The Benefits of Loyalty Programs at Online Casinos

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BetMGM Mar 31, 2021, 7:51 AM
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As a gamer, you’re undoubtedly looking for a great online service where you can spend your hard-earned money. But there’s more to a good service than just great online casino games, sports betting odds, or friendly dealers. If you want to enjoy the best an online casino, sportsbook, or brick-and-mortar casino has to offer, it’s well worth investigating whether it has a loyalty program with excellent benefits. 

Let’s take a look at exactly what loyalty programs are, how they work, and what benefits you can expect from them if you enjoy playing at casinos online.

What is a loyalty program?

The gambling industry is a highly competitive one, and one of the ways gambling companies try to keep their customers happy is through loyalty programs. These incentive systems are also sometimes known as VIP, player-rewards, or simply rewards, programs. They are essentially systems that reward players for making use of their services through the accumulation of company-specific credit. The more you spend, the more credit you build up, which you can redeem for rewards, or use to gain access to exclusive discounts and services. 

While most programs work like this, there are important differences between these schemes that can separate the best from the rest.

The differences between casino loyalty programs

Yes, not all gambling programs are the same, and some may suit you and your play style better than others. Here are some of the differences you need to know about:

  • Flat vs. tiered structures – A loyalty program may have a flat structure, so that your rewards tend to be consistent. As long as you meet the minimum requirements, you’ll earn the same reward as everyone else. You’ll know what to expect.

    Other programs have tiers or levels, which gamblers can “climb”. Every new member starts at the lowest level, but gains more points as they play. Once they hit a certain number of points, they are promoted to the next tier, which provides them access to extra perks and benefits. However, access to these perks is conditional (it’s always worth reading the small print), and if the gambler starts to spend less, they may find themselves slipping down the tiers of the loyalty system and losing whatever additional benefits they’ve accrued.
  • Varying rewards for different activities, bets, or games – The amount of credits or points you get may vary depending on the type of gambling activity. For example, you may earn fewer loyalty credits for every dollar that you spend on casino slot games when compared to casino table games. Depending on your loyalty program, the credits you earn playing different games may also only apply to specific rewards.
  • Wagering requirements and other fine print – An online gambling site may have specific rules about what you’re allowed to do with your loyalty-program credits. For example, you may be required to spend a certain amount before you gain access to these credits, in the same way that you can often only claim rewards from consumer brands’ promotional offers after you spend a certain amount of money on them.

What sorts of perks can you expect at an online casino?

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All the casinos online will have different bonuses, but here are some of the exciting perks and rewards that you might have access to:

  • Increasing tier bonuses – As we discussed earlier, loyalty programs often run a tiered structure that offers greater rewards depending on how much you spend. This could be something as simple as increasing deposit bonuses as you climb up the tiers of the program, but the general idea here is: the more you spend, the more you get back.
  • Faster response from support services – Are you having technical difficulties and need assistance from the support team? Or do you just have a question about an upcoming event? High-ranking members of a casino’s loyalty program are likely to get a faster response from the site’s support team.
  • Exclusive access to specific bonuses, services, games, and events – If you’re part of an online casino’s loyalty program, you’re likely to get access to special VIP bonuses, services, and events, especially if you’re a high-roller. For example, many online casinos organize exclusive tournaments or events that are only accessible to their sites’ biggest spenders, and these events sometimes also have the biggest jackpots – to really push the idea that they’re reserved for the best of the best. They might also offer you access to exclusive jackpot slots at their online casino.
  • Birthday and other important date bonuses – Whether it’s your birthday or the anniversary of when you signed up for your online casino account, members of a loyalty program may find a few extra goodies in their inbox on important dates through the year.
  • A variety of casino bonuses – Whether it’s cashback offers, deposit bonuses, or free spins on slot machines, members can expect more bonuses on a more regular basis.
  • Access to the loyalty-program store – Some gambling sites include online stores, where you can spend your loyalty reward points to buy extra online casino services, such as free spins or hands in your favorite game, luxury items such as mobile phones or gaming consoles, or even exchange your points for real money.
  • Extra prizes and rewards – Again, this is likely to depend on how much you spend, but if you do enjoy splurging at an online casino, the site might award you extra prizes and rewards, no strings attached. In much the same way a brick-and-mortar casino might “comp” your drinks, an online casino might send you vouchers or other unique offers for being such a loyal customer.
  • Discounts on other branded services – This doesn’t apply to all online casinos, but if a website is associated with a brick-and-mortar casino, or even a hotel resort, its program may offer loyal customers rewards that extend beyond the site itself. For example, you might get a discount on the penthouse suite at a hotel, or even deposit bonuses for playing at the real tables in the brand’s land-based casino.
  • A dedicated account manager/staff to assist you personally – While it may not be as common or accessible as other rewards, an online casino may provide you with a dedicated account manager. Naturally, this depends on how loyal you are to the service, but if you’re an elite member of the loyalty program, you may have direct access to a member of staff whose job it is to make sure you’re happy.

These are just some of the potential perks you might be able to receive, so be sure to do your research before you sign up and start playing at an online casino. Have fun!

Enjoy the advantages of M life Rewards with BetMGM

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Now that you’ve seen the benefits that are available through other casino loyalty programs, you might be wondering what are the benefits offered at BetMGM’s online casino?

BetMGM’s online site now offers players access to the award-winning M life Rewards program – which regular visitors to MGM Resorts in the real world have been enjoying for years. The  M life Rewards and its predecessor have won four Freddie Awards, one of the travel loyalty industry’s most respected award schemes. This is a clear testament to the value that this program has offered our loyal clients in the past.

But what does this program offer loyal online casino players? M life Rewards members will receive iRewards Points (iRPs) when they play with us online. The number of iRPs that you get varies from game to game, and according to how much you spend. These points can then be redeemed at our resorts in the real world, and also at our online sportsbook, and, of course, at our online casino for a variety of benefits, including bonuses and Express Comps.

Fans of BetMGM will be pleased to hear that the M life Rewards program has five tier levels with increasing rewards: Sapphire, Pearl, Gold, Platinum, and Noir. As you gain tier credits, you unlock additional bonuses, such as priority access to check-in, valet and taxi services, an annual complimentary cruise, or a complimentary limousine service to and from the nearest airport when you book your hotel stay.

Join the M life Rewards program

Register with BetMGM and take your first step to begin your journey, or take a look at our FAQs for more information.

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Our BetMGM editors and authors are sports experts with a wealth of knowledge of the sports industry at all levels. Their coverage includes sports news, previews and predictions, fun facts, and betting.