The Best Food Tours Around the Globe

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An aerial view of a floating market in Thailand with lots of colorful food on offer.
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If you enjoy playing food-themed online casino games, you likely also think of yourself as a foodie who loves trying out new cuisines and perhaps even whipping up some recipes in the kitchen.

While playing food-themed online slots and cooking delicious meals for your family is a great way to indulge your passion, an even better option is to embark on an exciting globe-trotting food tour! Intrigued? Here are a few reasons why food tours can be so enjoyable, along with some of our top picks to add to your travel bucket list.

Why are food tours so popular?

Food tours are popular because they combine two common passions: food and travel. Plus, why wouldn’t you want to explore a new destination filled with unique flavors? Travel is about so much more than just sightseeing nowadays! Since the pandemic, people have been looking for more meaningful, immersive experiences. Sampling local cuisine and delicacies is not only a pleasurable way to spend your time – it’s a fantastic opportunity to delve deeper into local culture and traditions.

Another reason that food tours are becoming so sought after is that they’re designed to take you beyond the surface of a destination’s restaurants and eateries. You’ll get to experience home-cooked meals in a local’s dining room, spend a night on a farm to enjoy farm-to-table cuisine or go on a street food adventure to fill up on local favorites while exploring the city.

Read on for some of the world’s best food tours guaranteed to satisfy both your hunger and curiosity.


Why? German food is deliciously indulgent. From sausages to sauerkraut, this cuisine boasts strong flavors and plenty of diversity. German food tours are a great choice for foodies who love moreish carbs and meat lovers who enjoy anything smoked and cured.

Top tour: Berlin Food Stories promises a host of German food tours that unpack the narrative behind what’s on the menu. The tours generally last three to four hours and include a closer look at the various other types of cuisine on offer in Germany and the rest of Europe, including Turkish treats.


Why? Full-flavored masterpieces, plenty of rice- and tomato-based dishes and fresh seafood are all staples of Spanish cuisine.

Top tour: Devour Barcelona offers a variety of both daytime and evening food tours. You’ll get the chance to explore traditional Spanish tapas while learning more about Spanish history, culture and traditions.


Why? It’s known as the “foodie capital of the world” for good reason. Anyone looking to fill up on an endless supply of pizza, pasta and sugary gelato will find themselves in heaven when treating themselves to a food tour in Italy.

Top tour: It’s hard to put a foot wrong, but our top recommendation is the Culinary Backstreets Naples food tour. Lasting around five hours, this tour kicks off with a visit to a third-generation family-run pastry shop. Then, sample Italian favorites from street vendors and stroll through rows and rows of traditional food stores offering the best local Italian fare. 


Why? Traditional Chinese cuisine isn’t quite what you’re used to ordering here in the States and you’re sure to have a blast discovering its many culinary intricacies with chopsticks in hand.

Top tour: You’ve probably ordered Chinese for lunch or dinner before, but what about breakfast? The Untour Food Tours’ Shanghai Street Eats Breakfast Tour will give you a good idea of how the locals top up their tummies at the start of the day. You’ll walk through a bustling Chinese food market where you’ll meet friendly vendors and munch on a variety of breakfast favorites like savory jianbing (the Chinese version of crepes) and delicious dumplings.

Food-themed casino games to play at home

Can’t set aside time to travel and revel in a food tour right now? Satisfy your cravings with food-themed online casino games in the meantime.

Wild Hot Wasabi is one of the best online slots with a focus on food. You’ll find yourself in a Japanese Tatami room surrounded by cartoon prawns, pufferfish, octopus and eel. The game offers an RTP (return to player) of 96.11% and a maximum win of 2,128x your stake.

Sugar Surge is another foodie favorite, with four progressive jackpots when playing the free spins bonus game. The yummy symbols include melons, grapes, cherries and plums. What’s even sweeter? You can expand the reels for more chances to win in the Mystery Slide feature.

Finally, be sure to check out Baking Bonanza, which is a Slingo game filled with sweet treats and suspense. It’s a medium volatility slot with an RTP that ranges between 92.89% and 96.47%.

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