Play Lightning Roulette at BetMGM

by EvolutionGroup

An innovative twist to the classic game, keeping the essence while introducing thrilling enhancements

  • 97RTP

Play Lightning Roulette at BetMGM – Casino Game Overview

The roulette table is a magnet for excitement and Lightning Roulette takes this thrill to a new level. Renowned for its speed and electrifying pace, Lightning Roulette offers a unique twist on the classic game. With its lightning strikes, multiplier values, and the fusion of traditional roulette, this variant captivates players seeking high-energy gaming experiences.

How To Play Lightning Roulette at BetMGM 

Ready to explore the lightning-paced world of Lightning Roulette? Here’s a streamlined guide to get you started:

  • Betting: Place bets as in traditional roulette, selecting individual numbers, groups, colors, odds or evens, and more.
  • Lightning Strikes: Randomly chosen numbers receive lightning strikes with multipliers ranging from 50x to an impressive 500x after bets are placed.
  • Spinning the Wheel: Watch as the live dealer spins the roulette wheel and releases the ball into play.
  • Payouts: If the ball lands on a lightning-struck number and you’ve bet on it, your winnings are multiplied by the lightning strike multiplier.
  • Otherwise, you win based on standard roulette odds.
    Repeat: The game continues, offering multiple rounds for exhilarating chances to win big with every spin.
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