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Cash Machine Online Slot

by Everi

Win What You See® gameplay, showcasing visible credit values on reels for clear payouts

  • 1Rows
  • 3Reels
  • 1Paylines
  • 96RTP
  • 5Volatility

Cash Machine Online Slot – Casino Game Overview

Cash Machine by Everi is a straightforward yet thrilling online slot game featuring a single payline and a 3×1 reel setup. Despite its simplicity, this game offers the chance to win big, substituting traditional symbols with cash numbers. Exciting bonus features like Red Respin and Zero Respin elevate the gameplay, adding to the potential for significant payouts.

How To Play Cash Machine Online Slot

  • Set Your Wager: Before spinning the reels, adjust your wager. Click the plus sign next to the BET total to open the BET SETTINGS window. Here, configure the DENOM (denomination) and BET LEVEL. The DENOM ranges from $1 to $10, while the BET LEVEL offers options of 1, 5, or 10, each increasing the wager amount and the number of spinning reels.
  • Autospin (Optional): If you prefer automatic spins, click the left arrow next to the SPIN button. Choose from 0, 10, 25, 50, or 100 autospins. Once selected, the SPIN button will reflect the chosen number. To activate, start the game after setting your desired autospin count.
  • Start the Game: If manual spinning is your preference, simply tap the SPIN button to commence the game. Watch the reels and cash numbers align for potential winning combinations and bonus features.
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