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Slot machine featuring a variety of slot symbols
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Slot games are some of the most played and beloved casino games of all time. The symbols featured in these games have played a significant part in the rapid growth and immense popularity of online slots, bringing players a sense of comfort and familiarity when spinning the reels of the latest and greatest games.

What are the symbols on a slot machine that make the gameplay so compelling? How have these iconic symbols grown to worldwide recognition? The following slot symbols have all played a crucial role in the success of online slot machines. Explore the evolution of these symbols, from slot bars and bells to fruit-flavored gum, and discover why they have become such well-recognized icons of luck, excitement, and potential fortune.

The 777 Symbol

The number seven has been linked to luck in many cultures worldwide since the early days of human civilization. Depending on who you ask, the association between sevens and good fortune traces back to superstitious beliefs, mathematical significance, or a wide range of other inspirations, from ancient scriptures to myths and folklore.

Whether it’s the seven wonders of the world, seven days of the week, or the seventh son of the seventh son, it’s clear that the number holds significance for scores of people, including Charles Fey. When this mechanic from San Francisco invented the first slot machine (the Liberty Bell) in 1985, adding the 777 symbol to the reels seemed like a fitting choice. In hindsight, it was the right decision, as Fey’s machine was an instant hit amongst casino fans.

The 777 symbol remained prominent throughout the evolution of slots — from one-armed bandits to online casino games. As technology continues its advance, the popularity of the 777 symbol serves as a reminder of the timeless connection between games of chance and symbols of luck.

The Bar Symbol

Some of the earliest slot machines of the 19th century feature the bar symbol. In 1907, the Bell-Fruit Gum Company produced slot machines dispensing chewing gum rewards instead of cash prizes in a successful effort to circumvent the anti-gambling laws that were prevalent in many states.

Used to represent a stick of gum, landing three bar symbols rewarded the player with a pack of gum. As gambling laws changed and cash prizes became more accepted, the bar symbol remained a recognizable reel element, evolving in form and design over the years.

The symbol is a testament to the ingenuity of the casino industry, creating a practical solution to legal challenges that would have otherwise brought an end to slot machines. So, the next time you land a prize-winning combination of bar symbols, consider how influential fruit-flavored gum has been to the innovative spirit that has driven the casino industry forward.


From jackpot slots to blackjack tables, Cleopatra features prominently in all types of casino games. While many games focus on a general theme of Ancient Egypt and its mythological figures, the most famous queen of the Nile is never too far from the spotlight.

The original femme fatale, Cleopatra’s captivating life story has also inspired countless movies, books, and artworks. She continues to fascinate audiences worldwide today, cementing her status as an enduring icon of intrigue and elegance.


Have you ever wondered why slots are sometimes called fruit machines? The cherry symbol is one of the chief reasons for this, recurring as a typical slot symbol since the days of fruit-flavored gum used in the Bell-Fruit Gum Company’s slot machines.

From base-game pay symbols to wilds and scatters, cherries capture the attention of the player thanks to their distinct shape and bright color. They have a sense of familiarity and legacy to them, once again standing as proof of the resilience of the casino industry.

Wheel of Fortune

“Wheel of Fortune” is a famous TV game show with widespread appeal. It’s one of the most-watched shows in history, with almost 50 years of high viewership numbers. The show’s focus on lucky spins and big prizes is a fitting theme for slots, and the spinning wheel mechanic lends itself well to any slot’s bonus features.

When you play online slots for money, every spin of the reels is an exciting event filled with anticipation. Wheel of Fortune boasts the same dynamic of thrilling chance-based outcomes, keeping participants and viewers on the edge of their seats as they await the final result.

Some slot games might not use the theme directly, but they implement wheel mechanics that wouldn’t be popular without the show’s tremendous influence. By combining the most iconic elements of the TV show with the gameplay of slots, developers tap into the nostalgia and excitement that made the show famous, resulting in a highly engaging gaming experience.

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Our BetMGM editors and authors are casino experts with a wealth of knowledge of the online casino industry at all levels. Their coverage includes company news, game reviews, how-to instructional articles, strategy guides, and editorials showcasing BetMGM’s superior product and game library.