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Play Roulette at BetMGM

by EvolutionGroup

Experience the elegance of the wheel, the anticipation of the spin, and the possibility of winning big – all from the comfort of your own space.

  • 97.30RTP
  • 1Volatility

Play Roulette at BetMGM – Casino Game Overview

Experience world-class live gaming with our Roulette. Immerse yourself in the action with multi-camera views, capturing every spin and ball movement. Choose from various game views, enjoy features like Autoplay, access extensive statistics for informed betting, engage in chat, and save up to 15 favorite bets.

Our Roulette boasts rich features, including the ‘favorite bets’ menu, enhancing convenience and enjoyment. Customize and save up to 15 favorite bets, streamlining the betting process. Your preferred bets are accessible on any Roulette table, ensuring a seamless experience, allowing you to place your saved bets effortlessly, regardless of the table you choose.

How To Play Roulette at BetMGM

  • Place Your Bets: On the roulette table, place your bets by selecting chips and placing them on the desired numbers, colors, or sections of the betting layout.
  • Spin the Wheel: Once you’ve placed your bets, click the “Spin” button to start the roulette wheel. The ball will be released onto the spinning wheel.
  • Wait for the Outcome: If it lands on a number or section you bet on, you win according to the payout table.
  • If you win, your winnings will be automatically credited to your casino account.
  • You can then choose to collect your winnings or place new bets for the next round.
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