Casino Game Review: The Legend of Ching Shih (ODDSworks)

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title of the online slot game, The Legend of Ching Shih by ODDSworks
BetMGM Nov 13, 2023, 9:19 AM

Set sail and plunder your way to infamy with The Legend of Ching Shih an enthralling slot game set during the historic era of pirates and perils on the high seas. Developed by Reflex Gaming in partnership with ODDSworks, the game combines classic features of online slots with a swashbuckling theme, quick and easy gameplay, and plenty of prizes for lucky winners.

Game Overview

The Legend of Ching Shih is a 5×4 slot with adjustable paylines. It’s a medium- to high-volatility machine with a return to player of 95.08%, with new and exciting features such as expanding reels, stacked wilds, bonus boosts, and a free spins bonus to look forward to. 

The theme pays homage to a real legend named Ching Shih, who became one of the world’s most successful pirates in the beginning of the 19th century. It’s a fitting tribute considering the nature of the game, where the pursuit of valuable treasure drives the desire to explore and find fortune. 

How To Play

The controls and layout in casino games like The Legend of Ching Shih are designed for convenient gaming on the go. Menu settings, gameplay controls, and paytable information are clearly separated from the reels, making gameplay as simple as can be.

When you play any slot at an online casino, the first step is to gain familiarity with the paytable. After you’ve learned the multipliers for low- and high-paying symbols, select a wager amount with the “+” and “-” buttons. If you’re satisfied with your bet per spin, choose either manual spins or autoplay to let the game’s random number generator (RNG) spin the reels.

Matching at least three symbols on any payline rewards you with a payout or a bonus. You can win a maximum of 729.8x the bet in the base game, and 5,973.2x with the bonus boost active. Figures are based on data from over two billion games, with an expected hit rate of 16–17%.


The splendid sights and sounds of The Legend of Ching Shih evoke feelings of anticipation and adventure. A crimson-sailed pirate ship sails to its destination in the background, with an elegant structure on the coastline begging to be plundered. Surrounded by calm seas and a sunny sky, it’s the perfect setting to pursue tempting booty.

The reel layout is elegant yet uncomplicated, with expert use of colors and animations to ensure that symbols and paylines stand out. Symbols are vibrant and easy on the eyes. It’s a charming display of artistic and creative talent, with a unique theme tying everything together for satisfying gameplay.


In The Legend of Ching Shih, reels can extend from 5×4 to 5×9. Similarly to the “Reel Surge” feature of Forest Dragons (AGS), the larger reel layout triggers when you enter the bonus round. You get 45 paylines to play, and stacked symbols appear more frequently.

Wilds can appear as 8-high stacked symbols. When these symbols land, the potential for massive wins increases significantly. There’s also a free spins feature that activates when you hit enough scatters, which can be enhanced with the game’s “Bonus Boost” feature.

Bonuses and Jackpots

Instead of the slippery top prizes of jackpot slots, The Legend of Ching Shih combines free spins and bonus boosts to offer smaller, more regular wins. With the game’s bonus boost active, free spins symbols occur over 4.5x more frequently, and the extended reels allow you to find more combinations than you would in the base game.

Bonus Boosts double your current bet, the free spins slot’s bonus has an increasing multiplier, and stacked wilds increase prize values. Altogether, it’s an engaging set of features and bonuses that make this online gambling game a joy to play.

Similar Games

If you’re looking for East Asian-themed slots, consider 15 Lanterns (Win Studios) as a worthy alternative to The Legend of Ching Shih. The game boasts a layout with transparent reels that blend the foreground and background for a novel look and feel.

Want a game that offers mythological creatures and fantasy elements? Try Dragon Tao (AGS) for majestic dragons and heroes clad in gold-plated armor. The game offers a higher RTP of 96.18%, state-of-the-art graphics and animations, and 1,024 ways to win.

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Modern slot games like The Legend of Ching Shih draw in players with the allure of frequent wins and captivating features, using strong themes and thoughtful game design to keep the immersion factor high. While there’s no progressive jackpot prize, the expected hit rates in the base game and bonus round offer a different style of play that broadens the genre, ensuring that players have freedom of choice to pursue whichever format suits their preferences.

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