How Casinos Are Adapting For Gen Z

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Gambling has been enjoyed by people throughout history. From medieval peasants enjoying dice games and Silk Road traders playing cards to 21st-century white-collar workers playing online casino games on their mobile phones, many people from all walks of life have spent time trying their luck with games of chance. 

However, as people have changed over the years, the casinos where people play have had to adapt. But how have casinos adapted for the latest generation of gamblers? Carry on reading to discover who Gen Z is and how casinos are adapting to appeal to this younger generation. 

Who Is Gen Z?

Generation Z, also known as Zoomers, is the generation of people born during the late 1990s and early 2000s, which puts many in their late teens or early to mid-twenties. There are many key defining characteristics of this generation, like:

  • Openness to diversity.
  • Highly empathetic.
  • More independent.
  • Very aware of mental health and mental health issues.
  • Critical of traditional structures, including social hierarchies and gender roles.

One of the most notable features of Gen Z is that they have grown up with more technology than any previous generation. Millennials may have had access to things like TV, computers, and video games, but Gen Zers have grown up with all of these technologies, as well as the internet, social media, and smartphones. 

When comparing Millennials and Gen Z, one of the most defining differences is that many Millennials can remember a time without the internet. On the other hand, most Gen Zers have had access to the internet and a more connected world their entire lives. 

What Are Casinos Doing To Cater for Gen Z?

The differences between Gen Z and previous generations mean they have different preferences when it comes to gambling. Here’s what the casino and gambling industry is doing to cater to the tastes of this new group of players.

Offering Experiences That Are Social Media-Friendly

Considering that Gen Z grew up with social media platforms, it’s unsurprising that they’d want the time they spend at a casino or gambling online to be social media-friendly. 

When younger gamblers visit a casino in person, casino operators know that their venues should offer more than just great gambling games. Today’s casinos need to include unique sights, great food, exciting concerts, and many other experiences that not only encourage but allow younger gamblers to capture the moment on their smartphones. Similarly, they want to be able to share or stream their online gambling activities easily, regardless of whether they’re an influencer or just someone spending time online with their friends.

Taking Advantage of New or Interesting Technologies

With Gen Z having grown up with tech, casinos constantly look for ways to attract younger users using new or interesting technologies. Whether it’s VR casinos and games, live dealer casino games, better smartphone apps for online slots and table games, or a seamless experience when playing through a website, any innovations that improve the gambling experience are being introduced to both the traditional and virtual casino experience. 

Connecting Through Influencers

Younger people don’t engage with marketing the way older generations do. Many spend far less time consuming traditional media, like TV, radio, magazines, or newspapers, than older generations, so they’re less likely to see ads promoting a casino’s services on these platforms. And while Gen Z definitely spends far more time online, they’re not necessarily just browsing websites, which makes some forms of digital marketing less effective as well.

To reach many Gen Zers, casino companies are increasingly relying on social media and influencers on these social platforms to promote their products and services. Many influencers’ followers trust what they have to say on a particular subject or product, making it easier for companies to reach this particular audience. Casino operators use different types of influencer marketing to reach an influencer’s followers, with everything from discount codes to competitions to even giving an influencer VIP treatment, which are popular methods for promoting a service to a potential client. 

Increasing Their Focus on Online Gambling

Being a generation much more immersed in tech, casinos have undoubtedly noticed that younger people are much more likely to enjoy online gambling. This is supported by two key ideas in a study by Ipsos Marketing titled “State of the Casino Visitor in America.” 

Firstly, they found that only 22% of gamblers are under 29 — this was the smallest of the four age groups tallied in the study. The other groups include 30–44-year-olds, which represented 28%; 45–54-year-olds, which represented 20%; and those older than 55, which were the largest group and represented 31% of the study’s participants.

Secondly, the study found that the two older groups, 45–54-year-olds and 55+ year-olds, were the least interested in online gambling, at 17% and 12%, respectively. However, the two younger groups, 18–29-year-olds and 30–44-year-olds, were far more open to the idea, with 35% and 34%, respectively, interested in gambling online.

Knowing that younger generations are far more likely to bet online, casino operators have begun to put more resources into their online offerings.

Offering Gamification and Personalization of Casino Services

Gamification and personalization of services are other ways technology is used to appeal to younger audiences. Where older players were satisfied with swiping a loyalty card to get points, younger players want things like leaderboards and fun reward systems as traditional loyalty systems. 

For example, a younger player wants promotions that cater to their tastes, and they don’t just want to spin the reels and get a small percentage of their spending back through a loyalty program. They enjoy goals that encourage them to spin the reel on a slot they like playing to get a loyalty reward rather than engaging with games or experiences they might not like.

Providing More Responsible Online Gambling Tools and Resources

With Gen Z having a greater awareness of their mental health than previous generations, it’s unsurprising that more responsible gambling resources are appearing online and that online casinos are making them easier to access than ever. Many major casinos in the U.S. offer tools so that players can avoid any problematic behaviors, like spending and time limits. Casinos are also pointing players in the direction of resources like self-assessment tools, guides on the signs of unhealthy gambling, hotlines to call for assistance, and online support platforms to ensure that gambling remains a fun and entertaining hobby. 

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Our BetMGM editors and authors are casino experts with a wealth of knowledge of the online casino industry at all levels. Their coverage includes company news, game reviews, how-to instructional articles, strategy guides, and editorials showcasing BetMGM’s superior product and game library.