Mega Diamond Online Slot


Innovative and exciting high-denomination video games

  • 3Reels
  • 96RTP
  • 5Volatility
  • YESJackpot

Mega Diamond Online Slot – Casino Game Overview

AGS introduces Mega Diamond, an innovative high-denomination video game, showcasing advanced graphics and diverse themes, enhancing the appeal of online slots. With a classic touch, this 3-reel slot grants players control over denominations ranging from quarters to $5, alongside flexible payline choices (1, 3, 5, or 9).

How To Play Mega Diamond Online Slot

  • Game Characteristics: Mega Diamond operates as a high-volatility slot, retaining the standard slot machine mechanics. Begin by setting your denomination and selecting desired paylines.
  • Denomination & Prizes: Your chosen denomination affects both wager and potential top prizes, displayed at the bottom and top of the screen, respectively, alongside a flame motif. 


Actress Vanessa Hudgens flipping casino chips next to the text "The King of Casinos"