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BetMGM Sep 16, 2021, 8:14 AM

Game developer IGT are the creators of the instantly recognizable and popular online slot Cleopatra. However, it seems that they weren’t satisfied with one Egyptian-themed hit, and in 2019 they had another go at the genre. With the recent launch of Scarab in an online slot format, we explore what this new Egyptian experience offers to fans of online slots.

Game overview

Scarab is one of the latest online slots to make use of an Egyptian theme or setting, adding another title to the already well-populated genre of casino games. IGT has taken steps to make Scarab feel like a real slot machine. For example, the clicking sound of the reel when each section stops spinning is a nice nod to the original mechanical nature of these games. When the player lands a bonus symbol, a distinct physical, clanging sound is heard, ensuring the player doesn’t miss the appearance of a bonus symbol on the reel.

Whether you have a preferred gaming platform, or regularly switch between gaming machines, you can play the Scarab slot online on a variety of desktop and mobile devices. US players can also enjoy the experience for free if they’d prefer to test out the experience before they pay to play.

How to play

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Scarab has a five-by-four reel with a grand total of 75 winning paylines. It is considered a low variance game and has an RTP of 96%.  

During the game, players can increase their chance of winning big by collecting Golden Frames. Golden Frames appear with the Scarab on the reel, and lock in place after the reel has stopped spinning. These Golden Frames stay in place for 10 rounds. 

During the 10th round, all the Golden Frames you have are converted into wild symbols, increasing your odds of winning. This additional mini-game rewards players for sticking with the game for the duration of the ten rounds, as their persistence may pay off in the final round.

If the player lands three to five bonus scatter symbols on the reel, they trigger the Free Spins Bonus. Here players can choose from one of three options, each with a certain number of free games in combination with a certain number of random wilds. The more free games on offer, the less random wilds are provided. 

During the Free Spins Bonus, the wild symbols appear at random during each roll of the reel. Pyramid scatter symbols that appear can re-trigger your spins if you are lucky enough to land them.


Appearances can be deceiving, as a quick look at this game may have players thinking Scarab is based on an older slot machine experience. However, despite the retro approach to the visual design, the game was only released in the middle of 2019.

The reel is set against a backdrop of sandy dunes and majestic pyramids, which shift from the dark oranges and yellows of the sands and pyramids to the deep blues and purples of the Egyptian night sky.

The score leans heavily on percussion instruments to drum up a feeling of tension and excitement, with wind instruments occasionally adding a calming moment, thus highlighting key changes in the game.


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The reel itself makes extravagant use of colors, from blues to greens, to reds to golds, to help the different game symbols stand out. These symbols include the traditional Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and 10, as well as a variety of unique Egyptian-themed symbols based on commonly recognized iconography such as an ankh, the eye of Horus, and Anubis in dog form. A Wild icon and portrait of a beautiful Cleopatra-like character round off the graphics you see on the game’s reel.

If players are lucky and trigger the bonus game, three parchments appear. Each of these parchments offers the player a set number of free games, and random wilds, as well as hieroglyphic icons. 

When discussing the color palette of the most important symbols and effects in the game, players will note the use of bright yellows and golds. These are in-line with the Egyptian theme, but the use of these two specific colors also serves to remind the player that these symbols could increase your chance of winning.  

The interface at the bottom of the screen also makes use of dark reds, yellows, and golds which blend in well with the background elements of the game. The player can see the number of coins, coin value, total bet, balance, as well as auto and manual spin options in this interface.

Bonuses & jackpots

Scarab doesn’t feature a progressive jackpot, and players are unlikely to really strike it big with the 200x max multiplier. However, this game is designed to appeal to low-risk players who are happier to walk away with smaller, more regular wins.

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