A Breakdown of the Different Types of Online Casino Bonuses

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BetMGM Aug 24, 2021, 10:03 AM

Casinos are known to offer many enticing bonuses to new and regular players. In this article, we explain some of the different types of bonuses and the benefits they provide. Learn about all the fun and great bonuses you should look out for when playing online casino games!

Sign-up bonuses

Many virtual casinos offer substantial sign-up bonuses to encourage players to register an account. This type of bonus is also known as a welcome bonus, new player bonus, or first deposit bonus. This is typically a flat bonus, available for you to use at that particular online casino. However, there are other types of sign-up bonuses that are on offer as well.

There will always be terms and conditions associated with this kind of bonus, including minimum wagering requirements. This means you might need to deposit or wager a certain amount before you can cash out any of your winnings.

Free trial without cashing out

If you’re curious about playing casino games online, this type of bonus might be a good way to try out some games without making a financial commitment. But, even though you’ll get to play for free, you’ll be unable to cash out any money that you win with this offer.

Matching deposit

Some digital gaming houses offer a matching bonus, where they’ll match whatever deposit you make within a certain range. For example, if you deposit $500, they may offer you $500 worth of credit for you to use on top. Also, note that in this case, there’ll be certain terms and conditions associated with this offer, including how much you need to wager before you can cash out.

No deposit with cashing out

Want to give some games a trial run but still have a chance to win for free? If you were disappointed by the “free trial without cashing out” bonus that we discussed above, you’ll be pleased to know that some sites allow you to try their various titles without making a deposit – and also let you keep anything you win. This no-deposit bonus is a good way to get a feel for what the overall casino experience is like without having to hand over any of your money.

Percentage deposit

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Yes, this is exactly what it sounds like. The casino will offer you a percentage of whatever you deposit as a bonus. For example, a 50% bonus offer means an extra $100 to play games online if you deposit $200. As with many other incentives, there is usually a limit on what the casino will pay as a bonus. As you can imagine, this amount will also be capped, so be sure to check the terms and conditions before you play.

General bonuses

Thankfully, new players aren’t the only ones who get rewarded for playing. Regular players are also offered incentives to keep coming back to play, as well as other types of bonuses.


If you’re on a losing streak, some digital gaming houses might offer you a cashback bonus. This is usually in the form of a percentage bonus so that regular players don’t get hit as hard and lose interest in playing if they have a run of bad luck. 

However, it’s important to note that many casinos only offer this to players who run out of betting money. If you still have money to play with, the establishment won’t send you a cashback bonus. While a cashback is certainly helpful, and something to take advantage of as a regular player, we don’t recommend relying on this for your bankroll!

High roller

Are you a player who makes big deposits regularly? Many virtual casinos offer these high-rollers or “whales” extra incentives to keep coming back. This could be a percentage bonus, a matching bonus, or even non-casino bonuses, such as tickets to an event. The type of rewards  you’re offered depends on the casino and how much you spend with them. Think of it as a kind of VIP bonus to reward you for spending.


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If you don’t have deep pockets, but regularly deposit money and have played at a site for a long time, the casino will likely offer you a loyalty bonus. Again, this might be in the form of a percentage or matching bonus, or it might be a fixed-value bonus deposited into your account. 

Some casinos offer long-term incentive structures, based on how long you’ve played, with increasing bonuses as time goes on. For example, by playing for a certain period of time and depositing a certain amount, you may be able to achieve VIP status and unlock even greater incentives.

Note that these kinds of bonuses won’t always be advertised on the site but will be sent to players via email.

Preferred payment partners

Establishments will generally offer multiple payment channels to make it as easy as possible for players to make deposits into their accounts. However, casinos also sign agreements with specific payment providers. This incentivizes the casino to offer you special deals or offers if you make a payment through their preferred channel. 

This type of bonus might not be as common, but it’s worth keeping an eye out for, especially if you are open to using different payment methods.


A reload bonus is an incentive offered to players who regularly deposit money into their accounts. Like many of the other bonuses, this could be a matching, percentage, or time-based bonus. This type of bonus will also not typically be advertised as a bonus on a website but will be sent to the player directly.


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One of the easiest bonuses to take advantage of is the refer-a-friend bonus. All you have to do is invite a friend to join the site, and once they do, you’ll receive extra credit into your account. This works by providing your friend with a coupon code, which will then automatically reward you once the friend signs up (or completes a certain action on the site).

Game-specific bonuses

Depending on the establishment, they may also offer game-specific bonuses or credit for use with specific games.

Bonuses for slots

If you’re a fan of casino slot games, the site may offer you free spins on your favorite online slots or no-deposit bonus codes that you can redeem for specific titles.

Bonuses for live games

Many sites offer digital versions of traditional options such as roulette or blackjack. Did you know you can also play live casino games online? These versions of popular titles are hosted by real dealers, with players taking part via live stream. To promote this relatively new type of game, many casinos offer live game bonuses to players.

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Our BetMGM editors and authors are casino experts with a wealth of knowledge of the online casino industry at all levels. Their coverage includes company news, game reviews, how-to instructional articles, strategy guides, and editorials showcasing BetMGM’s superior product and game library.