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BetMGM Dec 04, 2023, 1:24 PM

The U.K. struck gameshow gold with “Deal or No Deal,” a phenomenon that would go on to spawn several variations around the globe. Not to be left behind, gaming giant White Hat has now added a spinoff of the game to its growing list of online casino games. The game offers the best of both worlds by being a fusion of elements from the gameshow and a classic casino game, blackjack. If you’re a reality show enthusiast or love the nostalgia that this casino game packs, keep reading to learn more in this review.

Game Overview

Categorized as a low-volatility game, Deal or No Deal Blackjack is a three-hand table game with a return to player (RTP) of 99.75%, which is pretty impressive. The minimum and maximum bets in this casino game are $0.10 and $2,250, respectively, with the default bet being set at $5. The wide betting range makes this one of the most inclusive blackjack online games because it accommodates players with varying bankrolls and risk appetites.

How To Play

To play this game, you need to have a basic understanding of how to play blackjack games online. For starters, whether you decide to play online blackjack or in-person blackjack, the premise remains the same — to get as close as possible to 21 with the cards that you’ve been dealt. In blackjack, you’re competing against the dealer. These elements remain the same in Deal or No Deal Blackjack, meaning that if you’ve perfected your blackjack strategy over time, you’ll find yourself in a more favorable position.

The TV show elements are introduced through the banker offer, which is at the start of every hand. This gives you the option to immediately stop gameplay and decide to take up the offer, although this will be largely guided by your odds. If you settle on a “no deal,” gameplay will continue as normal.


White Hat has done a pretty good job of recreating a blackjack table setup. If you’re just getting started with blackjack online, this is a good reference point in terms of what you can expect from other blackjack-based games. The gaming takes place on a wooden table with a blue center. When it’s time for the banker offer part of the game, the screen changes to a golden one with the various offers and the opportunity for you to pick if it’s a deal or no deal. The graphics are easy to interpret and make for seamless gameplay.


This slot game comprises the following features: “Double Down,” “Split,” “Insurance,” “Surrender,” and “Deal or No Deal.” These features may vary depending on the rules of your particular game, with one of the popular variations being:

  • Hit: If you hit, you take one more card to add to your hand.
  • Stand: This means finalizing your hand and passing the action on to the next player.
  • Double Down: This option is only available on the initial two cards and allows you to make a second bet, equal to your first, in exchange for one more card and a stand.
  • Split: If your initial hand is made up of two cards of the same value, you can split them into two hands and play each one for a full bet.

Bonuses and Jackpots

Unlike conventional slot games, Deal or No Deal Blackjack doesn’t offer any other incentives in the form of a bonus or jackpot.

Similar Games

Although there are no sure tips for winning blackjack online, it’s often said that practice makes perfect. Try your hand at the games below to prepare yourself for when you approach the reels or a blackjack table online.

Deal or No Deal: The Slot Game (Gaming1)

Also premised on the popular TV show, the slot game variation is played on five spinning reels with 10 paylines. In this game, the aim is to collect matching symbols on the paylines to help you secure winning combinations. Where it gets interesting is in the mini-games feature, where elements of the TV show are front and center.

There are two mini-games integrated into Deal or No Deal: The Slot Game; the first is The Banker’s Choice, which gives you five boxes that you can open individually and decide if you want to accept the offer or not. The second mini-game is The Player’s Choice, where only three boxes are presented to you, and you can only pick one. The contents of the other two boxes will only be revealed after you’ve made your pick.

Wheel of Fortune (IGT)

Another popular TV game show that has inspired online slots is “Wheel of Fortune.” The Wheel of Fortune slot game is played on five reels with an incredible 720 paylines. Categorized as a medium-volatility game, it has an RTP of 94.04%. Although there’s no progressive jackpot, you can look forward to free spins, bonus rounds, scatter, and wild symbols, as well as multipliers.

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