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  • Learn about some of the best first-person casino games available at BetMGM.
  • These games combine the appeal of luck-based RNG games with thrilling live dealer casino game action.
  • Learn about gameplay mechanics and unique features of each first-person casino game.

The quest for the perfect gaming experience is never-ending in online casino games. Players can choose from many types of games, each appealing to a different preference. Some players prefer online gaming experiences as close as possible to being table-side at a land-based casino.

For these players, live dealer online casino games are a great option. They give you the in-person experience of interacting with a live dealer and other players (as you would at a physical casino), along with the convenience and excitement of online casino gambling. 

First-person games differ from standard live dealer casino games because first-person games can be played at any time, anywhere (provided online casino gambling is legal there). With live dealer games, on the other hand, you’d need to wait for a time when the dealer or casino game host is available so you can play in real time. 

If you’re looking for first-person online casino games to play, this blog explores some of the best BetMGM casino games that fit this format. You can play these games at the time and place you choose and even customize the gameplay. Keep reading to learn more.

What Are First-Person Casino Games?

First-person casino gaming is the latest brainchild of Evolution Gaming, the leading provider of live dealer games. Many of the most ground-breaking live casino online innovations — such as the first live casino dice games and live-hosted game shows — emerged from its studio. Now, it’s pushed the envelope even further. 

First-person gaming fuses the customizable quality of RNG (random number generator) online casino games with the authenticity of live dealer play. These easy-to-play games play out in superbly rendered 3D casino environments identical to Evolution Gaming’s famous live casino studios in every respect but one. When the game begins, you play solo (hence “first person”), and there’s no live dealer. This allows you to play as fast or as slow as you like. You don’t have to wait for other players to make their decisions, and you don’t have to make any decisions under pressure either. 

Solo play has its limitations, primarily the lack of interaction with other people. Never fear; that’s taken care of, too. Any time you feel like human contact, you can hit the “Go Live” button, and your game will transition seamlessly into a live casino situation complete with real live dealers.

You can find first-person variations of some of the most popular casino games on BetMGM. In these games, the card deals, wheel spins, dice shakes, and the outcomes of every game are all determined by RNG software. 

Why Players Love First-Person Casino Games

Players gravitate towards first-person casino games because of their innovative blend of RNG technology and the immersive experience of live dealer games. These titles aim to replicate the excitement of live casino gameplay in a virtual environment. Unlike traditional live games, where the outcomes usually rely on physical elements like cards and roulette wheels, first-person games use computer algorithms (built-in RNGs) for random results.

What sets first-person games apart is their meticulous attention to detail in replicating the ambiance of live tables. Each title mirrors its live counterpart, offering players familiar gameplay with added flexibility. The games feature realistic graphics and seamless transitions between solo and live modes.

While RNG casino games may lack the human element, Evolution’s first-person games give you the option to activate live dealer gameplay. These games also offer a fair and convenient alternative to traditional live tables, allowing players to enjoy their favorite games at their own pace and with greater customization.

So, what are some of the first-person casino games you can play at BetMGM Casino?

First Person Blackjack

Software Provider Evolution Gaming
RTP 99.29%
Volatility High
Decks Used 8
Blackjack Payout 3:2
Insurance Payout 2:1
Min Bet $0.50
Max Bet $1,000
Max Win 100:1
Side Bets Yes

If you’ve ever visited BetMGM to play casino games online, you’ve likely encountered many different blackjack variations. Blackjack is considered one of the best casino games to play with cards, thanks to its easy rules and low house edge. First Person Blackjack in an online casino allows you to play up to five hands at once and place interesting bets on the side. To start, you choose how many hands you want to play and how much you will bet on each hand. Cards are dealt from a virtual shoe, and for each hand, you decide whether to hit, stand, split, or double up, bearing in mind that the dealer stands on 17. Fun side bets include Perfect Pairs and 21+3. You can go live any time, although you’ll only be able to play one hand at a time.

First Person American Roulette

Software Provider Evolution Gaming
RTP 94.74%
Min Bet $1
Max Bet $5,000
Max Win 35:1
Side Bets No

If you’re looking for online casino games to play, some say that roulette is the ultimate casino table game, combining simple, elegant gameplay with a rich variety of betting possibilities. First Person American Roulette presents you with a roulette wheel marked 1–36 with two 0 spaces, which gives you more ways to wager than French and European roulette.

