Casino Game Review: Hyper Respins (ReelPlay Slots)

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BetMGM Dec 06, 2023, 12:55 AM

Introducing Hyper Respins by ReelPlay slots, the newest celestial journey from the creators of some of the best online slots, like Hypernova Megaways. This game is a stellar addition to playing at casinos online, offering endless excitement with each spin.

Hyper Respins shares its cosmic theme with the Hypernova series, creating another ethereal online casino game experience. This game sets itself apart as a cluster-paying online slot, enriched with unique features like Bombs, Megabombs, Hyperbombs, Zaps, Megazaps, and an engaging hold-and-win respins bonus round.

Game Overview

Hyper Respins is an interstellar adventure on a 6×6 grid that blends the charm of classic gemstone slots with a modern twist. Launched in April 2023, this slot game is as fresh as its gameplay dynamics. It may not have gained massive popularity yet, but it’s a hidden gem that will blow away even the avid slot enthusiasts.

The game features a favorable return to player (RTP) of 96.05% with medium to high volatility, striking a balance between frequent small wins and random larger payouts. The maximum win potential is a staggering 13,552x your bet, making Hyper Respins an exciting proposition if you’re seeking big wins while playing online slots.

How To Play

The beauty of Hyper Respins lies in its simplicity and accessibility, making it an excellent choice for newcomers looking to boost their odds in the world of online casino games. The betting range is tailored to accommodate various budgets, with the minimum bet set at a modest $0.20 and the maximum reaching $15.00, allowing you to manage your bankroll effectively while still enjoying the thrills of the game.

This ReelPlay slot runs on a mix of cascading and cluster wins, offering dynamic and engaging gameplay mechanics. To start playing, place a bet, hit the spin button, and immerse yourself in a straightforward yet captivating slot experience. Wins are secured by grouping five or more gem symbols adjacently. Hyper Symbols can emerge at any moment, bringing remarkable dynamics to the gameplay.


Hyper Respins may appear basic at first glance, but its visual and auditory elements are meticulously crafted to create an immersive cosmic experience. The game’s backdrop, a galaxy-style setting, serves as a foundation for the vividly colored gemstones and luminous bonus symbols that fill the reels.

The standout element of the game is its dramatic, space opera-esque soundtrack, which adds a sense of majesty and mystery to the gameplay. Combining simple visuals and majestic sound design makes Hyper Respins a unique and enjoyable experience among the best online slots.


In Hyper Respins, the wild symbol plays a crucial role, substituting for all symbols except the scatter and aiding in forming higher-value winning combinations. Wins involving at least one wild symbol are generously multiplied by 4x, enhancing the game’s payout potential. The star scatter symbol is another crucial element, triggering the bonus respins feature. Whenever a win involves a scatter symbol, it is automatically awarded a 2x win multiplier.

The game’s paytable features various colored gemstones, each with distinct values. The octagonal orange gem and the hexagonal red gem are among the highest-value symbols. Cluster pays add an additional layer of excitement as you aim to land winning combinations of five or more identical symbols. The system of cluster pays combined with cascading wins keeps the base game engaging and dynamic, ensuring that every spin has the potential to be a game-changer.

Bonuses and Jackpots

Hyper Respins truly shines in its bonuses and jackpot slot features, providing many opportunities to amplify your winnings. The game introduces innovative reel modifiers, like exploding bombs, megabombs, hyperbombs, and zap reel modifiers, each bringing unique and potentially lucrative effects to the gameplay.

The bonus respins, triggered by landing five or more scatter symbols, open up opportunities for massive wins, with prizes ranging up to 100 times the bet. Scatter symbols are locked in place while the other spaces spin. Landing any extra scatters will lock them in place and reset your spins to the original three.

Similar Games

Hyper Respins is highly competitive among other online slots for money, offering a potentially lucrative experience to rival even the best online slots. If you enjoy the dynamic gameplay of ReelPlay slots like Hyper Respins, other titles by the developer, like Bananaz 10k Ways, offer a similar experience.

There are also other respins titles on BetMGM, including games like Ritual Respins. These games are known for their engaging gameplay mechanics, making them an excellent alternative for those looking for similar online casino games.

Reach for the Stars With BetMGM

Hyper Respins is a journey through the cosmos, offering vibrant visuals, explosive features, and a soundtrack that resonates with the thrill of exploration and discovery. While it might initially seem unassuming, this ReelPlay slot game shines brightly in the online slot universe.

Whether you play casinos online for fun or the thrill of big wins, Hyper Respins stands out as a stellar choice among the best online slots. Register with BetMGM and take off on this cosmic joyride. You never know where the galaxy might take you.

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