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BetMGM Nov 15, 2023, 11:36 AM

With beers, red cups, and ping pong balls dominating the aesthetics and features, Pool Pong Lucky Tap is among the jackpot slots that’ll leave you nostalgic for your college days. Or, maybe it’s the yellow rubber duck that’ll have you reminiscing. Jokes aside, this pool pong game has all the elements to be an instant classic. 

From several cash prizes and bonus rounds to captivating visuals, it boasts exciting graphics and features redolent of popular lucky tap slots. Read on to discover this game’s ins and outs, from activating the cash prizes to making the most of its features. 

Game Overview

Contrary to most online slots like Land O’Loot: Lucky Tap and Fishin’ Fun, Pool Pong Lucky Tap, which was developed by the innovative Design Works Gaming (DWG), doesn’t include reels or rows. Instead, by throwing ping pong balls toward red cups filled with beer, it incorporates interactive gameplay mechanics, creating an engaging and enthralling experience. 

As with beer pong, the game aims to land balls into the cups floating on water, and when achieved, you’ll either unlock or move a step closer to activating a cash prize or bonus round. 

For cash prizes ranging from $1 to $375, you’ll need to hit the closest cup — at the top of the triangle — to win the highest award. The values decrease the lower down the triangle you go. 

As for features, along with the free throw bonus round, there are two progressive jackpots — major and mega — offering ample opportunity for lucrative wins. So, play poolside on your tablet or phone, get your swim trunks on, grab your glasses, and don’t forget the sunscreen because after staking once, you’ll want to bet again.

How To Play

Before spinning the reels, you must place a stake, which can be adjusted using the “+” and “-” buttons on the left of your screen. After finalizing a figure, all you need to do is press the “Spin” button, sit back, and enjoy the spectacle of ping pong balls flying into beer-filled red cups.


Similarly to Diamond Sands by DGC, the visuals of this classically-styled pool pong game revolve around turquoise water. And although there aren’t any palm trees or white sand, taking a plunge still looks inviting.

A fascinating game with an avant-garde touch, the mechanic of throwing ping pong balls instead of spinning the reels is a rather unique way to play slots. Like virtual reality is doing for casino games online, such as poker and blackjack, it creates an immersive gambling experience. But after all, quirky gameplay mechanics and intriguing graphics are what’s come to be expected from DWG games.


To trigger the free throw bonus round, a feature that can unlock one of the two progressive jackpots, you’ll need three bonus symbols appearing across the “reels.”

Once this quota is met, you’ll be awarded three free throws, with the opportunity for three additional throws if you land a ball in a cup. Each red cup offers cash prizes, which can be unlocked by landing the balls in cups — when the round is complete, you’ll collect each prize. 

Interestingly, the first time you land a ball into a cup, the color of the ball will change from white to silver, which then changes to gold if you land another shot. When it’s gold and you land, you’ll be awarded the cash prize attached to the cup. 

Bonuses and Jackpots

To trigger one of the two progressive jackpots — mega and major — you need to activate the free throw bonus feature. There are no other avenues. The value of the mega jackpot is $4,500, while the major is $600. 

The fact that there’s only one route to unlocking a jackpot shouldn’t dissuade players, as the ability to activate the free throw bonus feature is a common occurrence.

Similar Games

A unique game that eradicates the use of reels, few games compare to Pool Pong Lucky Tap, making it a must-play slot. Its interactive nature gives it an enthralling feel that’ll leave you captivated and wanting more. With features and aesthetics in mind, here are a few games similar to Pool Pong Lucky Tap:

  • Ping Pong Star (Microgaming).
  • Pong (Atari games).
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