The Win Genie Slot Review

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BetMGM Sep 16, 2021, 9:07 AM

Looking to journey to the mystical Middle East and discover the treasures of this ancient and magical world? Then join us as we review The Win Genie, one of the many online casino games developed by Bwin Party Digital Entertainment.

Game overview

The Win Genie leans into the fantasy storytelling of the Middle East, drawing on their rich history of jinni, or as we more commonly know them, genies. We know these creatures to be prisoners of magic lamps, and that once they’re released by someone who has rubbed the lamp, they reward their savior with three wishes.

While the genie from The Win Genie doesn’t quite have that power, if you’re interested in winning big, you should definitely find out more of what the genie has in store for you in this online casino game.

Players should note that if you are someone who likes to try online slot games before you spend, unfortunately, there is no free demo of this game online. However, players can make very low bets if they want to try the game, and increase the size of their wagers once they’ve decided if they like the game or not. 

The game is also available on mobile devices, with support for both Android and iOS phones and tablets, and is supported by our casino game app.

How to play

The Win Genie is a five-by-three reel with 15 paylines or betting lines. Unlike other online slots, The Win Genie keeps its gameplay very simple. You set the number of lines you are interested in betting on, and a value that you’re willing to bet per line. This is automatically calculated to show your total bet. 

Once you’re happy with the amount you’re wagering, riches might be one click of the spin button away.


The Win Genie online slot casino game showing wild

This casino game is a simple experience when it comes to its visual presentation. It adopts a clean 3D graphics style for the characters, symbols, and icons, making it easy to understand, even if it does lack some of the flash of other casino slots.

The color palette consists mostly of light yellows and browns for the main game area, some of the imagery of the symbols, and text on the symbols themselves. The player’s eye is drawn to the primary colors that adorn some of the symbols on the reel. This is all set against the blues and purples of the ancient Arabic city backdrop. 


The game features bonus, wild, and scatter symbols. The player must land three bonus symbols to begin the bonus game. If the player lands three scatter symbols anywhere on the reel, they earn a certain number of free spins. The wild applies to all symbols, excluding the scatter and the bonus symbol.

The max win in the game can be achieved by landing five of the standard lamp symbols, which rewards the player with a massive 1500 multiplier on their line bet.

Bonuses & jackpots

In order to start the bonus game, the player must land three or more bonus symbols. When the bonus game begins, the player will see three symbols. They will be rewarded with one of five random multipliers (x2, x3, x5, or x10) depending on which of the three symbols they pick. After they select their first symbol, that multiplier is applied. Then after they choose their second symbol, the second multiplier is applied as well. 

If you enjoy trying your hand at the jackpot slots at a casino, you’ll be pleased to know that this jackpot feature is completely random, and may occur during standard spins or even during the feature rounds. 

When the jackpot begins, a new screen appears with a wheel on it. The wheel has five different colors, each connected to a different jackpot. These five colors are orange, red, blue, green, and lavender. They represent the Blitz Cash, Quick Cash, Super Cash, Mega Cash, and Colossal Cash jackpots respectively. You can find the value of each of these jackpots on the right side area of the screen in-game.

Players will be happy to know that The Win Genie has an RTP of 96.1%, but unfortunately, the volatility rating is not available.

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Our BetMGM editors and authors are sports experts with a wealth of knowledge of the sports industry at all levels. Their coverage includes sports news, previews and predictions, fun facts, and betting.