Common Mistakes Players Make with Casino Bonuses

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Online casino bonuses can be so generous that they seem to be too good to be true. But, they aren’t. Legitimate, licensed casinos use these as an incentive to encourage players to choose their platform over other options. From no deposit bonuses to welcome bonuses, there are plenty of ways to get an initial boost when just starting out.

Unfortunately, not all bonuses are created equal. A common mistake can turn a lucrative offer into a terrible gaming experience. If you’re new to the world of online slots and casino games, now’s the time to get clued up. Read on for the common mistakes that newbies make with their bonuses and how to avoid them.

5 Common Mistakes Players Make with Casino Bonuses

As a new player, you’re bombarded with thousands of online casinos and offers to choose from. Even though having options is good, being overwhelmed can push you to choose a casino and opt-in for an offer just to start playing. But if you don’t spend time looking into your offer, you’ll fall into the trap of making mistakes that can cost you your bonus and sometimes your bankroll. Here are five common mistakes to avoid. 

Mistake #1: Neglecting to read the fine print

This is the most common and most damaging mistake that you can possibly make when accepting and making use of a casino bonus online. Always, always take the time to read through the terms and conditions so that you fully understand how to make the most of the bonus(es) awarded to you. Here’s where you’ll find all the relevant details regarding wagering requirements, game eligibility, minimum and maximum withdrawals, and claim timeframes.

Remember – by simply setting aside a few minutes to go through the fine print before moving forward, you’ll likely be able to avoid falling victim to all the other common missteps listed below!

Mistake #2: Trying to withdraw early

Yes, the virtual casino is essentially giving you a portion of “free money,” but that definitely doesn’t mean that you can simply cash out immediately and go. On the contrary, there’s likely to be a long list of criteria that you’ll need to tick off before any withdrawals will be allowed, such as wagering a certain amount of both the bonus and your own money beforehand.

For example, if you sign up to play at a digital casino and receive a $30 no deposit bonus, you may be required to wager at least 30x that bonus. This would equate to a minimum total wager of $900. Once you’ve wagered this amount, any amount of money remaining in your account will then be eligible for withdrawal. That is, as long as it’s higher than the minimum withdrawal required, which is usually between $10 and $25.

Don’t just sign up for a casino with the biggest bonus offer. Choose a trusted casino with variety games and an extensive catalog. Meeting wagering requirements can take time, so make sure the casino you’ve chosen can keep you entertained in the long term. 

Mistake #3: Trying to beat the system

Rest assured that the online casino in question will have properly prepared itself for any “clever” moves that its new players might attempt to beat the system. For instance, countless gamblers will try their luck to qualify for more than one bonus, which is known as “stacking” bonuses in gambling terms. It’s practically impossible to get this right and it will almost certainly result in the gambler being permanently banned from the casino.  

Instead of trying to beat the system, rather do your research on the different types of bonuses on offer at the many different casinos before choosing one. You can then be fairly confident that you’re getting the best possible head-start when you play your favorite online casino slots or casino table games.

Mistake #4: Thinking your bonus applies to all casino games

If you’re signing up to join a digital casino community purely to play a specific casino game, it’s definitely to your advantage to make doubly sure that the bonus offered can be used with that game. In many casinos, games with a low house edge, like blackjack, can’t be played using bonus funds. If this is your go-to game, find another bonus. Luckily, it’s easy to find the full list of both eligible and restricted casino games in the casino’s terms and conditions.

Mistake #5: Running out of time

As mentioned, most virtual casinos require players to claim their bonus within a specific time frame – yet another reason why it’s so important to read the fine print! So don’t wait too long to play casino games or to claim and make use of your bonus. Most digital casinos will give you between three and seven days after completing your registration to claim any bonuses due to you.

What To Look For in a Casino Bonus?

Now that you know how to avoid these costly mistakes, it’s time to choose a bonus. So, what makes a good casino bonus? There are a few factors to consider before you opt in for a bonus. The first is the wagering requirements. A casino with excessive wagering requirements and a time limit will make it hard for you to ever get your winnings back. Multiple payment options are also important; the last thing you want is to realize none of the withdrawal options work for you after you’ve made a deposit and played. The best bonuses don’t limit the amount you can win from offers, and they always give you the option to opt out of the bonus if you change your mind. Deposit requirements should also be low so players can deposit an amount that works for their budget. 

However, the most important factor is the casino itself. No matter how incredible the online casino signup bonus is, make sure the casino you’ve chosen is licensed and trustworthy. 

Types of Online Casino Bonuses To Look Forward To

Every casino will have a different type of casino bonus or offer. Here are the most popular options you’ll come across.

Welcome bonuses: Casino welcome bonuses are delivered immediately following registration to “welcome” a gambler to the casino. The welcome bonus offer is most commonly to “match”  the player’s first deposit.  

Deposit and no deposit bonuses: A deposit bonus is similar to a classic welcome bonus as it’s made to “match” a player’s deposit amount or even provide a multiple of it (i.e., x2, x3 or x4 the deposit). A no deposit bonus, on the other hand, is granted to allow a player to explore a casino’s app or website without risking any of their own money. However, it usually comes with many restrictions.  

Free spin bonuses: A free spin bonus awards a certain number of free spins for games like slot machines. It’s commonly given to existing players when a new online slot game is introduced to the platform.

Referral bonuses: This bonus is usually awarded every time a player successfully refers a new gambler to the casino. Remember to provide your friends and family members with your username when referring them to a new online casino!

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Our BetMGM editors and authors are casino experts with a wealth of knowledge of the online casino industry at all levels. Their coverage includes company news, game reviews, how-to instructional articles, strategy guides, and editorials showcasing BetMGM’s superior product and game library.