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BetMGM Jul 27, 2023, 12:16 PM

Few civilizations have inspired like the Ancient Greeks, and Swedish software developers Fantasma have created Prometheus Titan of Fire to play right into that popular theme for another of their exciting online slots.

Stealing fire from the Greek gods’ home on Mount Olympus to give to humanity in the form of technology, knowledge and civilization turned out to be a dumb move by Prometheus. He was caught and condemned by Zeus to be chained to a rock and have his liver pecked out by an eagle – in perpetuity. How could the ancient Greeks have known the liver could regenerate? A lucky guess, maybe, but regenerate it did. Prometheus got a new liver each night and his torment repeated every day.

However, nobody choosing this game for a little online gambling will be condemning themselves to an eternity of misery. In fact quite the opposite; it’s action all the way.

Game Overview

The game has a 5-reel grid with 40 paylines. Prometheus has a maximum Return To Player (RTP) score of 95.7%, not the highest reward for someone who risked his life for humanity, but there are some slots bonus plays, wilds, scatters and respin features that are rewarding enough for mere mortals. By comparison, if you’re looking for something a little more edgy with a bigger payout, try Rage of The Seas, which rates up there with some of the best online slots.

How To Play

First off, Prometheus Titan of Fire is optimized for any device, whether it’s your desktop, laptop or other smart device, so go to your favorite online casino games site, log in, search for the game and hit the button. Prometheus isn’t a high-stakes, high-risk or high-win game, but it manages to be both traditional and innovative at the same time and has plenty to keep you entertained.

There are eight pay symbols. Four are worth 1x your stake for five-of-a-kind plus the eagle, the minotaur, Medusa and Prometheus, which each pay 2 to 5x the stake for five-of-a-kind.

Wilds land on reels 1 to 4, and these can stand in for any of the pay symbols or be a three-of-a-kind or four-of-a-kind themselves.

The game comes with a cash coin collect system, and you can upgrade bonus rounds as well as earn reasonable respins.


With the rich Greek mythology to draw from, it’s not surprising that this game has stimulating visuals plus a pacy soundtrack that will keep you pumped. The graphics render well on any device, which is quite a technical feat in itself, so no matter when or where you’re playing, you’ll have a great Titan slots experience.

As well as the ill-fated Prometheus himself, the game features Medusa, she of the bad hair day with a headful of snakes but who could turn anyone into stone. There’s also the half-man, half-bull minotaur and the eagle, the symbol of Zeus who meted out Prometheus’ gruesome punishment. If you’re wondering about the gods’ revenge, you can also try Olympus Strikes, which has plenty of thunderbolts to strike down your average Greek fire thief. Prometheus also features a range of special symbols and tokens that run through the reels.


Premium symbols in this game pay out 2 to 5x your original stake for five-of-a-kind. Wild symbols can land on reels 1 to 4 only and pay 0.5x or 1x your stake for three or four same symbols on a payline.

A Fire Collect symbol (there had to be fire in there somewhere, right?) on either reel 1 or 5 gives you added options, and if they are on both reels 1 and 5 simultaneously, the Double Collect Respin feature kicks in.

If the Fire Collect symbol appears on either reel with coin symbols on any of reels 2 to 4, then the value of the coin symbol is paid out and can be up to 30x the original stake.

Bonuses and Jackpots

The Double Collect Respin feature gives three respins of the middle three reels, where 1 and 5 remain frozen. When the respin ends, the face value of any coin symbols that are in view is awarded twice.

You can earn 12 respins if you land three bonus scatter symbols. Hot spot levels in the middle three reels increase with each free spin and a hot spot multiplier boosts the value of the coin symbols at the end.

Hotspots carry over into super bonus rounds, and there is even a bonus buy feature that increases the RTP score to 96.4%, but this is only available to gamers in certain jurisdictions.

Similar Games

If mythology is the hook when you feel like some slot action, try Slingo Cleopatra, where Ancient Rome meets Ancient Egypt. Deep into Egypt’s Valley of the Kings, Book of Myth is an exciting game worth a look at. As mentioned, Zeus’ Revenge and Olympus Strikes are great options, then there’s Poseidon’s Rising, with an RTP of 96.1%. If it’s not mythology but the fire element that’s hot for you, go looking for man’s red flower on Jungle Book Slots. If water is your element, Rage of the Seas is a pirate adventure on the high seas that will appeal to any intrepid gamer.

Get In on the Action at BetMGM

Whether it’s fire, water, earth or air that’s your natural element, BetMGM is sure to be able to feed your soul as well as your taste for mythology. With a wide range of slots and casino table games on offer, register now to open up a whole new (or ancient) world.

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