Why Do Online Casinos Use TLS Encryption?

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Although offering an extensive range of online casino games is essential to building a casino’s customer base, integrating high-quality security software is just as important — particularly in cases where gamblers are asked to provide personal information such as their address, password and banking information. Over the last decade, mass data breaches have become quite common as large corporations (Yahoo, LinkedIn and Facebook) fall prey to cyber attackers, leading to hundreds of millions (even billions) of customers’ information being leaked. For example, Yahoo’s data breach in 2013 leaked the data of 3 billion accounts. 

Since signing up to online casinos involves providing sensitive information, online gambling security has had to introduce a range of innovative security systems to safeguard data pertaining to gamblers. Read on to learn the importance of TLS encryption and discuss why implementing data security software is crucial to the gambling industry.

What Is TLS Encryption?

Derived from Secure Sockets Layer (SSL,) Transport Layer Security (TLS) is an additional secure and encrypted system aimed at protecting online data. Making use of authentication processes, it’s an additional safeguard when channeling data between user (your device) and server (the casino.)

Simply put, the role of TLS is to further solidify the effectiveness of SSL by using cryptographic algorithms to detect hackers, fraudulent profiles and leaks. Think of it as an updated, more secure version of SSL.

As mentioned, whether you want to play casino table games or online slots for real money, you’re required to supply your banking information, password and address, which means that the provider is obligated to protect your personal data. The consequences of a data breach for customers can be far-reaching, with the most common threat being identity theft, which doesn’t only allow hackers to commit fraudulent activities such as making unauthorized purchases, but also for bank accounts to be entirely depleted.

From a casino’s perspective, ensuring this doesn’t happen is crucial for the survival of the company and explains why data security is taken so seriously.


Although TLS offers greater protection, most casinos opt for implementing a combination of both. While TLS technology can eliminate several types of cyberattacks, SSL provides even greater protection. Technically speaking, TLS is backward compatible with SSL, which allows the younger innovation to use the best parts of its older relative.

One of the main differences between the two systems is that TLS is the latest security system to grace the online sphere. By implementing identity verification via ID and age authentication, TLS means players have to prove who they are before casinos allow online betting. It not only boosts the security of servers but also tackles the problem of underage gambling. A common example of TLS authentication is signing in and only continuing once you’ve clicked the link in your email address to verify that it’s you. With SSL, personal information is stored via digital certificates and client key exchange that are encrypted into both the server and clients’ accounts. Gamblers can only continue once the match has been made — a bit like a digital handshake.

While TLS and SSL are great security innovations, it’s always recommended to install extra security measures of your own. Great security tips for Mac and pc users involve activating inbuilt security features, encrypting your files and enabling the software firewall.

What Is a Firewall?

Firewalls, another great addition to online security, consist of network security software that monitors incoming and outgoing website traffic while granting and denying access based on established security rules. It was introduced 25 years ago and its reliability has been thoroughly tested.

From access control policies and network protection to ensuring that online casinos adhere to industry regulations, firewalls play a crucial role in ensuring security and safety while playing online games on a casino platform. Moreover, its versatile nature means it can keep up with the variety of available games and platforms. So, whether you want to play online slots, poker or take advantage of recent industry innovations like live dealer online casino games, the firewall always has you covered.

Gamble Safely on BetMGM

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Our BetMGM editors and authors are sports experts with a wealth of knowledge of the sports industry at all levels. Their coverage includes sports news, previews and predictions, fun facts, and betting.