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BetMGM Apr 01, 2024, 1:54 AM
  • Skee-Ball LuckyTap is a digital reincarnation of the arcade classic, combining slots with the original Skee-Ball game.
  • Design Works Gaming designs the game and features a 96.72% RTP on BetMGM.
  • Skee-Ball LuckyTap offers real money rewards with a variety of bonuses and jackpots, including a multiplier feature, progressive bonus pick, and progressive jackpots.

Play the Skee-Ball LuckyTap slot right now at BetMGM, or read on to learn more about this exciting game in this online slot review.

Like a well-rounded ball hurtling down the alley of time, Skee-Ball has managed to roll its way through the ages, all the way from its humble beginnings in the Philadelphia arcades of the 1900s to the digital arenas of the modern world of online slots

This classic game, the brainchild of J.D. Estes, has stood the test of time, not simply on a wave of nostalgia but powered by its engaging blend of skill and luck. And in this cosmic arcade of life, where the lights of fortune flicker as unpredictably as a pinball machine, Skee-Ball has always offered a comforting consistency. Reassuring players that in some games, skill can steer the course of your luck, at least to some extent.

That familiar, worn ball has been given a fresh coat of digital paint and sent rolling back into the future. But this time, as a slot.

So step right up, take your shot, and let Skee-Ball LuckyTap lead you down a sentimental alleyway of fun, fortune, and fantastic possibilities. Read this online slot review to get all the details on how to enjoy it best.

Skee-Ball LuckyTap Bonus

No matter the season, the carousel of bonuses at BetMGM Casino perpetually spins, tempting you with online and limited-time offers available when you play slots online. Whether it’s a deposit match that doubles your chances of “bet and get” offers that have you bouncing on the edge of your seat, there’s always a potential winning shot waiting in the wings. To find out more about the current tide of bonuses at BetMGM Casino, just log in or register, and let Skee-Ball LuckyTap be the start of your online adventure.

Skee-Ball LuckyTap Game Highlights

In the digital arcade of Skee-Ball LuckyTap, online casino games take on a fresh spin, merging the familiar thrill of chance with the invigorating challenge of skill. This online slot lifts players from the realm of passive participation and drops them right into the driver’s seat, offering three key attractions that place it above its peers:

  1. Not a Spectator Sport: The Skee-Ball game in the online space is a digital coliseum that invites players to influence the outcome by “tapping” and aiming virtual balls.
  2. Shape Destiny: With every tap and aim, players are given the chance to shape their destiny. This isn’t your average button-clicking slot game. 
  3. Maximize: Learn the game’s geography and understand which holes offer higher point values, bonus triggers, or jackpot contributions that can guide your aim and potentially maximize your wins.

Skee-Ball LuckyTap Quick Facts and Features

Software Provider Design Works Gaming (DWG)
RTP 96.72% on BetMGM
Paylines No fixed paylines. Gameplay focuses on landing the ball in specific holes with varying point values and bonus triggers.
Reels No traditional spinning reels or symbols. The game uses a 5×3 “reel layout” visual framework for the ramp and prize holes.
Max Payout Varies depending on the specific casino platform, with potential payouts reaching up to 25,000x the initial bet. 

Does Skee-Ball LuckyTap Pay Real Money?

Absolutely. If you’re rolling your virtual balls on BetMGM from the comfort of its legal casino states — New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Michigan, or West Virginia — you’re in luck. So, whether you’re a lifelong Skee-Ball aficionado or a curious newcomer, it’s time to digitally skip up to the ramp and let those balls fly. After all, real money is just a tap away in the world of Skee-Ball LuckyTap online slots.

How To Play Skee-Ball LuckyTap

Much like the treasured arcade game of your youth, Skee-Ball LuckyTap is all about precision and timing; only this time, the stakes are higher, and the rewards vastly richer. 

