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BetMGM Aug 15, 2023, 4:30 AM

Everyone loves a fairy tale with a happy ending — and Rich Little Piggies Meal Ticket slots will hopefully result in one for you. A colorful cartoon-style game, this slot is brought to you by Light & Wonder and has a charming, cheerful farmyard theme, making it a firm favorite in the catalog of online slots.

Game Overview

When it comes to online slot machines, it’s hard to beat Rich Little Piggies Meal Ticket. Without the threat of a huffing and puffing wolf, these three little piggies are free to eat and eat until they burst — and you’re their meal ticket. The red, yellow and blue pigs sit on top of the reels and wait for the chance to be fed each time you spin until a bonus round is triggered. The cartoon-style graphics, pacy, western-sounding soundtrack and easy layout make for a fun game with frequent payouts, particularly on lower-limit bets. This is a medium-volatility game with a maximum RTP of 96% and rewards going up to 12,500x the highest stake.

How To Play

Some casino games are hard to get one’s head around, but the object of this one is simple feed the piggies at the top of the reels. The blue piggy sits on the left, the red on the right and a yellow piggy in the middle. The game features a standard 5×3 reel. Before you spin, one randomly selected symbol is allocated a number of stacked symbols which, to begin with, are hidden before the mystery symbol is revealed. The versatility of this symbol means that there are very good chances for multiple wins across win lines. The mystery symbol can transform into anything, including a wild, which can also substitute for any one of the regular payline symbols.

Coins are uncovered during the course of play and sometimes flip up top and feed a pig. The more the pig is fed (especially the blue pig,) the more bonus games associated with its color piggy bank accumulate and player advantages kick in.

If the coin doesn’t trigger a bonus, it may nevertheless result in more free spins (blue,) increased jackpots (yellow) or the removal of low-paying symbols (red.)

The triggering of the different color bonuses in different sequences resets jackpots and changes the number of free spins. These three little piggies definitely know their online gambling game and will keep you entertained for hours.


Who can resist three jolly pigs — the real heroes of this game? As they sit gloating above the reels, they’re surrounded by piles of money. There are pigs in tuxedos, (even an Elvis pig,) gold bars and a safe to stash the cash all the trappings of wealth associated with a rich little piggy lifestyle. Suffice to say, if you don’t dig pigs, this might not be the game for you and you might want to find something more suited to your taste. 


Players love the stop spin feature in the Rich Little Piggies Meal Ticket game that allows you to spin the reels, then hit the spin button again during the spin, stopping the reels where you want and not where the game determines. This can result in more winning combinations and therefore more payouts. The game also features a paytable tool that has its own icon — it includes all the winning combinations and payouts and information about the wilds and scatters. As far as online casino games go, this is definitely not the most complex and is ideal if you’re starting out to play slots online.

Bonuses and Jackpots

Winnings increase if your wild and scatter symbols are aligned in the right formation. The wild symbol in Piggy Riches can replace all other symbols except the scatter to create winning combinations and produce more payouts. All wild symbol combinations are tripled and if you find three or more Scatters on the reels, multipliers up to 6x of your total bet are applied as well as free spins up to a maximum of 28.

Two or three bonuses can be activated at once, but the other pigs will retain their size, which is good news if it’s looking porky and fit to burst. Maybe on your next spin. In this game, size matters, so keep feeding those hogs for more chances to win.

The blue piggy really is the key to the number of free spins; some players advise going in when the number of free spins is at 18 or more for best slots bonus results.

Similar Games

If you loved playing Rich Little Piggies Meal Ticket, you’ll also love Rich Little Piggies Hog Wild. This is a variation on the same online slots game with the same graphics and features but with a slightly different bonus structure.

If it’s SG Digital’s work that you like, look for more from their stable on your favorite online casino site including Arthur and the Round Table, Clue Cash Mystery, a couple of Monopoly-themed slots and even a Willy Wonka slot for chocolate lovers. If it’s the little piggy critters that you love, try Pick the Pig, a pretty simple to learn but fun slot.

You could also give 7 Piggies a whirl — it’s a more complex slot game with its seven paylines. There are so many popular slots to choose from the animal themed ones are just among the few.

No Pig Puns

You won’t find any piggy puns here because they might bore you. Instead, you’ll have to play the game and look for the humor across the reels as you feed the hogs in this delightful slot. Register to play Rich Little Piggies Meal Ticket or any of the many other games with BetMGM and know that you’ve picked the right place for the best online casino fun.

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