Dice Control: Is It Real?

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We all know that casino players can be a bit superstitious. When it comes to your favorite online casino games, you’ll want a good mix of strategy and good luck on your side — and luck is exactly where superstition comes in as a way of manipulating luck. Some superstitions have been passed down from one generation to the next — for instance, sitting down at a poker table at the wrong time or playing one of the jackpot slots after someone else has warmed it up. But what about dice control? Is it a technique or a belief? 

What Is Dice Control?

Dice control is about finely controlling the throw of the dice so that certain numbers appear either more or less often than they otherwise would. The shooter will try to accomplish this by throwing the dice in such a manner that they’re square to the table, don’t wobble, stay together in the air, and rotate evenly. This controversial theory goes beyond just “setting the dice” before shooting. It claims to involve limiting the rotational characteristics of the dice. If you grip the dice properly and toss them at the correct angle, it’s said that the dice will land just before the wall of the craps table, then gently touch the wall, which greatly increases the probability of it landing on the numbers you want.

It all begins with how you set the dice. The term “setting” refers to holding the cubes in a specific manner, with specific numbers covered and others exposed. Classic dice control is called the V-shape and requires the shooter to hold the dice in such a manner that the threes form a V-shape. This, so the theory goes, reduces the odds of throwing a seven at the craps table. 

Dice Throwing Techniques

In terms of more general dice control, there are a number of techniques to keep in mind when throwing the dice. 


This refers to how you throw the dice. Of course, you could just throw the dice randomly, which, needless to say, does not count as a strategy. However, if you want to control the outcome, you’ll need to master certain delivery techniques, such as a softer toss, which will let you align the dice in a particular way. 

Alignment of the Dice

This is a critical element of dice control and refers to keeping the dice in a certain position to minimize how much they bounce around. The key is to keep the dice completely level and together when you throw them and to keep them together as long as possible throughout the throw. 

Take Into Account Which Way the Numbers Are Facing

The last element of dice control is to consider which way the dice numbers are facing when you start the throw. 

Is Dice Control Legal at Casinos?

Unlike card counting, casinos don’t forbid dice control. On the contrary, dealers allow so-called “advantage players” to set their dice throws — within reason. 

That said, authors who have written about the gambling industry often mention that casino staff harass controlled shooters — not because doing so gives them an unfair advantage, but because they’re seen as slowing down the game with complicated sets and pre-throw rituals. 

Expert Advice on Dice Control

Expert gambling authors claim that craps players who dominate the dice can beat the game. They argue that with enough hard work, you can make a fortune over time. They believe that dice control falls under the casino’s radar. As mentioned above, casino staff members will mostly ignore controlled shooters, which suggests that casino owners themselves may consider it a fun way of trying to perfect your dice toss.

Is Dice Control a Scam?

Long story short, the fact that casinos don’t consider dice control illegal does make one question whether it’s a real technique or a belief that borders on the superstitious. When one considers that people who run dice control courses charge their “students” up to $1,500 to teach them how to throw gambling dice to improve, say, their craps rolls, one can be forgiven for retaining a healthy dose of skepticism. 

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