What is the Andrucci Betting System in Roulette?

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Everyone loves to win when they play casino games, which is why so many people are drawn to betting systems that claim to improve their odds of winning. But not all of these betting systems actually work, particularly for online casino games where a win or a loss is completely decided by luck. 

Roulette is one of the classic casino table games that players have tried to develop betting systems for, with one of the most popular being the Andrucci System. Join us as we take a look at this system, how it works and whether it’s worth your time.

What is the Andrucci System?

The Andrucci System is connected to chaos theory, a mathematics and mechanics theory that focuses on making sense of many things that are unpredictable in the universe. It attempts to do this by looking for an underlying pattern that exists but that we currently aren’t aware of in a particular thing. The Andrucci System is based on this theory and proposes that there is also an underlying pattern behind the randomness of a roulette wheel and that you’ll be able to determine this pattern through observation. By watching and recording the results of a roulette wheel over a certain number of spins, you’ll be able to determine which numbers are most likely to appear and bet accordingly. 

If you still find this idea intriguing, you can learn more about how you can implement it below.

How to implement this betting system

You begin by observing the results on a roulette wheel for at least 30 spins, although many recommend spinning the wheel 37 times to account for each of the pockets in the wheel. You then record which number the roulette ball lands on each time you spin the wheel. After you’ve completed all your spins, you should (in theory) have an idea of which numbers are appearing more often. You then place straight bets on the most common numbers that you recorded. 

Some of the other claimed benefits of the system

Apart from the fact that this system is supposed to boost your wins, what other advantages does it claim to offer? Here are two of the benefits:

It’s easy to implement

As you can tell from our description of the system above, it’s easy for anyone to learn this system. Whether you’re learning how to play roulette at a casino, or spinning the wheel every night at your favorite virtual gambling site, it’s a straightforward strategy that doesn’t require using any complicated processes or calculating any complicated math. 

Large payouts due to straight bets

The straight bet is an inside bet where you place a wager on a single number. The odds offered by these types of wagers are 35:1 which means you’ll receive a very healthy payout if you are lucky. 

Why you may want to avoid it

If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. There are two reasons why you may want to avoid the Andrucci System:

It’s just a theory

While this system sounds nice in theory, assuming a roulette wheel is not rigged or has unusual physical characteristics that change the way it spins, this system is unlikely to work. Each spin of the wheel should be considered a new spin, as the wheel itself has no memory of what number came last. This is especially true of online roulette casino games, which use a variety of methods for their audited RNG (random number generator) systems to simulate real-world luck. Also, there has been no change to the wheel itself (such as numbers being eliminated with each spin) that may affect where the roulette ball is going to land, which should again remind the player that each spin is effectively an entirely new game.

Too few spins to be statistically meaningful

One of the main criticisms aimed at the Andrucci System is that it simply doesn’t have a big enough sample size. Even if the theory behind the betting system was true, the reality is that 37 spins would be far too few to get an accurate picture of any biases a roulette wheel may have. 

If we look at the return to player (RTP) of slots, for example, the percentage that is paid out over a period is determined through thousands or hundreds of thousands of spins. In order for this theory to be put to the test, players would need to record the results of spins for a very long period of time.

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