The Ins and Outs of Footwear in Casinos

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BetMGM Aug 24, 2021, 10:10 AM

Imagine you’re visiting a classy land-based casino, only to be told that you’ve been barred entry as a result of what you’re wearing – your footwear, in particular. If you’re used to playing online casino games, you might not be aware that the vast majority of traditional casinos enforce a strict casino dress code. 

The question is, what footwear is and isn’t allowed? Here’s what you need to know if you’re wondering how to dress for casino night to ensure stress-free entry, as well as maximum comfort and safety while playing your favorite casino games on the casino floor.

What type of footwear is allowed in a casino?

There are some land-based casinos that insist on full-blown formal wear, but most only expect their patrons to show up wearing smart-casual attire – and that expectation extends to your footwear. In short, sandals just aren’t going to cut it.

Men have a choice between stylish leather shoes and loafers, but if you find these to be a bit too restrictive or not really your “thing,” you’re also likely to be able to get away with donning a pair of classic black or white sneakers. Just make sure that they’re clean and in good overall condition.  

Women, on the other hand, have a choice between heels and flats. It’s a common misconception that women are expected to wear heels – and only heels – when visiting a traditional casino. This almost always isn’t the case. In fact, many people see wearing heels in a casino as a faux pas, especially considering how you’ll likely be doing your fair share of walking and standing around the casino floor. After all, sore, achy feet, or – worse – a twisted ankle from a clumsy stumble after a cocktail or two, are sure to put a damper on your experience.

What about the rest of your outfit?

As already mentioned, most modern-day casinos have adopted a smart-casual dress code, and they are usually a lot stricter about enforcing it after the sun sets than they are during the daytime. The golden rule of dressing appropriately for a visit to a casino is to steer clear of sandals, sportswear and shorts. Instead, men should opt to slip on a button-up shirt and a pair of fitted, untorn jeans or slacks, accompanied by a stylish blazer. Women should go for blouses and office-friendly trousers, or midi-dresses, cocktail dresses or a classic combination of a top and a pencil skirt.

If the casino has a formal dress code in place, you can feel free to step it up a notch and throw on your classy black-tie attire, such as a suit or a full-length evening gown.

How to avoid embarrassment

If you want to make doubly sure that your chosen outfit and footwear will get a nod of approval at the casino entrance, it’s always a good idea to call ahead of time to ask for the details regarding the casino’s dress code. Alternatively, check the website and the various terms and conditions before making your way to the establishment.

It’s also worthwhile to chat to other people who’ll be coming along to the casino to find out exactly what they are planning on wearing. While it’s embarrassing to arrive wearing shorts, a T-shirt and sandals, it’s sure to be equally awkward to arrive wearing an expensive suit when everyone else has opted for a simple collared shirt and slacks combo.

Why does the casino dress code exist?

A group of well-dressed casino patrons.

The dress code exists for many reasons. Ultimately, casino owners work hard to provide their patrons with a glitzy and glamorous atmosphere and experience on a special evening out. To do this, it’s important for all of their patrons’ attire to match the environment.

If you look at the history of casinos, it’s evident that policies surrounding wearing more formal attire when playing casino games date back well over 100 years. This is because it used to be only the richest and most elite individuals who could afford to take part in these games back then. In fact, many casinos were not open to any other social classes. As such, patrons were required to demonstrate their wealth through their chosen attire to gain entry. Old habits die hard and, despite today’s casinos being accessible to everyone and more relaxed, dress codes do remain.

There are also many gamblers out there who believe that casino dress codes exist to boost their confidence when out on the floor, often resulting in them gambling with bigger bankrolls. If you’re strict about sticking to your budget, however, you can benefit from this confidence boost and play your favorite casino games without worrying about spending money that you don’t have. So remember to always gamble responsibly.

Forget dress codes when you choose online gambling

Don’t fret if the thought of casino dress codes has got you down or prevented you from taking part in the past. There is an easy way around these sartorial protocols if you simply can’t seem to part with your comfortable sandals, or if you prefer to dominate at the poker table while in your lucky pajamas. Simply opt to visit an online casino as opposed to a traditional, land-based one!  

The ability to wear whatever you want is just one notable advantage of gambling online instead of in person. You’ll also enjoy the freedom to play online poker or participate in online sports betting whenever the mood takes you, rather than having to make special arrangements, organize transport and invite your friends ahead of time.

Finally, you’ll love the fact that you have a broad selection of popular casino games right at your fingertips, along with a choice between playing some games for free or others using real money.

In short, “freedom” is the name of the game when choosing online gambling.

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