Six Casino Games you Should Try at Least Once

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BetMGM Jul 14, 2021, 10:19 AM
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Unlimited entertainment in a stimulating, sophisticated environment – that’s the deal with the online casino, where there’s a game to match the mood and skills of every player. No matter whether you’re a total beginner or a veteran player, you’re sure to find something that suits your style. What’s more, today’s advanced mobile technology puts all the fun of the casino right in your pocket. It’s never been easier to explore these uniquely satisfying games of chance and skill. But where to start?

What the best online casino games have in common is that they’re easy to learn and fun to play. Here are six tried-and-trusted favorites that every casino-curious person should try at least once.

1. The best online casino games to start with – online slots

When people first play casino games, they often start out with slots. This genre’s a good choice, because online slots don’t require any particular knowledge or gaming skills. Pick a theme, and a game title, place a bet, press the Spin button, and watch the reels revolve in the hope that the symbols will form winning combinations when they land. That’s how simple it is to play slots online (that’s assuming you’ve already registered with an online casino!)

That said, online slots sure have come a long way since the original clunky one-armed bandits and fruit machines began gracing casino floors up and down the country – which they still do, of course. The slots you can play online today are more like video games with rich, immersive content, and the chance to win real money. What’s more, they never get boring: There are too many themes to choose from for that. Fantasy, steampunk, Wild West, superheroes, sports, fruit – the list is endless.

Many slots are gaming and movie franchise tie-ins that put a fresh spin on fan favorites. Monopoly Utility Trails is a great example. Collect houses and hotels on 8x8 reels of cascading symbols while enjoying a catchy tune. The high-paying symbols are the famous Monopoly tokens of the car, the dog, the hat and the ship. The railway station and train car symbols are wild – land them and you trigger the Wild Rail, Electricity Company and Waterworks features. These entertaining bonus rounds are packed with fun and offer the possibility of higher payouts. 

2. The all-time classic – roulette

Online roulette on a smartphone.

Roulette is probably the most famous of all the casino table games. Ever since the 17th century, the “little wheel” has kept players in total suspense as they wait for the ball to drop into one of the red and black slots on the wheel. This is called the moment of truth.

Of course, watching a ball drop into a slot isn’t much fun on its own. The satisfaction is in the betting. Players place their bets on the table, which is set up to show all the slots the ball can possibly land in. The slots in European roulette are numbered 0 to 36, while the American roulette wheel has an extra slot – the 00.

There are many different betting options. You don’t have to get the slot number exactly right. In fact, you can bet on something simple such as whether the ball will land in a red or a black slot. Another simple bet is whether the number will be odd or even.

As you get more advanced, you’ll enjoy learning about the different inside bets, with all their different odds. For instance, a “straight up” bet on one number pays 35 to 1 – but of course that’s very hard to predict. Split betting on two numbers pays out 17 to 1, while a “street” bet on three numbers pays 11 to 1. American roulette has two special inside bets: a five-number bet covers the numbers 0, 00, 1, 2, and 3, and pays out at 6 to 1, while a row 00 bet covers 0 and 00 for a pay-out of 17 to 1.

3. Blackjack, the favorite game

If you can count to 21, you’ve got everything you need to play blackjack. Commonly seen as the most popular of all casino table games, blackjack is a contest between the player and the dealer. The aim of this card game is to build a hand as close to 21 as possible. The player can choose to “hit” (request new cards) or “stand” (stop taking cards). If you get an ace and a 10 on the first deal, that’s a “natural,” or blackjack – and you win the hand right away. Go over 21 and you’re bust – and the dealer wins. It helps to know that in online blackjack, the dealer always stands on 17.

Winning at blackjack takes both luck and strategy. To get further, you’ll need to find out how to make insurance bets, plus what splitting, doubling down and surrendering is all about. Developing your own unique style is a hugely rewarding part of the online blackjack journey.

4. Simple yet sophisticated – baccarat

Baccarat cards and casino chips against a black background.

Baccarat is another classic table game that’s often associated with the glamorous gambling halls of Macau. The card game itself is pretty simple. The banker draws eight cards from a “shoe” containing eight decks. The player then has to bet on which hand – player or banker – will have a value closest to 9. The player can also bet on a tie.

The banker then deals out two cards each. If either the player or the banker has a hand with a value lower than 5, they get a third card. Then they both reveal their hands and total the scores.

Let’s just discuss the scoring a bit further. Face cards and 10s count for zero, and the final score is the last digit of the total. So say you’ve got a queen, a 4 and a 7. The queen is worth zero, so this hand would add up to 11. The last digit is a 1, so the value of the hand is 1.

If you have, say, a king and a queen, your score is “baccarat” – nada!

Baccarat has a lot of tradition that adds to the satisfaction of playing the game. Baccarat road maps, for instance, are different scoreboards that show the results from up to 60 hands previously dealt from the shoe. These stats are supposed to help players work out the odds. The roads have colorful names such as Big Eye Boy and Cockroach Pig. Whether they work or not, they’re fun to play with. 

5. Dragon or Tiger, Big or Small?

One of the best online casino games for beginners is Dragon Tiger. It’s a two-card version of baccarat that’s probably the simplest card game you can find. The table is divided into two main areas called the Dragon and the Tiger. The dealer deals one card face-up to the Dragon hand and one card face-up to the Tiger hand.

The main bet is which of the two cards will be higher. A winning bet on either Dragon or Tiger pays out even money. Players can also bet on a tie, which pays out 8 to 1, or what suit the Dragon or Tiger card will be. A successful bet on spades, hearts, diamonds or clubs pays out at 3 to 1 – unless the card is a 7, which is an automatic fail. Then there’s Big or Small – betting on whether the Dragon or Tiger card has a “big” value (from 8 to king) or “small” (from ace to 6).

All in all, Dragon Tiger offers an easy-to-play alternative to baccarat that’s super-fast and super-fun.

6. Live casino fun online – Dream Catcher

One experience that every player should try at least once is first-person gaming. It’s a live casino online experience like no other that takes place in a totally convincing 3D animated environment. Imagine playing roulette, baccarat, or poker in such a sophisticated way. But there’s more! Each first-person game has a “Go Live” button that transports you to a table with a real-life dealer using real cards or spinning a real wheel. This has to be the ultimate in online casino gaming.

With first-person gaming, new gaming experiences are possible. Take First Person Dream Catcher. It’s a game with a big spinning wheel where players bet on what number the wheel will stop on. It’s extremely easy to play, so it’s perfect for beginners or anyone who just wants to relax and enjoy the game. That doesn’t mean Dream Catcher isn’t filled with suspense – the 2x and 7x prize multiplier segments on the wheel can boost the winning opportunities big time! And when you “go live,” the game transforms into an online live casino setting with a live wheel and a real-life game presenter.

Start your casino journey with BetMGM

We’ve had a look at six great game types that beginners should definitely try – and that advanced players should think about rediscovering! Whatever genre interests you the most, BetMGM has everything you need for the most enjoyable online gaming experience. Simply register with us to explore what our online casino has in store for you!

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