at an impressive 97.87%, significantly above the average slot RTP of around 96%. 

The creators at NextGen have also ensured that Starmania is a mobile-friendly game optimized for touch play across various platforms. The reel layout has been simplified to ensure the best possible viewing experience on smaller screens, providing a seamless and engaging gaming adventure for mobile players.

How To Play

Embarking on your extraterrestrial journey with Starmania is delightfully straightforward, even for the most earthbound of us. Your interstellar escapade begins with setting your betting range, a crucial first step in every successful space expedition. Simply click the up or down arrows to adjust the coin size, which can range from a very manageable 0.01 to an astronomical 2.

If you’re feeling particularly adventurous or perhaps just eager to explore the vast expanse of the online slots universe, clicking the “Golden Coins” stacked conveniently next to these arrows will set your bet to the maximum.

Next, the “Play” button serves as your launch button, setting the reels in a mesmerizing spin that mimics the orbits of distant galaxies.


As you navigate the celestial-themed slot, the depth of the dark blue and purple cosmic backdrop engulfs you, anchoring an immersive gaming experience that extends beyond the screen.

The stars aren’t just the stars of the show — they’re the whole galaxy. These radiant heavenly bodies, cast in bright neon hues, zip and whir across the screen. Each different star design is carefully crafted, with a level of detail that would outdo even the Hubble telescope.

Adding an extra layer of excitement, a shooting star effect illuminates the screen, zooming around to highlight matching symbols.

This astral spectacle is complemented by atmospheric sound effects that seem to echo from the edge of the universe.


In the galactic wilderness of the Starmania slot, your guiding constellations are the game’s feature symbols — the wilds and scatter symbols.


One of the slot features is the big, yellow glow of the wild symbol, marked distinctly with “Wild” on it. It can substitute all other slot symbols save for the scatter bonus symbol. This astral beacon appears solely on reels 2, 3, and 4.

Gamble Feature

For those feeling lucky, the “Gamble” feature, activated each time you hit a win, gives you the chance to double or quadruple your winnings. This is where guessing the color or suit of the card comes into play. Guess right, and your winnings multiply; guess wrong, and you’ll be rocketed back to the base game sans winnings. You can try your luck up to five times or collect your winnings at any point.

Win Both Ways

A standout feature of the Starmania slot is its “win both ways” system. This unique feature means that winning combinations can be formed from either the left or the right, adding a thrilling sense of unpredictability.

Bonuses and Jackpots

The purple Bonus symbol, as mysterious and alluring as a pulsar, triggers the Free Spins feature when you land three or more of them on the reels. This astronomic event rewards you with 10 free spins and can be re-triggered. Before each spin, an extra wild pops onto reels 2, 3, and 4, tallying up to a whopping 30 wilds by the 10th spin. 

Similar Games

If you’re starstruck by the unearthly charm of Starmania, you might also enjoy exploring other jackpot slots that similarly promise an out-of-this-world gaming experience.

Ultimate Fire Link Country Lights (Light & Wonder)

First up is the Ultimate Fire Link Country Lights by Light & Wonder. Imagine swapping the radiant cosmos of Starmania for a rustic farm setting but with the same sense of limitless possibilities. As the stars twinkle above the quaint barn, you spin the reels for a chance to win the Mega Jackpot — potentially exploding your winnings up to 10,000 times your stake.

Mighty Monkey Coin Combos (Light & Wonder)

Another slot to consider is Mighty Monkey Coin Combos. In this game, you‘ll trade in your astronaut suit for the whimsy of Chinese mythology, embarking on an adventure guided by the cheeky antics of a mischievous monkey. Though it may lack the literal star-studded backdrop, this game’s monkey is a star in its own right, potentially guiding players toward astronomical payouts of up to 2,500 times their stake.

7s on Fire Deluxe (Light & Wonder)

Lastly, you might also find your gameverse expanded by the engaging title 7s on Fire Deluxe, also by Light & Wonder. Just as stars have lit up our night skies since time immemorial, fruit and lucky 7s have been the proverbial constellations of slot games even before the dawn of the digital age. With an RTP of 96% and a 125x multiplier, it’s a classic game that promises players their own shooting stars in the form of big winnings. This game, like Starmania, reminds us that sometimes the oldest stars in the sky still have a lot to offer.

Play Slots Online with BetMGM

Dive into the cosmic playground of Starmania, where the stars could align in your favor, and every spin brings you closer to the treasure that lies in the universe’s farthest corners. Reach for the stars now, and who knows, you might just land in a cluster of winnings.

And with a wide selection of other fantastic slot games available on BetMGM, there’s no shortage of opportunities to explore the vast galaxy of online gaming. Register with BetMGM today and start your intergalactic adventures with Starmania and more.

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