American Roulette Casino Game Review

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BetMGM Feb 23, 2024, 9:52 AM
  • American roulette has 38 numbers from 1–36 in red and black, as well as 0 and 00 in green.
  • There are two different types of bets in American roulette: Inside and outside bets.
  • Enjoy extremely realistic game graphics that will make you feel as if you’re playing on a real-life roulette table.
  • The return to player (RTP) of American roulette is 94.74%.

Play American Roulette right now at BetMGM, or read on to learn more about this exciting game in this online casino game review.

American roulette has earned a reputation as one of the most popular casino table games in any casino. It differs from some other online roulette games in that there are 38 separately numbered slots on the American roulette wheel. The slots numbered 1–36 are (in equal proportions) red and black, and then there are two green slots: 0 and 00. 

American Roulette Casino Game Bonus

BetMGM runs ongoing and limited-time promotions to reward loyal players, some of which could apply to American roulette at BetMGM Casino. To find out how you can benefit from deposit match bonuses, referral bonuses, bonuses for online slots, and more, register or log in to BetMGM Casino and make sure you keep your eye on the promotions page, which is updated weekly. 

American Roulette Online Casino Game Highlights

The graphics in this game are incredibly realistic and will make you feel as if you’re sitting at a real-life roulette table in any casino across the U.S. The American flag is the prominent theme here, with red, white, and blue colors seen throughout the game.

There are a number of betting options available in American roulette: inside bets, which are placed on the numbered section of the table, such as straight-up, corner, split, and street bets; and outside bets, which are made on the other areas, such as column, dozen, even/odds, high/low and color bets.

American Roulette Quick Facts and Features

Software Provider Evolution Gaming
RTP 94.74%
Numbers 38
Betting Range $0.20 to $4,500
Best Odds Straight bet (35:1)

Does American Roulette Online Pay Real Money?

When you play American roulette at BetMGM Casino, you have the opportunity to withdraw your winnings as real money. However, in order to play real money casino games, you must be physically playing from a legal U.S. casino state where BetMGM Casino is legally active. These states include Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Michigan, and West Virginia. 

How To Play American Roulette Online

To place a bet, all you need to do is select a chip value from the slider. Click directly on the number you want to place your bet on. You can increase the number of chips you wish to bet with extra clicks. Right-click on a chip to remove it. If you wish to remove all your chips from the table, click the Clear button. 

Remember that all bets must be placed before the time runs out. Once you’ve clicked Spin, the wheel will spin automatically, and any winning bets will be paid out if the ball lands on your chosen selection.

American Roulette Game Features

When you play American roulette at BetMGM Casino, you benefit from a few helpful, user-friendly game features designed to ensure your roulette experience is as seamless and enjoyable as possible. 

One of these features is the Auto Adjust feature, which can be activated or deactivated in the game’s settings menu. With this feature, if you try to make a bet that exceeds the maximum bet limit allowed for the table or if you don’t have enough money in your bankroll to cover the bet, the Auto Adjust function will automatically adjust the bet to the highest possible amount. 

If your original bet covers multiple positions on the roulette table, your bet will be scaled down proportionally across these positions. If your bet is still too small to cover all desired positions, chips will be placed on as many positions as possible, with the game randomly choosing which positions receive chips. 

This game also has a Favorite Bets feature, allowing you to save up to three of your favorite bet configurations and place them automatically. To save your favorite bets, place all your bets on the table. Open the Favorite Bets menu, enter a name, and click save.

To use a favorite bet option, open the favorite bets menu and select a bet from your list.

American roulette also includes the following betting options: 

Inside Bets

Inside bets are placed on the inner section of the roulette table layout, specifically on individual numbers or groups of numbers. These bets typically have higher payouts but lower odds of winning compared to outside bets. Here are the common types of inside bets you can place when you play American roulette online: 

  • Straight-up bet: A bet on a single number
  • Split bets: Placed on the line between two adjoining numbers (excluding 0 and 2 and 00 and 2)
  • Corner bets: Covers four numbers when you place your chip on the intersecting corners of four different numbers on the roulette table
  • Street bets (three-line bets): Covers a row of three numbers
  • Five number bets (top line bets): A bet placed on the first five numbers (0, 00, 1, 2, 3)
  • Six-line bets: A bet on six numbers across two rows (three numbers on each row) 

Outside Bets

Outside bets are placed on the outer section of the roulette table layout and cover larger groups of numbers. These bets generally have lower payouts but higher odds of winning compared to inside bets. Here are the common types of outside bets in American roulette:

  • Column bets: Wager on a column of 12 numbers
  • Dozen bets: Bet on 12 numbers across four rows
  • Color bets: A wager on either all red or all black numbers (covering 18 numbers)
  • Even/odd bets: Another 18-number bet which covers either all of the even numbers on the table or any odd number 
  • High/low bets: Also known as 1–18/19–36 bets, these bets also cover 18 numbers on the table, either from 1–18 or from 19–36. 