To play this exhilarating Skee-Ball slot machine, you’ll first need to set your sights on a suitable bet value. Use the “+” or “‒” buttons to adjust your wager to match your daring; whether you’re a cautious cat or a high-rolling hustler, there’s a spot on the ramp for you.

Once your bet is set, the game truly begins. Simply tap to send your virtual ball flying up the ramp and into the prize-studded holes. Each hole holds its own unique value, offering a thrilling gamble with every single roll. With luck and strategy, you could hit the sweet spot and watch your winnings skyrocket.

And if you’re a multi-tasker, the autoplay feature will have you jumping for joy. Click on the Autoplay button, select the number of game rounds you’d like to play automatically and sit back while the game does the rolling for you.

Skee-Ball LuckyTap Game Features

At the core of the game is the heart-pumping LuckyTap mechanic. Imagine yourself in a digital arcade, tapping the Skee-Balls with precision and finesse. Feel the rush as you aim for the different holes at the top, each one granting you points that contribute to your overall score.

But Skee-Ball LuckyTap breaks free from the confines of traditional reels and paylines. Instead, it challenges you to strategically land the Skee-Balls to win rewards. By mastering your technique, you can unlock bonus triggers for even bigger wins.

Skee-Ball LuckyTap Bonuses and Jackpots

In the enthralling universe of online Skee-Ball games, the fun doesn’t stop at the base game — the real kicker here is the tantalizing array of bonuses and jackpots up for grabs.

Multiplier Feature

Strike it lucky with the Multiplier Feature that may randomly activate if you’ve won 10 or fewer prizes on a lucky spin. A hidden gem of Skee-Ball LuckyTap, this feature turns up the heat by offering a random multiplier of x2, x3, x4, x5, x6, or x7.

Progressive Bonus Pick

If the stars align and you net three special symbols on a winning play, you’re in for a treat. This bonus game is a veritable treasure hunt where you keep selecting the Skee-Balls until you find three matching icons. Unearth three of the same, and you’ll scoop up the corresponding progressive jackpot — a lucky strike indeed.

Progressive Jackpots

As you begin your adventure with Skee-Ball LuckyTap, keep in mind that the start-up values for each progressive jackpot vary, but they all provide an enticing opportunity to increase your winnings. At a 1x bet multiplier, the initial values are as follows: the minor jackpot starts at $45.00, the major jackpot begins at $150.00, and the mega jackpot, the grand prize of them all, starts at a whopping $900.00. Remember, there’s no cap to these progressive jackpots. So, whether you’re aiming for the minor, major, or mega jackpot, the sky really is the limit.

Fun fact: Every time you spin the reel in Skee-Ball LuckyTap, a small portion of your bet is put towards the progressive jackpots.

How To Win Skee-Ball LuckyTap

A winning play happens when you successfully toss the ball into one of the bullseye rings during the game. Each of these throws can then lead to a potential cache of three to 15 prizes on a winning play. And every spin is an expedition in search of glory where the perfect alignment of three 9s at once could trigger the Progressive Pick Bonus feature.

Skee-Ball LuckyTap Graphics and Design

Drawing on the nostalgia of the classic game of Skee-Ball, Design Works Gaming has masterfully crafted a vibrant and thrilling digital slot game. The aesthetics of the game are sure to draw you in with its vibrant colors, slick design, and authentic Skee-Ball theme. Meanwhile, the symbols add to the excitement, with the familiar feel and visual appeal of Gretzky Goal and Land O Loot.

The Skee-Ball LuckyTap Experience

With every skillful tap, every deft maneuver, you’re not just playing a game — you’re part of a legacy, a testament to the enduring appeal of Skee-Ball, and proof of the magic that happens when developers marry tradition with technology.

If you’re looking for the best slots to play online, Skee-Ball LuckyTap is a must-try.

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Our BetMGM editors and authors are casino experts with a wealth of knowledge of the online casino industry at all levels. Their coverage includes company news, game reviews, how-to instructional articles, strategy guides, and editorials showcasing BetMGM’s superior product and game library.