The Excitement of the Casino, the Tension of a TV Game Show

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BetMGM Jan 29, 2022, 7:41 AM

From the get-go, TV game shows have had audiences hooked. The tension, the elation, the commiseration, the way in which you live every moment with the contestants. You cry when they lose and jump for joy when they win, you know their backstories and follow the presenters on social media. 

Now, with BetMGM’s online casino games, you can enjoy the excitement for yourself in our immersive TV game show-themed live dealer casino games. Bet on the outcome, spin the wheel and feel the excitement build – there’s no other feeling quite like it. 

To get you into the mood, here are seven of the best casino games to play based on US game shows that you can enjoy from literally anywhere in the world. 

The Voice

Let the judges decide if you’ve got what it takes. Hit the red button, spin the chairs and watch while the music fills the air and the prize columns. If one or more of the columns are filled during any of the seven rounds, you’ll get to play, with a chance at winning – it’s that easy. 

If you happen to see The Voice logo, you’ll get an instant prize – added buck for your bang if you get lucky when playing this online casino game. 

How it works

When you press the red button, each chair releases a note. Single notes give you one light in a column, double notes give you two lights – fill a column, you could win the prize! 

Dream Catcher

Remember Spin & Win? The show that was all about chance and where the big wheel finished its rotation? Now you can get to experience it all over again with the Wheel of Fortune online game. Take a gamble on Lady Luck, hit the button and see if you’ve got fortune on your side in one of the best game shows of all time. 

The Price is Right, come on down

Another TV favorite in our online casino, The Price Is Right could be your ticket to awesome prizes. You could get to play four different games with just one ticket, giving you multiple chances to win. Feel the hype of the bonus game, the tension of the Cliff Hanger or possibly the excitement of hitting it big in the Showcase Showdown. 

Wheel of Fortune Winning Words

Another game based on the Wheel of Fortune game show, Wheel of Fortune Winning Words is literally all about matching letters to words and getting a shot at winning big. It doesn’t get any easier than this. If you’re really lucky, you may even hit the button that triggers bonus prizes and more for your back pocket. 

Find your fortune with three words, a prize wheel and the chance to spin and win. Choosing a tile reveals one letter, or you could take fortune into your own hands and hit the Reveal All button to see what this live dealer game has lined up for you. 

Wheel of Fortune On the Road

If words aren’t your thing, then we suggest you take a roadtrip courtesy of BetMGM online casino. More than just spinning the wheel, Wheel of Fortune On the Road is full of surprises, speed humps and speed ups with extra levels. There are also in-game features and special bonus rewards at the end of each game. It’s the Wheel of Fortune online game that puts you in the driver’s seat. 

Slingo Bells

The festive season is never over with this live dealer game. It features all the fast-paced action of slots and mixes it up with the momentum of bingo, and the prizes are bigger than ever! To play, simply choose your stake and press start. 

With 12 win lines and 11 awards up for grabs, you’ll always get at least two winning lines. 

Tip: always bet on the center square and work your way out – then you’ve got the best of four directions to choose from. 

First Person Dream Catcher

Get a chance to make your dreams come true with First Person Dream Catcher, an online game based on the iconic game show. All you have to do is predict where the wheel will stop – it’s one of our best casino games. 

Spin the wheel and get 52 chances to win and a further two chances to win really big with the 2x multiplier and 7x multiplier. These act as bonus spins and multiply your winnings if you hit the sweet spot on the next spin. 

Enjoy thousands of real online slots and more at BetMGM

This is a rundown of just a few of the games we’ve got lined up for you. With more casino games in one place than you could imagine, BetMGM is the platform to place your bet, no matter where you are in the world. Our betting options and variety games, in both the sporting and casino arenas, put you in control of your luck and your winnings. The magic of our live dealer casino games is waiting for you, simply register to get started. 

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Our BetMGM editors and authors are sports experts with a wealth of knowledge of the sports industry at all levels. Their coverage includes sports news, previews and predictions, fun facts, and betting.