The 3D roulette table looks as real as it can be. Your chip stack accurately reflects your balance, and the way the ball and wheel spin is completely realistic. Best of all, you place your bets at your own pace, not the dealer’s.

First Person Lightning Roulette

Software Provider Evolution Gaming
RTP 97.3%
House Edge 2.7%
Roulette Variation European
Min Bet $0.20
Max Bet $2,000
Max Win 500x the stake

Lightning Roulette is a roulette game show with a live host. Every round, before the European roulette wheel spins, lightning strikes in the studio, and up to five numbers with huge multipliers come up. Straight-up bets on these numbers could potentially increase your wins by up to 500x. First Person Lightning Roulette simply removes the presenter from the equation. Some say the lightning special effects are more realistic in the computer-generated 3D setting than in a live casino online. If you feel a presenter would enhance your gaming experience, simply go live.

First Person Baccarat

Software Provider Evolution Gaming
RTP (Baccarat) 98.94%
RTP (No Commission Baccarat) 98.76%
Number of Tables 12
Decks 8
Min Bet $1
Max Bet $5,000
Max Win 200:1
Side Bets Yes

Baccarat is a sophisticated gambling game in which you bet which two-card or three-card hand will win: The “player hand” or the “banker hand” (you can also bet on a tie). First Person Baccarat puts you in the driver’s seat of this fast-paced and suspenseful game. Enter the glitzy Baccarat Hall with its 12 exquisitely rendered gaming tables (six standard, six “no commission”) and shuffle the shoe. Sort hands by using Baccarat Roads or “follow the shoe,” and bet according to whether the player hand or banker hand is on a streak. You can even deal free hands to generate trends. Play at a single table or all 12 at once; it’s up to you. Go live if you want a real dealer to handle the baccarat shoe.

First Person Dragon Tiger

Software Provider Evolution Gaming
RTP 96.27%
House Edge 3.7%
Min Bet $1
Max Bet $5,000
Max Win 50:1
Side Bets Yes (One side bet plus three additional betting options)

Dragon Tiger is basically baccarat reduced to its simplest form. A card is dealt to two sides: dragon and tiger. You bet on the dragon or tiger to win, or you can bet on a tie. First-person Dragon Tiger dispenses with the dealer and puts you in charge. Stunning visuals add to the experience, with the dragon and tiger lighting up when they win. A fun-suited tie side bet pays if there’s a tie and the dragon and tiger are in the same suit.

First Person Football Studio

Software Provider Evolution Gaming
RTP (Base Game) 96.27% 
RTP (Draw Bet) 89.64%
Min Wager $1
Max Wager $5,000
Max Win 11:1 

First Person Football Studio proves that sports and online casino games can blend well together, as it takes you to an interactive studio where you can wager on the fortunes of two football teams. Two face-down cards represent the home and away teams. Bet on either to win, or put your money on a draw. Watch the match highlights on the animated backdrop and enjoy live updates from a number of real football fixtures. For real-time commentary from an in-studio sports presenter, just go live.

First Person Dream Catcher

Software Provider Evolution Gaming
RTP 95.65%
Volatility Low
Game Pace Options Fast, Normal, and Relaxed
Multipliers 2x and 7x
Min Wager $1
Max Wager $2,500
Max Win 20,000x / $500,000

Dream Catcher is the original live casino money wheel game where you predict which number the wheel will stop at. If your prediction is on the money, your bet is multiplied by the number you picked. The advantage of First Person Dream Catcher is that it’s easier to focus without distractions from a live host. You can speed the game up and slow it down as you please. Of course, the live host is one of Dream Catcher’s main attractions for many players, so go live any time to catch that witty repartee.

Go Live With First-Person Games at BetMGM

To experience all these first-person BetMGM casino games first-hand, simply register an account at BetMGM Casino online. The broad range of feature-rich online slots is available for even more entertainment, and some casino welcome bonus offers available at BetMGM casino could help tip the odds further in your favor. Your membership automatically qualifies you to play the entire range of games, so you can get your fill of online casino entertainment.

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Our BetMGM editors and authors are casino experts with a wealth of knowledge of the online casino industry at all levels. Their coverage includes company news, game reviews, how-to instructional articles, strategy guides, and editorials showcasing BetMGM’s superior product and game library.