American Roulette

by Evolution

Enjoy extremely realistic game graphics that will make you feel as if you’re playing on a real-life roulette table

  • 94.74RTP

American Roulette – Casino Game Overview

American Roulette, a casino staple, boasts a wheel with 38 slots, including red and black numbers 1 to 36, along with two green slots marked 0 and 00. The game’s goal is to predict where the roulette ball will land when the wheel stops.

Players can place bets, choosing from Inside Bets (like straight-up, corner, split, and street bets) and Outside Bets (including column, dozen, even/odds, high/low, and color bets). The game’s graphics authentically recreate the ambiance of a US casino roulette table, featuring patriotic red, white, and blue tones.

How To Play American Roulette

  • Objective: Predict the number on which the ball will land when the roulette wheel stops spinning.
  • Betting Options: American Roulette offers Inside Bets (like straight-up, corner, split, and street bets) on the numbered table section, and Outside Bets (such as column, dozen, even/odds, high/low, and color bets) in other areas.
  • Realistic Graphics: Experience a lifelike roulette table with immersive graphics, echoing the American theme with prominent red, white, and blue colors.
  • Placing Bets:
  • Select a chip value from the slider.

    • Click on the desired number to place your bet.
    • Increase chip count by additional clicks or remove by right-clicking a chip.
    • Use the CLEAR button to remove all chips.
    • Ensure all bets are placed before the timer expires.
  • Spinning the Wheel: Click SPIN to set the wheel in motion. Any successful bets are paid out upon the ball landing on your selected number.
Actress Vanessa Hudgens flipping casino chips next to the text "The King of Casinos"