Racetrack Bets

While it may be less common to find racetrack bets in American roulette, when you play at BetMGM Casino, you have the benefit of using this exciting betting option. These bets allow you to place bets on groups of numbers as they appear on the roulette wheel. 

You can access the racetrack by clicking on the corresponding button on the game screen and placing your bet directly on the racetrack. The types of racetrack bets you can place in this variation of American roulette include “number and neighbors.” By default, this bet encompasses five numbers, consisting of the one selected number and the two adjacent numbers on either side of it on the roulette wheel. 

To place a number and neighbors bet, simply position a chip on a number on the racetrack. To adjust the number of neighboring numbers involved in this bet, utilize the (+) and (‒) buttons found on the racetrack. The maximum number of neighbors that can be included in this bet is eight.

American Roulette Bonuses, Jackpots, and Payouts

The RTP of American roulette is 94.74%; however, if you make a top line bet, the RTP is a slightly lower 92.11%. There are a number of different bets you could make in American roulette, each offering you different odds and, therefore, a different payout. 

You can expect the following payouts when you play American roulette online.

Bet Covers Payout Odds
Straight up One number +3,500
Split Two numbers +1,700
Street Three numbers +1,100
Corner Four numbers +800
First five Five numbers +600
Line Six numbers +500
Column/dozen 12 numbers +200
Red/black 18 numbers ±100
Even/odd 18 numbers ±100
1–18/19–36 18 numbers ±100

How To Win American Roulette

Whether you’re playing at an online roulette casino or a physical casino, the goal of American roulette is the same: accurately predict where the ball will land once the wheel has stopped spinning. While you don’t have any control over where the ball will land, you can employ strategic betting techniques to increase your chances of winning. 

Regardless of whether you’re trying to figure out how to win a roulette tournament or a simple cash game, it’s important to do some research into effective roulette strategies to help you decide which bets you should place and how to best approach this game, balancing the risk and reward. 

Properly managing your bankroll and knowing when to take a break is also essential in ensuring that you’re getting the most out of your gaming session and not risking money you can’t afford to lose. Remember, while there’s no foolproof strategy to guarantee success, a combination of luck, skill, and prudent decision-making can enhance your overall roulette experience.

American Roulette Graphics and Design

The American roulette game at BetMGM Casino has been designed to reflect a lifelike roulette table with immersive graphics that echo the American theme with prominent red, white, and blue colors. Right from the moment you load the game, you’re greeted with a graphically welcoming video package as the game’s introduction, followed by some soothing music to lead you into the world of online roulette games. 

You can access the game’s settings at any point to control the background music, sound effects, and dealer’s voice. These settings also enable you to choose the game soundtrack you prefer, activate or deactivate the quick spin feature, auto-adjust your bets, and view your game history. 

American Roulette Symbols and Signifiers

The game screen for American roulette online features a lifelike roulette display, complete with an American roulette table and roulette wheel. The game’s statistics panel will display a variety of useful statistics to help you customize your roulette strategy. 

Some of the information you will find when you open the statistics panel includes the following.

Wheel Statistics

This section of the panel indicates the distribution of winning numbers for the last 500 rounds. 

Hot Numbers

A panel that has been split into two rows shows the four most-drawn numbers from the past 500 spins, with the second row showing how many times these numbers were drawn in the same time frame. 

Cold Numbers

Split into two, the top section shows four least-drawn numbers from the previous 500 spins, with the second row showing how many times the ball landed on each of these numbers. 

Bar Charts

This section lists the even/odd and red/black bets and the percentage of game rounds that have ended with either result. The green section will represent how frequently a 0 or 00 result has happened in previous rounds. 


The winning numbers for the last 15 rounds.

American Roulette Online Casino Game Experience

American roulette gives you an authentic roulette experience without you having to make the journey to an actual casino. You can easily play this game on your desktop device while you sit comfortably at home or even on your mobile through the BetMGM app if you’re looking for a pass-time while you’re on the move. 

The game’s interface is very user-friendly and offers all of the controls you will need to manage your bets, customize your online roulette strategy, and control the game effects. 

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To play your favorite casino table games, online slots, and variety games, simply register with BetMGM, and in a few easy steps, you’ll have a world of gambling magic at your fingertips.

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Our BetMGM editors and authors are casino experts with a wealth of knowledge of the online casino industry at all levels. Their coverage includes company news, game reviews, how-to instructional articles, strategy guides, and editorials showcasing BetMGM’s superior product and game library.