Why MLB Rising Rewards Is A Home Run For Casino Players

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The title screen for MLB Rising Rewards. The MLB logo and the game logo are set against a baseball stadium backdrop, surrounded by flying gold coins and baseballs on fire.
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Baseball fans around the world understand how exciting this game can be — whether it’s seeing your favorite pitcher pitch a perfect game, watching a talented rookie hit a home run in their debut game, or being there to witness your favorite team taking home the World Series. However, there is one gaming experience that could come close to matching the unbelievable thrills of this sport: MLB Rising Rewards, an exciting addition to the library of exclusive online slots at BetMGM Casino. 

Read on to learn how someone could love a baseball-themed game as much as the real deal or to discover why this game is a home run for casino players.

Why People Love Baseball-Themed Games

Why do people love baseball-themed action in fantasy sports, video games, and online slot machines? After all, you can just play the actual sport instead of a game based on it. While some people are left scratching their heads about the popularity of baseball-themed games, there are many reasons that people choose to spend their time with these experiences.

1. They Allow You To Play Whenever You Want

Some people might say you can just pick up a baseball bat and glove and go play, but the reality is that you can’t always do this. The weather might be bad, you might not have a big enough yard, or you may not have enough people to play with. Baseball-themed games (virtual or make-believe) allow you to enjoy your favorite sport whenever you want.

2. They’re Another Way To Enjoy Your Favorite Sport

For true baseball fanatics, the game is never over. They spend countless hours pouring over sports statistics, theorizing with other passionate people, and taking part in baseball-themed games, including online casino games. They do all this and more because that’s how much they love the game. 

3. They Help You To Connect With Other Baseball Fans

Joining a pick-up game or chatting with people at the sports bar are great ways to find new baseball buddies, but they’re not the only way to meet and connect with fans of your favorite sport. Baseball-themed games allow you to find people who love the sport as much as you do.

4. They Provide You With a Way To Support Your Favorite Game

Many sports fans use different methods to support their favorite sport, especially their favorite teams and leagues. They might do so by buying official merchandise, purchasing season tickets, or following sporting traditions. But baseball-themed games can also provide a way to support your favorite pastime, such as picking up the latest MLB video game or spinning the reels on an officially licensed MLB slot.

5. They Allow You To Dream

While many people may dream of taking part in a World Series game and hitting it out of the park to take home the Commissioner’s Trophy, few ever get to make those dreams a reality. However, whether you’re a stay-at-home parent, a fast-food worker, an accountant, an editor, or even a sports journalist, baseball-themed games let you live out your dreams of stepping up to the plate or mound and changing baseball history.

Why MLB Rising Rewards Is a Slugger of a Slot

Software Provider DGC
RTP 94.01%
Volatility N/A
Jackpot Type Fixed
Paylines 720
Reels 5
Max Wager N/A
Max Win 10,000

MLB Rising Rewards is a baseball-themed slot from DGC that’s exclusive to BetMGM Casino and is also the first ever officially licensed MLB slot for gamblers to enjoy. This slot is an absolute blast, placing you inside a packed baseball stadium with fans cheering you on as you spin the reels. With 720 ways to win, multiple jackpots, and maximum winnings of 10,000 credits, there’s a lot to look forward to when you play. Combine this with upbeat music that gets your blood pumping and incredible graphics that’ll entertain you for hours on end, and it’s no surprise that MLB Rewards Rising hits it out of the park. 

MLB Rising Rewards Features

But the excitement doesn’t stop there. MLB Rising Rewards raises the excitement even further with some thrilling features. These are the fireball wilds, free spins with an increasing free spins multiplier, and the guaranteed rewards of the jackpot wheel. 

Fireball wilds will substitute for any symbol (except the free spins scatters and jackpot triggers) to increase your chances of landing a winning combo.

Free spins give you the chance to spin the reels for free and also come with a free spins multiplier. If you land more than the six symbols required to activate this feature, these could become multipliers that boost your wins or grant extra free spins.

Last up is the jackpot wheel. This feature offers guaranteed rewards in the form of one of the five fantastic jackpot prizes. All you need to do is land one or more jackpot triggers and then spin the wheel to see what you’ve won.

How To Play the MLB Rising Rewards Game

Want to step up to the plate in MLB Rising Rewards? First, decide how much you want to wager by using the increase or decrease “Bet” buttons or selecting the “Max Bet” option. Once you’re happy with your wager, tap “Spin” to start the game.

Players who want to enjoy more than one spin at a time can also use the autoplay feature to spin the reels for you. Once you’ve decided on your wager, select “Autoplay” and choose how many automatic spins you want. You’ll also need to set your win and loss limit. Once you’ve configured these settings, it’s time to swing for the fences.

Read the full rundown on the MLB Rising Rewards game if you want an even more in-depth look at this immersive experience.

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Our BetMGM editors and authors are casino experts with a wealth of knowledge of the online casino industry at all levels. Their coverage includes company news, game reviews, how-to instructional articles, strategy guides, and editorials showcasing BetMGM’s superior product and game library.