AI vs. Live Dealers: The Future of Casino Gaming

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BetMGM Nov 10, 2023, 5:30 AM

While live dealers’ salaries have increased by 150% over the past 10 years, the rise of artificial intelligence is causing casino owners to rethink their workforce. As it begins to take over industries and threaten jobs, it seems inevitable that AI will become prevalent within land-based and online casinos. You may be wondering how artificial intelligence software can enhance the gambling experience — are live dealers at risk? Read on to learn more about the future of casino gaming.

For many casino-goers, a live dealer is part of the experience. Not only do they provide guidance for beginners, but they’re also there to safeguard players from confrontations and cheaters. As great as this is, there are many aspects of dealing that AI could potentially do better than humans. Many AI developers hope for their systems to improve the overall experience by enabling AI to facilitate customer service, safety, personalized bonuses, and rewards.

So, how is AI making gambling safer? Well, the opportunities are endless. From ensuring responsible gambling via AI software that detects addiction through analyzing time spent on their favorite games to providing players with personalized customer service (through data collection) and identifying cheaters, there are many reasons why integrating it into casinos could be a good thing.

However, the future of AI is unknown, with some arguing that it could become, in the wrong hands, a force for evil. While customized service is great, the level of personal data they gather can become harmful and allow opportunities for exploitation.

What Is AI Gambling Technology?

The beauty (or peril) of artificial intelligence is its multi-use nature. Simply put, its full capabilities are as yet unknown and will be for many years to come. For now, AI is being introduced as a repellent for cheating through complex software that detects unusual patterns and the utilization of banned operating systems.

Then there’s its ability to transcend customer service to be quick, useful, and tailored to your wants and needs. Currently, chatbots can be vague and unhelpful, often producing general responses that neither help nor answer the question. By gathering data on your favorite games and in-play statistics, AI can offer customized support.

Another way in which artificial intelligence is revolutionizing poker is its introduction of AI live dealers. And this is where most of the controversy lies. Human dealers have been an essential part of casinos since gambling began many hundreds of years ago — now they’re at risk from casino bots.

Apart from the ability to cut costs and increase profits, casinos understand that replacing live dealers with artificial intelligence can provide a cheaper, quicker, more reliable, and seamless service. There’s no worry about AI coming to work on time or taking a vacation, it’s ready 24/7. And with the capabilities of providing real-time analytics and tailored responses, it can improve the overall experience.

Moreover, it can be used to create custom rewards based on gambling patterns, win rate, and the amount of time spent at a casino, online or physical. This again eradicates the need for staff to plan and come up with weekly bonuses and rewards. For casino owners, its ability to cut out the middleman is fruitfully enticing.

The Future of AI and Live Dealers

Virtual reality is another interesting addition to the AI family. Apple’s unveiling of the Apple Vision Pro has already caused a stir. When it becomes mainstream, it could quite possibly further elevate the casino experience and boost the attractiveness of integrating artificial intelligence. Soon, gamblers will have the ability to put on their headset and be digitally introduced to a customized casino that includes their favorite games and tournaments. More specifically, it will have a casino’s preferred stakes and buy-ins ready to go at the tap of a button.

Currently, the main obstacle facing AI in casinos is realism. Although AI dealers haven’t reached the level of a realistic-looking and -acting human, this could all change within a year or two. Regardless of the casino game, whether it’s poker or an online blackjack live dealer, soon you won’t be able to tell the difference between AI and a real person; they’ll talk, deal, and behave just like a human. More impressively, its versatile nature means it can be implemented in all online casino games.

Taking all of this into consideration, it’s clear to see that the future of live dealers is unknown. Although some may lose their jobs, no one knows to what extent this might be the case.

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