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Jackpot Slots FAQ

When it comes to online slots, if you want the chance to win the biggest prizes, you’re best off playing jackpot slots. Discover more about these exciting online casino games, and how they might make you rich if you’re lucky.

What are jackpot slots?

A jackpot slot is an online slot that features a larger, progressive jackpot prize than regular online slots. These slots have prize pools that grow as more games are played, until eventually one person wins the jackpot, and resets the total prize pool back to a specific number.

Regular vs. progressive jackpot. What’s the difference?

You might be asking yourself “But don’t regular slots also have jackpots?”. Yes, they do. The key difference is the size of these jackpots, with regular slots always having smaller prizes, and the fact that they are non-progressive, which means that regular slots don’t have growing rewards. The jackpots for regular slots are fixed prizes that can even be won several times in a row. 

On the other hand, a progressive jackpot takes a cut from every game played and can be linked to multiple games, so its jackpot can grow to be much larger than anything you would expect from a regular slot machine.

How can I win at progressive slots?

Slots, progressive jackpots or otherwise, are games of chance, and as such, there is no way to improve your chances of winning. You play progressive slots like you would any regular slot machine, but you do need to remember to place a bet that is large enough to qualify for the progressive jackpot, as some games require that you place a minimum size bet in order to win. 

What are my odds of winning jackpot slots at the casino?

Your odds of winning vary from game to game. Games with a higher RTP have a higher chance of paying out, but this doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have a better chance of winning the jackpot when playing an online slot. In fact, slots with a higher RTP generally pay out smaller amounts more frequently, so it may lower your odds if you are aiming for the grand prize.

What does the slot volatility mean?

The volatility of a slot refers to the frequency of payouts, the amount paid out, and essentially how much risk you are taking when you place a bet. Here are the three main types or classes of volatility, and what they mean:

  • High – Slots with a high volatility have less total payouts, but when they do payout, the prizes are larger.

  • Medium – Slots with a medium volatility have more payouts than a high volatility slot, but the prizes are smaller.

  • Low – Slots with a low volatility have the most payouts of these three classes, but these prizes are also the smallest. The chances of winning the jackpot or larger prizes on a low variance slot are also naturally lower than slots with medium or high volatility.

If you prefer a certain style of game, you can do a web search to see if the game you are interested in has a certain level of volatility. Unfortunately, not all games have their volatility available. 

How can I adjust the amount I am betting on a slot?

The specific way to manage your bets varies from slot to slot, but most allow you to adjust your bets between a certain minimum and maximum limit. You can do this according to two main variables: coin (or stake) size, and paylines. The coin or stake size is simply how much you are willing to bet per payline. For example, you can choose to bet $0.50 on 10 paylines, which will cost you $5 each time you spin. 

In some games, you can also adjust the number of coins per line, which raises or lowers the total amount of your bet.

Can I play jackpot slots on my mobile?

The good news is yes, you can play jackpot slots on your mobile! As long as the game or casino has an app that allows you to play on mobile devices, or has a website that is mobile-friendly, you can enjoy jackpot slots.

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