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BetMGM Sep 06, 2023, 7:09 AM

The world of online slots has grown massively along with the current technological evolution. They provide hours of fun with many themes and grid formats to choose from. While these games are straightforward, there are tips and tricks to ensure you have a fun time while playing them.

If candied theme games are your thing, then you’ll want to try out Sugar Rush by Pragmatic Play. This game comes loaded with animation graphics, multiplier bonuses, and free spins.

Game Overview

Sugar Rush is the perfect slot game for sweet-toothed players. This game was developed by Pragmatic and released in June 2022. The game’s setting is a delectable land full of candy and sweet treats. You’re guaranteed hours of fun with the game’s delightful 3D animations, catchy music, and exciting features and bonuses. 

How To Play

As one of a multitude of online slots, Sugar Rush can be played on any device, anywhere, and anytime. The game is featured in many languages, including English, French, and German. 

Sugar Rush uses the 7×7 grid format, which increases your likeliness of landing a winning combination. Winning combinations need to be near each other, either horizontally or vertically, with at least five symbols to activate a win. 

There are many options for betting in this game. They can be placed as low as 0.2 credits and as high as 100 credits. 

The Spin button is placed on the bottom right corner of the game screen. You can activate the Spin by pressing down on your space bar if you are playing on your PC or laptop. There’s the option to switch on the Quick Spin in the game’s settings, which will allow the game to go faster. On either side of the Spin button is a minus and a plus sign. When you press these buttons, you can change the bet multipliers, including the bet number, its coin value, and the total bet you’ll place. 


Sugar Rush is packed with eye-catching shades of pink, purple, blue, green, red, and orange. The background is filled with delightfully sticky sweet treats. The symbols are given a 3D flair by adding shadows and fun exploding animations when activating the wins. The game has striking, moving visuals on the grid’s border. 


Sugar Rush is loaded with exciting features and symbols that will keep you indulged for hours. The most notable are all classic candy favorites, including jelly beans, stars, gummy bears, hearts, and lollipops. The pink jelly beans are worth 0.5–60x your bet. The star candies come in green and are worth 0.4–40x. The orange heart candies are worth 0.25–100x your bet. The gummy bears come in three different colors, all worth different amounts. The orange ones are worth 0.2–20x your bet; the purples are worth 0.2–25x; and the red ones are worth 0.3–30x. Then, finally, the pink lollipop is worth a whopping 1–150x your bet. 

The aim is to get five or more symbols near each other to activate a win

Sugar Rush is a cascading slot game, meaning symbols fall from the top and land on the grid accordingly. This feature is shown after each spin, and each winning combination is collected until there are no more. 

Sugar Rush is considered a highly volatile game, meaning the wins are less frequent and worth more than lower-volatility games — this game’s RTP (return to player) scores above average at 96.5%.

Bonuses and Jackpots

Sugar Rush offers captivating slots bonus features, including multipliers and free spins. Multipliers refer to how much the bet will be multiplied by certain winning combinations and bonus features. Once a winning combination is achieved, a golden multiplier symbol will appear in its place. These start at doubling the symbols’ worth and will continue to increase each time you receive a winning combination in that area. If you’re lucky, this multiplier feature can go as high as 128x your wager. These multipliers vanish when no more possible winning combinations are in that area. 

Sugar Rush has a scatter symbol in the form of a gumball machine. These scatter symbols are highly valuable as they activate the essential free spins. You need three or more scatter symbols to unlock the free spins. Three-scatter wins award you 10 free spins, four-scatter wins award you 12, five-scatter wins award you 15, and six-scatter wins award you 20. The elusive seven-scatter wins will award you 30 free spins. These free spins continue activating even during multiplier wins. You also have the option to buy free spins for 200 credits. These free spins are automatic, so you can sit back, relax, and watch in anticipation as your bet multiplies before your eyes. 

Jackpots are the biggest prizes that can be won in any slot game. They usually increase with every bet you make. In Sugar Rush, the jackpot refers to the maximum multiplier you can achieve, worth 5,000x your bet. 

Similar Games

If you love Sugar Rush, you’ll love these three from Pragmatic. 

Sweet Bonanza

If you’re craving another sugary game after playing Sugar Rush, this one’s for you. This game has a 6×5 grid format and is packed with stunning visuals and large multipliers. Sugar Rush is often compared to this game for its sweet themes and cascading features. Be sure to check out Sweet Bonanza’s spin-off game, too. 

Jewel Rush

If you prefer the 7×7 reel format of Sugar Rush, you’ll love Jewel Rush. This game has shiny and colorful jewels and a mesmerizing background. Jewel Rush has many coveted multiplier wins, just like Sugar Rush.

Sweet Powernudge

Still can’t get rid of your craving for sweet games? Why don’t you try Sweet Powernudge? This 6×5 reel game is filled with color and fun, upbeat music that’ll keep you entertained for hours. Sweet Powernudge offers plenty of winning combinations and enticing multipliers. 

Indulge in a Sugar Rush at BetMGM

Gather up your favorite candies or sweet treats and gorge yourself on the hours of fun that Sugar Rush has to offer. Activate the many multipliers and free spins while captivated by the adorable animated features. 

And if you’d like more from your online gambling experience, you’ll find a vast library of online casino games at BetMGM, including poker, blackjack, roulette, bingo, and Slingo. 

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