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There are many great online casino table games that you can find at BetMGM Casino. But some of these titles aren’t just available anywhere; they’re exclusive to BetMGM Casino. If you’re interested in trying out table games online or are looking for a place to practice some online casino table game tips you’ve just learned, here are some of the best exclusive table games that you’ll only find at BetMGM Casino.

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American Roulette

The first exclusive offering on this list is the American Roulette game by Win Studios. This version of roulette uses the American-style roulette wheel, which has 38 slots. These 38 slots consist of 36 slots that are numbered 1–36, as well as two slots that are numbered 0 and 00. As with other roulette titles, the game’s aim is to correctly guess what number the roulette ball will land in after the roulette wheel is done spinning. 

To start the game, you must first place your bet. The game has all of the standard bets that you would find in other roulette games, although these bets each have their own maximum wager. Here are a few examples of these bets, the payout odds they offer, and the most you can bet on each of them.

Type of Bet Description Payout odds Maximum Bet
Straight A wager made on any single number in the game, including 0 and 00. +3,500 $250
Split A wager made by placing your bet on the line between two numbers on the roulette table. +1,700 $500
Street A wager made at the end of a row, allowing you to bet on three numbers. +1,100 $750
Corner A wager made on the corner where four numbers meet, allowing you to bet on all four numbers. +800 $1,000
Line A wager made on the line between two street bets, allowing you to bet on all six numbers in each street. +600 $1,500

However, there’s even more betting action available thanks to the neighbors betting option that you can select on the right side of the game. 

When you open the neighbors bets, a second table appears. You can place up to five neighbors bets by selecting each neighbor number at the top of the screen and then selecting a single number on the neighbors betting table. This will activate a bet on the number you have selected, as well as the two numbers adjacent to that number. These are the selected number’s neighbors. 

For example, on the neighbors table, the numbers 1 and 27 sit on either side of the 00. If you select the 00, the 1 and 27 become part of your neighbors bet.

When you are placing a neighbors bet, you have the opportunity to adjust your bet value by selecting the betting options at the bottom of the screen. Once you are ready, you can select Spin to start the game. 

Blackjack Player’s Choice

At a glance, Blackjack Player’s Choice plays like many other blackjack games. The goal is for the player to have a higher value hand than the dealer without exceeding a hand value of 21. You and the dealer will be dealt two cards. Cards 2–9 are worth their face value, aces are worth 1, while 10s, jacks, queens, and kings are worth 10. 

Depending on what cards you get, you can decide to “hit” and get another card or “stand” and play only the cards you are dealt. If you hit and go higher than 21, you are “bust,” and the dealer automatically wins.

The game also features a number of other classic gameplay elements, such as insurance side bets, doubling down, and splits.

However, what makes Blackjack Player’s Choice stand out are two thrilling features. The first of these is the option to play up to three hands each game. The second feature means that players must also choose two of six side bets for every hand that they play. These two features make Blackjack Player’s Choice a truly excellent game for players who enjoy taking their chances on side bets.

Blackjack Fortune Spinner Pro

Blackjack Fortune Spinner Pro is the second blackjack game on this list that is exclusive to BetMGM Casino. Again, this game has all the standard features of blackjack that were covered in the blackjack game above, but there are unique features that make this game stand out from the many other blackjack games you can find online.

The first feature is similar to the one found in Blackjack Player’s Choice in that you can choose to play up to three hands in a game. However, what sets this game apart from Blackjack Player’s Choice is its unique side bet: the Fortune Spinner Bet.

The Fortune Spinner Bet requires you to wager on the Fortune Spinner Bet option on each of your hands or on the dealer’s hand. When you do, and you or the dealer are lucky enough to land a 21 with your first two cards (a natural blackjack), the Fortune Wheel will activate. This wheel has a variety of multipliers, ranging from 5x up to 1,000x, and will start to spin. When the wheel stops, your winning bet will be multiplied by whatever multiplier the wheel lands on, giving you the chance to achieve some really big wins.

Black & Yellow Roulette

Black & Yellow Roulette is very similar to the roulette game previously discussed on this list, American Roulette. However, there are some key differences that help this game stand out on its own.

Firstly, this game uses a European-style roulette wheel. This means that it has 36 numbered slots from 1–36 and a single green slot numbered 0. This gives the player a better chance of landing a win. 

Secondly, while it does feature neighbors bets that work exactly the same as BetMGM’s exclusive American Roulette game, it also has three special neighbors side bets. These neighbors side bets are:

  • Tier: The Tier wager consists of split bets on 5/8, 10/11, 13/16, 23/24, 27/30, and 33/36.
  • Orphelins: The Orphelins wager consists of split bets placed on 31/34, 17/20, 14/17, 6/9, and a straight bet on 1.
  • Voisins du Zéro: The Voisins du Zero wager consists of split bets placed on 32/35, 19/22, 18/21, 12/15, and 4/7, as well as two street bets on the 0, 2, and 3, and two bet corner bets on 25, 26, 28, and 29.

These additional features help Black & Yellow Roulette stand out from American Roulette and the many other roulette games available to play at a classic or live dealer online casino.

MGM Bonus City

Players who are looking for a truly unique experience will want to try MGM Bonus City. The game offers an exciting experience reminiscent of the Wheel of Fortune game shows, where you bet on one of eight outcomes on a spinning wheel. These outcomes include four bonus rounds named after famous MGM Resorts properties in Las Vegas. These properties are the Bellagio, Luxor, MGM Grand, and New York-New York.

The game also features random multipliers, with the largest appearing on these MGM properties. If you are lucky, you could land up to 2,000x your initial wager, up to a maximum of $500,000. 

As exciting as this sounds, what makes this game truly special is the groundbreaking Hybrid Dealer technology. This means that the game features pre-recorded footage of real dealers combined with elements of computer-generated imagery, creating a new type of game that once again bridges the gap between playing at a real casino and playing online. It achieves this by using a virtual studio and RNG systems, meaning that no physical studio is required, and since interactions with the dealer are pre-recorded, they are always ready to keep you engaged.

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Play Exclusive Online Casino Table Games and More at BetMGM Casino

If these exclusive online table games have caught your eye, there are even more games, including exclusive titles, waiting for you at BetMGM Casino. When you sign up to play at BetMGM Casino, you’ll gain access to an incredible selection of gambling experiences, including blackjack, craps, poker, roulette, slots, and live dealer casino games. 

Combine this with incredible bonuses, a great loyalty program, and other perks that you’ll find only at BetMGM Casino, and there’s no doubt that you should play at this casino online.

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Our BetMGM editors and authors are casino experts with a wealth of knowledge of the online casino industry at all levels. Their coverage includes company news, game reviews, how-to instructional articles, strategy guides, and editorials showcasing BetMGM’s superior product and game library.