Piggy Payouts Bank Buster Casino Game Review

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Piggy Payouts Bank Buster casino game screen with money values.
BetMGM Apr 01, 2024, 2:16 AM
  • A staggering 158,445x maximum multiplier, making the ultimate payout $6,337,800.
  • A niche game offering a fresh perspective on slots, replacing symbols and reels with a number generator.
  • 16 cash prizes and three bonus rounds are up for grabs.

Play the Piggy Payouts Bank Buster slot right now at BetMGM, or read on to learn more about this exciting game in this online slot review.

Who’s ready to raid the piggy bank? With cash prizes dotted across the screen, this online slot does away with symbols and reels in favor of a random number generator (RNG) to trigger rewards and multipliers, resulting in a unique gambling experience.

And like Bankin’ Bacon Jackpot Royale, it features an adorable piggy. This article discusses how to win, what to look out for, and why it’s one of the most exciting online slot machines to play at BetMGM.

Piggy Payouts Bank Buster Casino Game Bonus

Some of BetMGM’s ongoing or limited-time in-house bonus offerings, including rewards for deposits and free spins, could apply to this game. Register or log in to BetMGM Casino to discover which bonuses are available.

Piggy Payouts Bank Buster Game Highlights

Above and around its mascot (the pink piggy), situated in the middle of the screen, are 16 cash prizes and three bonus rounds, amplifying the ability to extract a healthy slot bonus.

Piggy Payouts Bank Buster is a high-volatility slot with an impressive 97.06% RTP, meaning wins are less common but pay out larger sums than low-volatility games.

Players can stake between $0.30 and $45, making it an excellent slot for beginners players with tight bankrolls. Another reason it suits novices is that this Bank Buster slot machine eliminates reels and symbols, making it simple and easy to learn.

Piggy Payouts Bank Buster was released in May 2021 and includes niche gameplay mechanics and an unfathomable maximum multiplier of 158,445x. Staking $40, for example, while triggering the maximum multiplier amounts to an incredible jackpot of $6,337,800, making this a must-play slot.

Piggy Payouts Bank Buster Quick Facts and Features

Software Provider Design Works Technology
RTP 97.06%
Paylines N/A
Reels N/A
Max Payout 158,445x

Does Piggy Payouts Bank Buster Pay Real Money?

Yes, Piggy Payouts Bank Buster pays real money, with some conditions. Regardless of the online casino game, players must play within one of the legal U.S. casino states to be eligible for real money rewards. BetMGM Casino is the best online casino for slots for players in New Jersey, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Michigan.

How To Play Piggy Payouts Bank Buster

Similarly to other pig-themed games, including Light & Wonder’s Rich Little Piggies Meal Ticket and Rich Little Piggies Hog Wild, learning to play is straightforward. And with no symbols or reels to track, Piggy Payouts Bank Buster requires less learning than the slots mentioned above.

Before triggering the RNG, you’ll need to place a stake between $0.30 and $45, which you can alter using the “+” and “-” buttons on the left of the screen. After this, you only need to activate the RNG and observe as (hopefully) cash prizes light up in yellow, indicating that you’ve won that prize.

Play Piggy Payouts Bank Buster Game Features

Although the game includes no symbols or reels, there are plenty of features to discuss.

Along with its excellent 97.06% RTP and 158,445x maximum multiplier are 19 prizes, of which 16 are instant cash rewards, and three are bonus rounds. You’ll need to hit all three bonus icons to trigger 10 free spins, with the opportunity for an additional 10 if the same scenario occurs during the bonus round.

When playing, the piggy bank begins to crack. Wins only occur once it breaks completely, and when this happens, you’ll win a minimum of three prizes.

During a winning round, you’ll need to land 10 or fewer prizes to trigger the multiplier feature, which, when achieved, randomly multiplies your stake by 2x — 7x.

Piggy Payouts Bank Buster Bonuses and Jackpots

Its 16 cash prizes range between $0.25 to $750. And remember, when a win occurs, you’ll activate a minimum of three, meaning the final figure always rises.

Other notable cash prizes include $15, $50, $75, and $150.

As mentioned, the game includes a 158,445x maximum multiplier and three bonus buttons, which is the only gateway to free spins.

How To Win Piggy Payouts Bank Buster

Before redeeming prizes, players must break the piggy, like you would with your own piggy bank. Specific numbers must land to initiate and complete this process. Once the piggy cracks, money pours out. Winning rounds amount to at least three prizes, with some collecting all 16 cash prizes.

While the route to free spins is obvious — you need to simultaneously land the three bonus icons — the way to win the coveted 158,445x multiplier isn’t. In truth, there isn’t a direct route; rather, it occurs spontaneously, often simmering for years before blessing one lucky winner.

The multiplier feature activates when triggering 10 or fewer prizes in a winning round, during which you’ll see your stake multiplied by 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 6x, or 7x.

Piggy Payouts Bank Buster Graphics and Design

Simplicity is at the heart of Piggy Payouts Bank Buster’s design. The 16 cash prizes are displayed on silver coins, mimicking the childhood experience of putting coins in the piggy bank, and the background shows a blue sky, animated clouds, and a white picket fence.

Piggy Payouts Bank Buster Symbols

With no reels to speak of, this slot includes no symbols. Instead, an RNG triggers cash prizes surrounding the game’s piggy bank in the middle of the screen.

Piggy Payouts Bank Buster Experience

Compatible on all devices, this slot features the latest technology, HTML5, and JS, resulting in a seamless user experience where each action, whether placing a stake or depositing cash, is instant.

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Our BetMGM editors and authors are casino experts with a wealth of knowledge of the online casino industry at all levels. Their coverage includes company news, game reviews, how-to instructional articles, strategy guides, and editorials showcasing BetMGM’s superior product and game library.