The Best Female Blackjack Players

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If you enjoy playing blackjack at a casino, you might have noticed that a few years ago the tables were predominantly occupied by men. If you look even further back, you’ll discover that, in many cases, women weren’t even allowed in casinos. These days, you’re less likely to notice this, both during online casino games and in land-based establishments — and you have the women of blackjack history to thank. 

For many years, casinos were strictly male-only establishments. Looking back, the stereotypical image is of women playing simple card games at home with their friends or spinning the wheels of slot machines. That stereotype is reaching its end as women claim their seats both at the blackjack tables and in the world.

Several high-profile females have paved the way for women to take part in gambling, whether online or at land-based establishments. Who are these women? Read on to find out.

Best Female Blackjack Players Throughout History

Eleanor Dumont

Known as Madame Mustache, Eleanor Dumont is formally recognized as the first-ever professional blackjack player — across all genders. The French-born 20-something-year-old moved to California during the California Gold Rush in 1854 to open her very own blackjack-only parlor, Vingt-Et-Un, meaning twenty-one. The establishment, which she ran almost single-handedly, was open only to well-kept men, with no women allowed except for herself. The history of blackjack is vast and Dumont has played a big part in it.

Charming and charismatic, Dumont imposed strict regulations on the casino and was known to deal the cards for each game that took place. While participating in a few games herself, Dumont made a name for herself as one of the best blackjack players at professional blackjack tables in California. In 1959, when gold dried up, she sold the establishment and traveled from city to city gambling.

While her reputation became somewhat notorious, her skills and courage as a female gambler will remain firmly cemented in the history books.

Cathy Hubert

From a career in the New York State Senate to Las Vegas, Cathy ‘Cat’ Hubert is one of the most established females in blackjack history. Hubert arrived in Las Vegas two weeks after quitting her job in New York at the age of 24, with a passion for gambling and a dream of becoming a professional poker player. There she secured a job as a blackjack dealer, which led her to learn how to count cards, after which she joined the card-counting team, The Czechs, touring the world blackjack circuit in the 1970s. Her escapades were very dangerous and even more illegal; at times, she would dress up in men’s attire to hoodwink casinos.

After being banned from several casinos, both in Europe and America, Hubert took to slots, which, again, she was able to make a generous profit from. In 1986, Hubert met David Heyden and Rick Greider, who were well-recognized poker players. She went on to learn from them and finally fulfill her dreams of being a professional in the industry, earning her title as one, if not of the best female gamblers in history.

She now lives in California and runs an educational online casino site in the USA that encourages women in the gambling industry.

Alice Walker

As the first woman to win the World Series of Blackjack in 2007, Alice Walker is one of history’s most famous professional blackjack players. Unsurprising, perhaps, considering she had started playing blackjack at just three years old. A professional in blackjack and poker, Walker secured her spot in the Blackjack Hall of Fame by winning two major tournaments. Her determination, perseverance and feminine intuition were all major contributing factors to her well-earned success.

Current Top Female Blackjack Players

Angie Hardy

Angie Hardy took to the tables as a Colorado-based single mother doing her best to support her family. Soon after having children, this 30-year-old stay-at-home mother found herself alone and looking for a way to take care of her young ones. Though she had no prior interest in gambling, Hardy started playing blackjack at online casinos and, while she admits to having no real “natural talent,” her sheer ambition and determination got her from low-league games to several major international tournaments, including the World Series of Blackjack. 

Known as the “mother lioness” for her aggressive playing style, Hardy proved that women are among the most determined of gamblers and serves as an inspiration for players around the world.

Erica Schoenberg

Known as the ‘Blackjack Babe,’ former model, beach volleyball player and personal trainer Erica Schoenberg continues to break stereotypes, disproving preconceptions about blondes and blackjack being “just a man’s game.” Having competed several times in the World Series of Blackjack, this blonde bombshell showed an affinity for numbers and logic from a young age, winning many math championships in school. From betting her pocket money at the local racetracks to a highly successful career in blackjack and poker, Schoenberg is now a regular at casinos in Las Vegas, alongside her husband Erick Lindgren, who is also a professional poker player. Once you know how to start playing blackjack online, you could share in Schoenberg’s skill and beat the dealer, too.

Monica Reeves

Yet another former model to take to the blackjack tables, Monica Reeves went through nine months of vigorous training with poker expert Jim Worth before going professional. The Canadian-born player made a name for herself in blackjack tournaments, despite her childhood dream of becoming a dentist. Family game night was a special event in the Reeves house during younger years; her combination of skill and intelligence made for the perfect entry into the gambling world. She’s since become one of Canada’s most beloved gambling figures.

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Our BetMGM editors and authors are casino experts with a wealth of knowledge of the online casino industry at all levels. Their coverage includes company news, game reviews, how-to instructional articles, strategy guides, and editorials showcasing BetMGM’s superior product and game library.