Variety Games

Variety Games FAQ

While most players are there for the ever popular online casino games like table games and online slots, variety games give players an alternative to the traditional casino experience, and often become the reason why some players keep on coming back. For those of you who are interested in variety games but aren’t sure where to start, we answer some FAQ below.

What kinds of variety games are there for me to choose from?

At BetMGM you can find three main categories of variety games. The first category is the Slingo category. Here you can enjoy over 15 Slingo titles, including Slingo Advance, Slingo Berserk, Slingo Classic, Slingo Monopoly, and many more. 

All these games, as well as the other titles from the developer of Slingo, provide the player with an exciting mix of online slots and bingo gameplay, each with a different fun theme for you to enjoy. 

The second category of games has a wider spread of titles. These titles include Colour Cubes, Ghostbusters: Spectral Search, and Medieval Money: Dragon’s Loot. These games have a wider spread of gameplay, including matching different colored blocks, searching and hunting for ghosts, and raiding a castle of its riches while the mighty dragon sleeps.

The third category of games features fast and fun online scratch cards. Much like regular scratch cards, all you need to do is buy a digital scratch card, and scratch away to see if you’ve won a prize.

Do I need to download special software to play games at BetMGM?

No, you don’t need to download special software to play at BetMGM. All of our games are playable through any device that uses a standard web browser. You can choose to download our mobile app to play our games on your mobile devices, but this is not a requirement. 

What is Slingo and how does it work?

What happens when you take the reel of an online slot and combine it with a bingo card? You get Slingo! This exciting game has actually been around for decades, but only made the leap to online gambling platforms in recent years. 

During a game of classic Slingo bingo, the player will have 20 spins of the reel. Each time they spin the reel, five numbers will appear. The player can then mark off any matching numbers on their Slingo card. 

Just like online slots, special symbols can appear during the game. Each of these special symbols will have a different effect on the game. For example, a Joker can appear, which will allow the player to mark off any number in the matching column. Devils can also appear to halve a player’s score, but the player might be protected by a Cherub, who’ll shoot the Devil with an arrow and stop him from stealing your points.

If you’re playing Slingo at an online casino, each of the casino versions of this game features its own themes, symbols, and twists on the standard Slingo rules, which will need to be reviewed before you play.

What are online scratch cards and how do they work?

Online scratch cards are the digital equivalent of physical lottery scratch cards that you can buy. To play, you must first purchase an online scratch card. You can then choose to scratch it manually using your mouse on your PC, or by rubbing your finger across the screen if you have a touchscreen device. Some online scratch card games can also automatically scratch for you. Once the game has revealed its symbols and you’ve scored a winning combination, your winnings are automatically added to your account. 

Online scratch cards are games of pure chance, so there are no strategies or tips to improve your chances of winning. All you have to do is scratch and hope that lady luck is on your side!  

How do I get started playing?

In order to get started, all you have to do is register with BetMGM. Once your account is verified, you can make a deposit and start playing all of the variety games we have on offer!

Can I play variety games on my mobile phone?

Yes. You can play variety games through your mobile phone browser, or install the iOS or Android app on your mobile phone or tablet if you want to play on your mobile devices.

Spice up your online gambling with BetMGM’s variety games

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