Play Premium Blackjack Pro at BetMGM

by Inhouse

All the excitement of the standard blackjack game, but with a few extras thrown in for your playing pleasure

  • 98.49RTP

Play Premium Blackjack Pro at BetMGM – Casino Game Overview

Premium Blackjack Pro injects added excitement into the classic game, offering the thrill of playing up to five successive hands. The objective remains familiar: aim to gather cards totaling as close to 21 as possible without exceeding this value.

How To Play Premium Blackjack Pro at BetMGM

  • Betting Setup: Place bets on at least one of your 5 hands, each with varying bet amounts. Choose chip value and place bets in the respective betting areas.
  • Side Bets: Opt for side bets (Perfect Pairs, 21+3, Dealer’s Pair) on hands with regular bets placed.
  • Bet Management: Clear all bets, double existing bets, or undo the last bet as needed.
  • VIP Level Limits: VIP level determines minimum/maximum bet limits, applicable to initial bets. Additional bets can surpass maximum bet limits.
  • Card Dealing: Click DEAL to receive 2 cards per player and dealer hand.
    Insurance Against Blackjack: When the dealer’s face-up card is an Ace, accept or decline insurance against potential dealer blackjack.
  • Gameplay Actions: Split identical initial cards, request another card (HIT or DOUBLE to double bet), or stand to end your turn. Note: Insurance, Double, and Split require additional bets.
  • Dealer’s Turn: After your final hand, the dealer reveals their face-down card and may draw additional cards.
  • Compare Hand Values: Compare each hand to the dealer’s; if your hand is higher and doesn’t exceed 21, you win.
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