Poker & Pairs Blackjack Surrender Casino Game Review

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The title screen for Poker & Pairs Blackjack Surrender, featuring the game logo above an Ace and Jack of spades, with seven Ace playing cards and poker chips floating around a black background.
BetMGM Jun 19, 2024, 4:06 PM
  • Classic blackjack experience enhanced with the surrender option
  • Two unique side bets: poker and pairs
  • Clean, intuitive design suited to newcomers and seasoned players

If you’re chasing the thrill of classic blackjack but yearn for a twist that upends the traditional, Poker & Pairs Blackjack Surrender might just be your next favorite table. This online casino game intertwines the cerebral challenge of poker with the swift, strategic play of blackjack, taking your gaming experience to a new level. Here, the surrender option is not just a fallback; it’s a strategic maneuver, giving seasoned strategists and novices alike more control over their fate.

With the inclusion of poker and pairs side bets, every deal bristles with potential, promising a game where every play could dramatically shift the odds. Designed with clarity and the player experience in mind, it invites you into the world of cards where intuition, strategy, and a touch of daring rule the table.

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Poker & Pairs Blackjack Surrender Game Highlights

At its core, Poker & Pairs Blackjack Surrender by IGT Games retains the authentic experience of the traditional blackjack game, standing out in the ocean of casino table games for its uncluttered and sophisticated interface.

What truly sets this game apart from the myriad online blackjack variants is its unique optional side bets. These bets introduce an additional layer of strategy and excitement, turning each round into a potentially game-changing opportunity. 

Incorporating the surrender rule elevates Poker & Pairs Blackjack Surrender beyond the ordinary, providing players with a tactical tool rarely found in other blackjack games. This feature allows players to fold their hand early in the game, reclaiming half of their bet. 

Poker & Pairs Blackjack Surrender Quick Facts and Features

Software Provider IGT Games
Game Type Blackjack variation
Side Bets Yes
Insurance Yes
Pays 3:2
Min Wager $1
Max Wager $10,000
Max Win

Does Poker & Pairs Blackjack Surrender Pay Real Money?

When you play casino online games at BetMGM Casino, winning real money while playing online poker is part of the thrill, as long as you’re in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, or Michigan. This ensures that your gaming experience not only is exciting but also complies with the local laws, allowing for real monetary wins.

How To Play Poker & Pairs Blackjack Surrender

Discovering the best blackjack online just got easier. With Poker & Pairs Blackjack Surrender, you’re in for a thrilling experience that combines classic blackjack with a twist of poker and pairs side bets for added excitement. 

Here’s a quick guide to get you started:

  • Begin by placing your bets. Use the chip selector, the second button on the bottom right highlighted in gold, to adjust your wager. Whether you’re feeling confident or cautious, remember, the minimum bet is just $1, with a maximum of $10,000 for the high-rollers.
  • Once you’re set, click Deal to receive your cards. Should you change your mind or wish to adjust your bet, the Clear and Undo buttons are there for your convenience.
  • In Poker & Pairs, the goal is twofold. Aim for a valuable poker hand using your initial cards and the dealer’s up card, or bet on landing a pair right from the start. Of course, the classic blackjack actions — hit, stand, double down, or surrender — are all available, enabling you to strategize your way to victory.

Tip: Use the Options button in the bottom right corner of the screen to adjust the sound, toggle turbo mode, and set your preferences for insurance and a safety net as needed.

Poker & Pairs Blackjack Surrender Game Features

Experience the essence of traditional blackjack with a unique spin. This game elevates the classic by introducing a surrender rule that adds a strategic layer to your gameplay, allowing for a tactical retreat when the odds aren’t in your favor. 

Poker & Pairs Blackjack Surrender Bonuses and Jackpots

The game spices things up with optional side bets, including a poker side bet for an added thrill, and a pairs side bet for those seeking even more excitement. 

Outcome Pays
Poker: Three of a kind suited (side bet) 100 to 1
Poker: Straight flush (side bet) 35 to 1
Poker: Three of a kind (side bet) 33 to 1
Pairs: Suited pair (side bet) 30 to 1
Poker: Straight (side bet)

Pairs: Colored pair (side bet)

10 to 1
Poker: Flush (side bet)

Pairs: Mixed pair (side bet)

5 to 1
Blackjack 3 to 2
Insurance 2 to 1
Wins 1 to 1

How To Win Poker & Pairs Blackjack Surrender

Mastering Poker & Pairs Blackjack Surrender means more than relying on the luck of the draw. It involves honing the best blackjack betting strategies to outsmart the dealer and come out ahead. Keep your hand total under 21 while aiming to beat the dealer’s score to grasp victory. Don’t forget the power of side bets; a well-placed wager on poker hands or pairs could lead to additional payouts, enhancing your winning potential. In situations where the cards seem stacked against you, remember the strategic value of the surrender rule — it’s your safety net that can help minimize losses.

For those looking to amplify their success, playing up to three seats concurrently multiplies the thrill and your chances for significant rewards.

Poker & Pairs Blackjack Surrender Graphics and Design

Step into a world where classic casino elegance meets modern sophistication. The game’s design transports players straight to a vintage casino atmosphere, featuring a selection of felt colors — from the traditional grass green to the deep, luxurious burgundy. Every aspect, from the crisply designed cards to the richly colored felt tables, resonates with the classic look of a high-stakes casino table, enhanced with a clean and straightforward interface for seamless navigation and gameplay. 

Poker & Pairs Blackjack Surrender Symbols

In the Poker & Pairs Blackjack Surrender game, each symbol is a nod to the storied tradition of card games. Classic card suit symbols — spades, hearts, diamonds, and clubs — are designed with a crisp, modern flair, easily recognizable yet elegant in design. The poker chips not only signify value but also add a tactile depth to the digital experience. These pieces of the game’s visual language guide players through rounds with both familiarity and style, making every deal and decision a moment of strategic beauty.

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Our BetMGM editors and authors are casino experts with a wealth of knowledge of the online casino industry at all levels. Their coverage includes company news, game reviews, how-to instructional articles, strategy guides, and editorials showcasing BetMGM’s superior product and game library.