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Nostalgia is one of the main driving forces behind the popularity of retro games, including retro casino games. Looking back on past experiences can evoke a lot of happy memories. For many, playing with marbles was a popular childhood pastime, as was collecting the brightest and the most colorful spheres available. Would kids back then have believed it if someone told them that marbles, specifically live marble racing, would one day rise to the same level of popularity as many online casino games? Probably not, but the reality is that CGI (computer-generated imagery) has helped to revive this classic game in a new way. 

Virtual marble racing is the latest craze, with many viewers becoming hooked on watching marble racing live or clips of previous races on YouTube. This trend has picked up, and many online casinos, including BetMGM, now feature live marble racing games in their variety games or virtual games categories. 

Read on to rediscover online marble racing and how you can get a newfound sense of nostalgia with this virtual game.

Understanding Online Marble Racing

Virtual marble racing is a virtual sport that features a betting component. The game originated on the YouTube channel Jelle’s Marble Runs. From a take on the high-speed action of Formula 1 to Marble Rally and the Marble League (formerly known as the Marblelympics), the videos on this YouTube channel highlighted various complex marble runs and contests that have captivated a surprising number of viewers. The game was eventually broadcast in the form of competitive marble racing. 

While the concept of live marble racing can seem strange at first, these races can be surprisingly exciting. When the races start, and a specific marble pulls ahead, it’s easy to believe that this is how the lineup will stay. Contrary to popular belief, these races can be fairly unpredictable, much like online slots. The front-runners often hit snags that change the outcome of the race, which means that it’s often equal parts satisfaction and frustration for viewers. 

Apart from being incredibly mesmerizing, many viewers are familiar with constructing makeshift courses for their marbles. And much like the pastime of yesteryear, the virtual side of things has resulted in the birth of online marble racing and gambling. These events include colorful commentary, with marble teams and “marble athletes” even having their own fans. 

What Is Live Marble Racing, and How Does It Work?

Virtual sports follow the same set of base rules in that each one is a selection of scheduled events with fixed odds that use a Random Number Generator (RNG) to ensure that the outcome can’t be predicted. This is the same software algorithm that’s found in online casino games such as slots. 

Each player can view the schedule of each event at the same time and receive the same outcome. The betting range of each event is from $0.05–$100.00. With Virtual Marble Racing, you can bet on each event up to 15 minutes in advance. The odds will be displayed above each marble before the race. Once the race starts, the odds are displayed near the event card instead. Some virtual marble races even include features like betting on the fastest lap or the most overtakes. After the race, the results are published, and the bets are settled. 

Why Is Virtual Marble Racing So Popular?

Virtual Marble Racing appeals to many players because it’s something that almost everyone is familiar with. This is a simple yet satisfying event involving pure luck, and the amount of detail that goes into each course and qualifying round adds depth while still being easy to understand. But why is it so popular?

It’s Pure, Casual Fun

Each marble has a set of fans, but unlike traditional sports, there’s much less toxicity surrounding each event. This makes it great for anyone to watch since getting riled up about the “skills” of a particular marble is a bit ridiculous. Marble racing doesn’t follow a particular season (at least not yet), making it great for casual viewers to pass the time. 


While retro gaming has become a big part of modern gaming culture, few other online casino titles can evoke the nostalgic feeling of playing marbles. Virtual Marble Racing is similar to what you did as a kid — setting up courses made of books, broomsticks, and anything else you could find to make the course longer.

Easy To Understand

Similar to online slots, Virtual Marble Racing is very easy to understand. All you need to do is take a look at the odds, choose a marble, and watch the race. Marbles don’t possess specific abilities or talents, so you don’t need prior knowledge or skill to pick a winner. The winner is based on a Random Number Generator, so you only need luck. This makes it very simple for anyone to enjoy. 

The Satisfaction

Watching the marbles go around a virtual course is incredibly satisfying, as the smooth animations and sounds make the experience quite soothing. Even real marble courses are satisfying to watch, but some courses are so complex that they can be a nail-biting experience. Overall, the simplicity paired with the bright colors and the sounds this virtual game offers are things you can easily enjoy in your free time.

Other Variety Games You Can Play At Online Casinos

When it comes to intriguing games that you can play online, virtual marble racing isn’t your only option. Many online casinos, including BetMGM, have a roster of exciting variety games to play when you’re looking for something other than the (mostly) predictable collection of standard online casino games. 

These variety games are mainly based on luck, so they won’t require much strategizing or skill. They’re also great games to play when you’re just looking to unwind and enjoy some casual gaming for entertainment or stress relief. 

Some variety games you can try include the following.


A creative combination of online slots and 75-ball bingo where players spin reels to match numbers on a bingo card. As players match numbers and complete lines on their cards, they earn points and potentially win prizes.


Similar to the lottery or bingo, Keno involves choosing 1–10 numbers and seeing how many of your selected numbers appear in the random draw. Players receive a payout on how many matching numbers they’ve chosen, and the more numbers they match, the higher their reward.

Scratch Cards

This is a game of chance that is almost exactly the same as a physical scratch card. Other than being online, players are assigned random scratch cards and then virtually “scratch” them to reveal what is underneath and potentially win instant prizes.

Arcade-Style Games

These are online slot machines inspired by classic arcade games. 

Enjoy Virtual Marble Racing Today With BetMGM

Along with a range of online gambling slots and table games, BetMGM offers Virtual Marble Racing as one of the many virtual sports events available. Here, you can place your bet in a safe environment without worrying about whether you’ll receive your winnings. When you register with BetMGM, you’ll never have to miss another marble race.

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Our BetMGM editors and authors are casino experts with a wealth of knowledge of the online casino industry at all levels. Their coverage includes company news, game reviews, how-to instructional articles, strategy guides, and editorials showcasing BetMGM’s superior product and game library.