Casino Game Review: Ticket to Riches (DGC)

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BetMGM Jun 19, 2024, 4:10 PM

Avid globetrotters will love the travel-themed online slot game Ticket to Riches. The game offers a first-class experience with exciting features and detailed graphics. So pack your bags, have your ticket ready, and get set to board your plane for your next gaming adventure.

Game Overview

Ticket to Riches was developed by DGC in October 2022. The game takes you back to the early days of aviation travel with the symbols and design. It guarantees an exciting time activating its features and bonuses, including free spins and multipliers, while fully immersed in a travel experience. The game uses the 5×3 grid format and has 243 possible paylines. 

How To Play

This unique game is simple enough to understand. The game’s “Spin” button can be found on the right side of the screen. The game also has an autoplay option above the “Spin” button, where the game automatically plays for you. Before you do this, you will need to set your preferences. These include the number of spins you want the game to play, the loss limit, and your single-win limit. 

Bets can easily be placed, too, with the betting function at the bottom right of the game. The “+” function increases your bet, and the “-” function decreases your bet. Ticket to Rides also allows players the option to select preset bets. This can be found right below the “Spin” button. Betting options are between a minimum of 0.10 and a maximum of 40 credits.


Ticket to Riches is an eye-catching and colorful game that’ll keep you riveted for hours. Its beautifully detailed symbols are one of the game’s best aspects. The game fully leans into the retro theme with its bright color schemes and old-school aviation images. The background image, the inside of an old-school plane, helps immerse players in the game. The music is light and catchy, and you may or may not find yourself bobbing your head and tapping your foot to the tunes.  


This game has some exciting slot features to keep you entertained, the most notable being the retro-styled symbols. These include a suitcase, headset, a propeller, boarding stairs, the pilot, an air hostess, a tourist on a beach vacation, and a couple enjoying their holiday in Italy. The plane-themed symbols are the game’s lowest-paying symbols and are worth between 0.5x and 1x the bet if three to five of the same symbols land on the grid. The character-themed symbols — the pilot, air hostess, and tourists — are the game’s highest-paying symbols worth 2x to 8x their bet.

Bonuses and Jackpots

Ticket to Riches offers its players fun and exciting bonuses, including collect symbols, ticket symbols, free spins, and Last Call. You’ll also find a bonus meter at the top of the game, which helps you keep track of your bonuses depending on where certain slot symbols land. Reels one and two represent the Last Call bonus, reel three represents the free spin multiplier, and reels four and five are the free spin bonus.

Collect Symbols 

The collect symbols bonus is handy as it helps activate other bonuses. If this symbol lands on reels one and two, it will activate the Last Call bonus. Players will be rewarded with the free spins bonus if it lands on reels four and five. This bonus icon represents the badges that pilots wear. 

Ticket Symbol

The ticket symbol represents the old-school plane tickets used before the internet was a concept. There are two possible tickets to be won. One is smaller and takes up 1×1 space on the grid, whereas the other is slightly larger and takes up 2×1 space on the grid. The smaller ticket increases the bonus meter where it lands by one, and the larger ticket increases the bonus meter by two.

Free Spins 

A free spins round will be activated depending on how many multipliers you achieved in reel three — the multipliers bonus meter. How many free spins you land will depend on the multipliers you achieved in reels four and five — the free spin meter. This helps increase the players’ chances of winning even more. 

 Last Call

The Last Call bonus is activated depending on the number of tickets collected in reels one and two. Players will get to pick a boarding pass, which could reveal either an extra pick, a destination pass with a multiplier or a Grand Pass. If the player receives three Grand Passes, they’re rewarded with the jackpot.

Jackpots and Winnings

Ticket to Riches is considered a medium volatility game with a return to player (RTP) score of 96.05%. This means fewer risks are involved, but you still stand the chance to win a larger payout.

Jackpot slots allow you to win real money when you play slots online. Usually, they increase with every bet you place. In the case of Ticket to Riches, the jackpot is worth 5,000x your bet. This can be achieved by winning three Grand Passes in your Last Call pick. 

Similar Games

If you love Ticket to Riches, you might want to check out these three games by DGC.

  1. Fortune Rush: This game is perfect for players who love the 5×3 grid format of Ticket to Riches. Fortune Rush has an RTP score of 96.08%, similar to Ticket to Riches.
  2. Bust the Mansion: If you love the richness of the graphics of Ticket to Riches, then you’ll love Bust the Mansion.
  3. The Great Albini: This game is perfect for players looking for a unique game filled with exciting bonuses and features.

Get on Board With BetMGM

Pack your bags and prepare for the journey of a lifetime by playing Ticket to Riches today. Once you’re ready for your next adventure, register with BetMGM and explore the plentiful online casino games available. From entertaining video slot games to interactive strategy games like poker, the options are endless.

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Our BetMGM editors and authors are casino experts with a wealth of knowledge of the online casino industry at all levels. Their coverage includes company news, game reviews, how-to instructional articles, strategy guides, and editorials showcasing BetMGM’s superior product and game library.