Beyond Craps: Discover Exciting Casino Dice Games

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Although craps is one of the most popular casino table games played with a die, there are several others to explore. If you’re a gambling enthusiast, you’ll know that there’s always a new casino game waiting to be discovered and tried out. Dice games are no exception. Many of us may be accustomed to board game dice. In fact, they’re probably most people’s introductions to dice. (As an aside, did you know that dice games at casinos are played with dice that have sharp edges, while those used to play board games have smoother edges?)

If you’ve been looking to expand your casino game repertoire and skill set, then this is just for you. Here, we take a closer look at some of the lesser-known casino games played with dice. 

Lesser-Known Dice Games

If someone asked you to name the most popular dice game, it’s a bit of a no-brainer, craps would probably be the answer. So, let’s introduce you to other dice casino games you should try.

Sic Bo

Played with three six-sided dice, Sic Bo is a game of Asian origins that only made its way to US casinos in the late 90s. “Sic Bo,” a game with some similarities to craps, is a Chinese phrase meaning “dice pair.”

A game starts off with players placing their bets on different areas of the table. Each area is associated with a possible outcome of the rolling of the dice. Thereafter, the dealer shakes the dice and payouts are made according to the results of the dice roll. As much as you could try to prepare for a game of Sic Bo, it’s quite clear that it’s mostly a game of chance. As with any live or online casino game, there’s no guarantee of a win. It’s predominantly a game of chance. 

Liar’s Dice

The title alone is very telling since the game entails a fair share of bluffing and trying to deceive your opponents. Most dice games are appealing because of their simplicity, which is also the case with Liar’s Dice. This game’s origins can be traced back to South America, from where it spread to other parts of the world through European traders and sellers.

Liar’s Dice is played with five standard six-sided dice, with each player receiving a cup. After that, players roll the dice but hide the outcome from their opponents. And then the lying and bluffing get underway. The first player makes a bid, stating a specific total they believe to be contained in all the other players’ dice. Next, players take turns to increase or challenge the bid. If a player challenges a previously made bid, everyone has to reveal the outcome of their dice roll.

Much depends on whether a challenge was right or wrong since a challenger will lose a die if they’re wrong. This process continues until one player remains and is declared the winner. To win at Liar’s Dice, your ability to keep track of what’s happening at the table is essential. 


Often referred to as the grandfather of craps, Hazard (the origins of which can be traced back to England) was largely popular before the advent of what is currently the most loved casino dice game. Although it’s relatively similar to craps, the rules and gameplay of Hazard can be somewhat more layered and perhaps more challenging to grasp.

Hazard is played with two standard dice. One player, referred to as the first shooter or the caster, starts by setting a main number, which is known as the chance. This is a number from 5–9. The other players then wager or place their bets on whether the first shooter will win or lose. This is followed by another roll of the dice by the shooter. The caster wins if they roll the main but loses if they roll a 2 or a 3. If they roll an 11 or 12, the result depends on the main:

  • If the main is 5 or 9, they lose. 
  • If the main is 6 or 8, they lose by rolling an 11 but win by rolling a 12.
  • If the main is 7, they win by rolling an 11 but lose by rolling a 12.

If none of these rolls occur, the resulting number is called a chance and the caster must roll the dice again. In this case, if they roll the chance, they win, but if they roll the main, they lose. If neither of these are the outcome, the process continues indefinitely until a loss or win is determined.

Hazard requires a good understanding of the rules if you want to succeed at it, meaning you can’t just walk into it blindly and hope for the best. 

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